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Right for today's post I'm going to start with a warning that my fondness for lingerie dressing (& no I don't mean of the brassiere variety, although of course I do wear underwear, you'll be relieved to know!!!) may or may not have something to do with the impending milestone birthday.....I don't think it's a midlife crisis happening but of course I could be wrong....I'll be interested to hear if there's any fellow lingerie dressing lovers out there!!

So today we're talking all things lacy & strappy two words guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine now that Christmas is fast approaching!!!  But I have a plan!!! Firstly said strappy & lacy numbers are ideal for Christmas festivities (I'm thinking now that we are nearly halfway through November it's acceptable to mention the 'C' word, given that whenever you now go shopping everyone seems to have produced two little red horns when seeking the ever elusive car parking space!!!) and secondly I totally love this look be it dresses/tops dressed up or down with either a chunky heavy knitted cardigan or a leather/faux leather quilted/biker jacket.  As I said earlier this could be a case of MLC (Mid Life Crisis) as perhaps this is a look that should only be worn by those not on the countdown to their fortieth but I seriously love it & am going to do my best to rock the look this season.

Of course when I mention lace you'll be pleased to hear I'm not talking designs of the Amy Childs variety (apologies all you Amy Child lovers but I'm afraid it's simply not me) no I'm talking loose fitting sexy cut clothing that not only looks sexy but is comfortable to wear too (perfect for all that extra eating over the festive season) & as for the thin straps it's just a great excuse to down an extra glass of mulled wine or two to help keep you warm....can you see where I'm going with this?!!! ;-)

So here's my pick of all things lingerie inspired that has grabbed my attention, starting with this fab lace cami dress from ASOS.  I totally love how they've styled it with some ankle boots to dress it down & think worn with a biker jacket & scarf this would be an amazing daytime look.

This next dress from ASOS is slightly shorter & has lace around the neckline too.  This would look stunning with some strappy sandals & perhaps a statement clutch for an evening do but could just as easily be dressed down with some biker boots, opaque tights & a chunky cardi for the daytime.

Now whilst I'll readily admit to having a love of ALL things Zara I have to say they seem to have the best selection of lingerie inspired clothing out there & for those of us wanting to show a little more flesh then this next dress has a lot more lace detailing.  It also shows how fab these dresses look when teamed with some serious knitwear for the day.

Some of you may have noticed from my outfits in my post last week that I have actually brought the next dress.  Having fallen in love with camisoles all over again this summer this dress was perfect for me, as it incorporates both my camisole love & my love of lingerie styled dresses.  Plus I'm planning on wearing it teamed with some long beaded necklaces & sandals in the summer too so it should hopefully prove an all year round type of dress.  And if you don't want or need another LBD then it also comes in blue/grey.

If however you don't want to embrace the lingerie dress but want a hint to the theme then how about a lace edged camisole?  Another great item for your wardrobe that looks equally good dressed up or down.  I think it would look simply stunning teamed with a leather pencil skirt or cigarette length slim leg trousers but would equally rock with some distressed jeans & a biker jacket & what better colour than this lace edged cami for the festive season.

This double strapped camisole from Zara is also gorgeous but you may have to be one of the lucky few who can get away without wearing a bra to rock this one as I'm thinking the lace is quite low & wide & a bra peaking through would totally spoil the look.

If you want something a little bit less nightie looking then this panelled lace camisole may just be perfect.

Or if you fancy a longer length camisole then how about this tunic styled one.  Of course you could get the matching trousers but even for me this has crossed the line between lingerie dressing & bedroom dressing!!!  Although mentioning no names *coughs sister* I have known someone to pay me a visit in their pyjamas one cold & dark winter night & if my memory serves me well she even dispersed with her coat & wore her dressing gown!!!!

Finally what about this gorgeous lingerie styled skirt.  It would look simply stunning with a plain or lace edged camisole but equally amazing with a black polo neck too for a more daytime look.

So there you have my pick of all things lingerie inspired, now all I need to know is if this a MLC or are you're liking the look too?!!!!

Finishing with my outfits from the past few days including a piccie of me in my lingerie dress featured above with some chunky knitwear.

Outfit One

Blazer - Zara
Denim Shirt - Zara
Striped Jumper - GAP
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Zara

Outfit Two

Chunky Cardigan - Zara
Necklace - Brought in Majorca
Lingerie Dress - Zara
Bracelets - J Crew & Massimo Dutti
Biker Boots - M&S

Outfit Three

Shirt - Massimo Dutti
Sweatshirt - Zara
Faux Leather Trim Skirt - Zara
Shoe Boots - Next

So will you be rocking the lingerie look this season or is it simply too nightie inspired for you?  Perhaps you've found some other great lingerie inspired clothing that I've missed?  If you have I'd love to hear about it as I was surprised there was such a limited supply.....perhaps a sign that I really shouldn't even be trying to rock the look!!!

Don't forget to tell me if you think it's a MLC!!!

See you in a few days & I promise I won't have gone to the complete end of the scale & be talking purple rinses!!!! 

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  1. Some lovely items here but I think I shall be leaving this look to my daughters and the likes of Victoria Beckham lol x

    1. Thank goodness for staples bras is all I can say as I certainly can't wear this style of dress like Victoria Beckham!! x

  2. Not my style either but it looks fab on your gorgeous figure, Jane xx

  3. You look amazing in your dress with chunky knit and biker boots!! I like the look of the Zara skirt with the sweater and ankle boots too! But I would struggle to find a way to make this work for me as much as I love it :0( x

    1. I'm in love with that skirt too Michelle but don't see how I can justify it seeing as I've got the dress ;-( xx

  4. I remember these when Galliano did them about 20(!) years go. His were the most amazing bias cut, fab lace, underwear not as underwear, annoyingly I ebayed a few of them not long ago!

    1. Why does that always happen Alexandra, the times I've hung onto something for AGES eBayed it only for it to come back in fashion a short while later....x

  5. Im loving them but i feel like they wouldn't look great on me... sigh!


    1. Hi Michelle I've just checked your blog out & you could sooo do this type of dress they'd rock on you, you should give it a go xx

  6. I'm sure it's not a MLC!!! Fab post Jane. Something a bit different xxx

  7. I would love to be able to wear something like this! I agree & think you would look amazing in this style dress! The Zara dress is stunning! Ax

  8. Replies
    1. Me too Nicky, really looking forward to wearing mine in the warmer weather too!! xx

  9. I love these collection of lingerie! Bought a lingerie at the Soma Intimates sale this week. I’m amazed at the quality.

    1. Stephanie I'm loving the lingerie style at the moment & think they'll be fab come the warmer months.

  10. Black color is very boring.
    Lingerie shop

    1. Oh John I love black....classic, stylish & fab teamed with leopard print ;-)

  11. The idea of sexy lingerie started to create and by the sexual unrest of the 1970's truly took off. http://jeanlesleyblog.lingeriebyjeanlesley.com/


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