4 November 2015

Taking A Look At Sainsburys TU Clothing & WIWT

I was recently contacted by TU Clothing to see if I'd be interested in working with them following their launch online.  Of course in the past one of the perks of food shopping in store has been the de-tour into the clothing section - how many of us have hid the odd clothes purchase amongst the weekly food shop?!!  Or if you're like me & one of the many that prefer to do their weekly food shops online (no wrestling with a shopping trolley for one thing - I don't know about you but I always seem to get the one with wonky wheels that's impossible to steer) or don't have a Sainsburys close by TU Clothing has been off limits.  Well not any more ladies as they're finally up & running online meaning a whole new world of shopping has opened up!

Now I was lucky enough to be sent a £100 voucher to spend & the first thing that struck me was just how much you could get for your money.  Fast forward an hour of perusing *drooling* & these are the beauties I finally chose.

As you may recall from my recent post (see here) I've a big thing for military inspired coats this season so as soon as I spotted this khaki belted version it was in my virtual basket before you could say 'click the button' ;-)

Sainsburys TU Clothing Womens Khaki Belted Military Coat

The next thing I picked was this lovely monochrome striped jumper.  Now we all know a girl can never have enough stripes & I was lacking in the black & white department so this jumper will fill the gap perfectly.

Sainsburys TU Clothing Womens Black and White Striped Jumper

Moving onto headwear & I just couldn't resist this black fedora.  Having invested in a grey one last year & a navy one early in the year I've been toying with the idea of black version.  For me they're real outfit game changers & more importantly a real hair saviour come the damp wet weather not to mention perfect for hiding behind ;-)

Sainsburys TU Clothing WOmens Black Felt Fedora

Another wardrobe classic are leather gloves perfect for keeping my hands warm in winter & protecting my nails from the elements plus being black a great neutral too.

Sainsburys TU Clothing Womens Black Leather Gloves

Being one to feel the cold & never without a vest or extra layer come autumn I also added this long sleeved thermal top to my basket as I was eager to see how it fared.

Sainsburys TU Clothing Womens Black Heat Active Long Sleeved Top

My final choice was a pack of 3 pairs of blister resistant trainer socks as my current ones are starting to go thread bare & are years old.

Fast forward a couple of days & naturally as soon as the package arrived I just had to have a trying on session.  

I was absolutely desperate to see if the military coat was as good in the flesh as I hoped it would be & I have to say it doesn't disappoint.  Having never bought anything from TU I was a little unsure on sizing but decided to order my normal size & I have to say the fit is spot on.  Tailored & fitted but with room for a jumper should I wish to wear a thicker layer, it really is a great fit.

I also love the texture of the fabric, the detailing on the shoulders & buttons & the styling is just perfect for the military theme.   It really is a great little number that looks much more expensive than it's price tag & whilst I've styled it with a simple all black outfit below, it will equally look fab teamed with grey not to mention denim jeans, leopard print heels & a simple white shirt.

My Midlife Fashion, Sainsburys TU Clothing, Military Coat

Blouse - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Zara

My Midlife Fashion, Sainsburys TU Clothing, Military Coat

My Midlife Fashion, Sainsburys TU Clothing, Military Coat

Next out of the box was my Fedora hat & striped monochrome jumper.  As you'll see from the picture below the hat is really stylish, made from 100% wool & a complete steal at £12.  Fit wise I can sometimes have a problem with getting hats to fit & always need to size up but this one fits comfortably with a little room too so no headaches from a too tighter hat band thank goodness.

With the jumper I decided to size up as I didn't want too tight a fit, so ordered a size 10 & am really pleased I did.  I'd even go as far as to say that depending on what look you want you could perhaps size up an additional size too.  The knit & feel is very soft & light, with the jumper being 60% cotton & 40% polyester.  I reckon it's going to be a great wardrobe multi tasker & perfect for teaming with all my different faux leather pieces, such as my Zara 'A' line skirt I've styled it with in the picture below.

My Midlife Fashion, Sainsburys TU Clothing,  Stripe Monochrome Jumper, Trilby Hat

Jumper - TU Clothing £16
Skirt - Zara
Cardigan - Firefly
Boots - Zara

Now I've spared you a picture of my feet in my new trainer socks & as I mentioned earlier they've been so popular they're already sold out but here's a close up picture on them so you can see the quality.  Again I've been really impressed with them - comfy, well fitted & what I'm delighted about is that they cover the backs of my heel.  In the past I've bought various trainer socks that are supposed to fit my shoe size only to discover that they either slip when I'm out running or don't quite come up high enough on my heel - so much so that I've previously bought men's trainer socks to avoid the problem but I'm pleased to report these socks not only stay put but protect my heels too so I would highly recommend if they come back into stock.

Blister Resist Trainer Socks (3 pairs) - TU Clothing £4

My Midlife Fashion, Sainsburys TU Clothing, Sports socks

Instead of wearing the leather gloves in an outfit picture I thought it best to take a close up, just so you can see the detailing on the cuffs.  Again a great item that's brilliantly priced & would make a lovely stocking gift for a loved one at Christmas - after all come winter you really can't own enough pairs of gloves can you?!

Gloves - TU Clothing £12

My Midlife Fashion, Sainsburys TU Clothing, Leather Gloves

Finally you'll be relieved to know I'm not including a photo of me modelling my new thermal top!  Size wise I ordered my normal size & there's plenty of room - not skin tight & not too baggy either just loose enough.  In fact as thermals go this is a great design & not to granny-fied either if you know what I mean.  Obviously I've yet to test it out in the depths of winter but so far so good!

Thermal - TU Clothing £12

My Midlife Fashion, Sainsburys TU Clothing, Heat Active Thermal Long Sleeve T Shirt

In fact I'm loving my new coat so much it's my outfit of the day!

Coat - TU Clothing
Blouse - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Zara

Styling a Military Coat

Jeans - Mango £29.99

I have to say not only am I delighted with my new wardrobe additions, I'm also seriously impressed with the quality not to mention the price.  Plus the speed of delivery was pretty impressive too.  I ordered on a standard basis & my parcel was with me within a couple of days!

So how about you, have you bought anything from Sainsburys recently?  If so were you as impressed with your purchase as I've been?  Perhaps you've got your eye on something that you've been meaning to take a peek at when you're next in store & didn't realise they were now online?  As always I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a fab day & see you in the morning.  Anyone taken advantage of Boden's 25% off yet?!!  If not you can shop here, just use code 8X8X at checkout!

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  1. I love both those outfits Jane. I'm a sucker for a military style coat, might have to check this one out. I definitely need one of those thermal tops too, I'm always cold!

    1. Thanks Sam, the coat is stunning & such a bargain as are the rest of the pieces - definitely worth further investigation either in store or online!
      Jane xx

  2. You look great Jane! I especially love the coat. Completely know what you mean by sneaking clothes into the food shop ;) x


    1. Thanks Jane, I'm absolutely delighted with all my new pieces & the quality is fab too! Might have to investigate their long button through suede skirt next!
      Jane xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Maggie May, I have a feeling it's going to be getting a lot of use over the coming months!
      Jane xx

  4. Oh wow! Fab coat Jane.....love it! xx