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New Outfit Post - Dressing Down A Hush Dress

Have been meaning to dress down my Hush dress with my denim jacket since I received it & seeing as there's a couple of showers forecast today it seems the perfect day to give it a whirl!!

Dress - Hush
Denim Jacket - Zara
Necklace - J Crew
Bracelets - J Crew & J Crew
Shoes - Zara

Navy & Denim

Dress - Hush Now £30
Denim Jacket - Mango £44.99
Necklace - J Crew £155
Bracelets - J Crew £125 & J Crew £95
Shoes - Wallis Now £14

So what do you think?  It really is a great versatile little dress & now a real bargain as it's only £30 in the sale!

So anyone up to anything exciting today?!!  I'm tackling a ton of work as my clients start panicking that I'm going away on holiday & try to empty their in trays!!!!

Only one more sleep till the weekend & more importably one less sleep till our holiday whoop whoop!!!

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A Wardrobe Must Have & Mutli-Tasker Plus New Outfit Post

A week & a day till we fly off on holiday so my mind is well & truly on what clothes to take.  One item I knew straight away would be jetting off with me was my Zara jumpsuit that I bought last year.  Apart from the tricky problem of if I need the loo whilst out & having to undo the buttons down the back (something so far I've managed to avoid!!) it's a great item for dressing up or down & a change of accessories can really change the look (click here to see my post from last year on how you can style one).

So in case you're wondering what to take with you on your hols here's my picks of the best jumpsuits currently on the high street.  Starting with this one from Marks & Spencers, which apart from the belt is quite similar in style to mine & a great wardrobe classic.

If you're not over keen on strapless then Mango do this similar jumpsuit with spaghetti straps.

Of for a slightly more fitted look this one from Whistles is just gorgeous.

Of if black is a bit too dressy for you how about this lovely cami styled one from M&S.

Next up a similar style but patterned instead of plain.  I just love the colours of this Oasis one & think this would be perfect for an evening on your summer holidays with some gold sandals & accessories but would also be so easy to dress down once home with a denim jacket & pumps.

If however, you'd rather be able to wear a bra with straps then how about this jumpsuit from Mango.  Add a statement necklace & perhaps swap the belt for a coloured or leopard print one to add a bit more interest & create another look.

I love the neckline & sleeves on this next one from Mint Velvet, such a classic that would look good with flats for a holiday & heels for a night out.

Moving onto jumpsuits that have a a bit more coverage & this lace one from Marks & Spencers looks fab.

Or how about this gorgeous one from Mint Velvet, which has such an elegant feel to it.

More coverage with this next one from ASOS, which looks stunning just teamed with a pair of heels as shown below but could so easily be dressed down with some flats, denim jacket & cross body bag.

Or what about this patterned monochrome one from Marks & Spencers.

Moving onto colour & I love the colour of this Warehouse one with the mesh panels.

More of a casual vibe with this denim one from New Look, which would be just perfect for sightseeing whilst on holiday or city breaks.

Now I'm not a huge fan of the playsuit, having owned a couple many, many years ago & when looking back on pictures promised myself I would never wear anything like it EVER again but I'm sorely tempted by this Mango one.  Perfect for teaming with a pair of sandals....but dare I even go there?!!!

Finishing with my dream one, which is a bit pricey & is something I wouldn't have thought of looking at.  I'm so blaming Abbey Clancy for this after seeing her looking stunning & totally rocking the look.  Of course her amazing figure might have something to do with it looking so good!!

Finally here's what I'm wearing today.

Camisole - Zara
Necklace - Bought in Majorca
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Capri Trousers - Zara
Sandals - Mango

Chic & Simple

Camisole - Mango £19.99
Leather Cuff - Mango Now £9.99
Trousers - Mango £29.99
Sandals - Mango Now £29.99

So are you a lover of the jumpsuit or does the thought of having to try & get it undone when paying a visit to the loo put you off once & for all?!  I've love to hear your thoughts not to mention how you style yours.

See you tomorrow.

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New Outfit Posts - Simple & Chic

Keeping things simple today & teaming my Laura Ashley blazer (which weather permitting won't be on for long!) with a simple cami, jeans & metallic accessories.

Jacket - Laura Ashley
Camisole - Zara
Necklace - Handmade
Bag - Boden
Jeans - Zara
Sandals - Zara


Jacket - Gap £54.95
Top - Mango £9.99
Bag - Tula £55
Jeans - Mango £39.99
Sandals - Steve Madden £59

Just working half a day today, then spending some quality time with my son.  Nothing planned apart from cooking risotto as son has decided he wanted to learn how to cook it over the summer!

Have a good one & see you in the morning.

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New Outfit Post - Tailoring A Maxi

How gorgeous is this weather?!!  I've really felt like I was on holiday over the weekend with spending time in the garden & taking some time out to get lost in a book - pure bliss!

Trying something a bit new today & teaming this simple casual t-shirt maxi dress from ASOS with my striped blazer from Gap, which fingers crossed won't be on for too long!!

Blazer - Gap
Necklace - Handmade
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Dress - ASOS
Bag - Boden
Sandals - Zara

Tailoring A Maxi Dress

Leather Cuff - Mango £9.99
Sandals - Mango Now £29.99

Not sure why I've not thought of teaming a maxi dress with a blazer before....probably something to do with the fact I wait until the weather is boiling to wear a maxi dress but now I've realised I can team them with a blazer instead of just a denim jacket there's going to be no stopping me!!!!  You have been warned ;-)

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A Holiday Essential & WIWT

Now I don't know about you but my thoughts are firmly on summer holidays (less than two weeks & counting!!!!) & one must have is a stylish beach bag.  One that's big enough to hold all the family's essentials but doesn't compromise on style so not too much to ask!!!  Plus of course not too girly so hubby & son are happy to carry said bag, which of course rules out any pink flowery numbers in this household, leopard print I can just about get away with ;-)

So here's a round up of the ones currently on the high street that are tempting me to click the button.

First up is this lovely dip dye bag from Accessorize.  I love the colour, which is very neutral & for us the darker bottom is quite handy for disguising when said bag gets wet from water trickling from pool & somehow finding a trail to your belongings.....of course this might just be me but no matter where we sit/put said bag it always gets wet by the end of the day!

Although this next bag from Accessorize is totally calling to me.  A bit of bling to keep my inner magpie happy but still neutral enough to be carried by hubby & son.  Plus it's neutral colours mean no matter what colour your beach attire it's going to go.  In fact this is a real classic for summer, one that's never going to date & it's in the sale too, so be quick if you're tempted!!!

Another timeless design is this bandana chambray number from Gap.  This would look so stunning teamed with a simple white beach dress & panama & again isn't too feminine.  Plus it would make a great family day out bag or even shopping bag when back home too.

Of course we all know you can never have enough stripes in your wardrobe, again a great classic & perfect for being carried by both sexes without the male members of you family feeling as if they're unleashing their inner Louie Spence!!!  So this Gap one is perfect & I love the leather handles.

Or this striped number from John Lewis which has a handy matching zipped purse, just perfect for storing loose change & your hotel key.  The fact that it comes attached to the bag is genius as we (well when I say we I mean the males in my life!!!) are always 'loosing' our key/wallet & it usually results in a declaration that said key/wallet is no where to be found until they tip entire contents of beach bag out onto sun lounger!!! 

Another beach bag classic that's great for doubling up for shopping once back home is a straw basket or tote. I'm totally loving this one from ASOS looks great & has extra long leather straps meaning the beach towels could be balanced on top!

If you prefer a hand held basket then how about this one from H&M, which would also be perfect to double up as your travel bag not to mention the supermarket run for the essential water & biscuits for keeping in your hotel room.

Another favourite for me when looking for a beach bag is metallics.  Although it has to be said the ones I usually like are just to expensive to be used as a beach bag but they're great neutrals that I still look at them longingly.  Although this first one from Mango is a great price & may just need some further investigating!!!

I'm loving the look of this Warehouse leather shopper too but at £75 I think I'd want a sun lounger & parasol just for the beach bag to protect it from any damage!!! Although having said that I bet it's the sort of bag that with a bit of wear & use would probably get better with age.

But with this H&M shopper if it only lasted the one year I wouldn't be too disappointed as it's such a great price.

Something a little bit different with this next metallic one might be going a step too far if I'm hoping son & hubby will carry it.

Unleashing the boho vibe with this lovely one from New Look.

Or how about this long strapped number also from New Look.

Or how about this one from Topshop.  The fact that it's called a 'luggage bag' has got me thinking that maybe even the beach towels would fit in, as I don't know about you but I struggle to find a bag that holds all our books, sunglasses, suncreams, water, snacks, bats & balls, iPods not to mention suncreams.

Or for something a little less busy then Topshop also do this one.

Finally what about this colourful one also from Topshop.  The design reminds me of decorative tiles that you often seen on your travels abroad & is just that little bit different to your standard beach bag.

Finishing with what I'm wearing today.

Top - Zara
Bracelets - Banana Republic 
Bag - Boden
Jeans - Zara
Ballet Pumps - Bought in Majorca

Red & White

Jeans - Boden £49
Ballet Pumps - Mango Now £19.99

So are you on the look out for a new beach bag or have you got an old faithful?  Perhaps you have a couple of bags you take to coordinate with your different pool/beach looks.  Or do you purchase when you're away opting to buy one of the gorgeous baskets that you can generally find abroad & use as a stylish shopping basket once back home?  I'd love to hear what you use.

I'm still tempted by the Accessorize sequinned number & the Mango & Warehouse metallic leather ones.....off to investigate further!!!!

Enjoy the sunshine & see you in the morning.

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New Outfit Post - Pastels & Denim

Ooh it's lovely not to have the karate run this Saturday :-)  Although no lie in this morning as we've got the builders in ripping up the kitchen floor as we've discovered a leak :-( I hate seeing all the mess & disruption & my mind is already worrying, as so far they can't find the cause!!!  I'm keeping out the way & keeping all my fingers & toes crossed that it doesn't involve too much disruption!!

Simple & casual today with some distressed denim & this pale pink knitted top.

Top - Zara
Bracelet - Handmade
Jeans - Zara
Sandals - Zara
Bag - Boden

Dressed Down Pastels

Bracelet - J Crew £95
Jeans - Mango £39.99
Sandals - Mango Now £29.99
Bag - Tula £55

Totally loving this weather & hoping to change into a bikini later & catch some rays.  How about you, what are you up to today?    I'd love to hear.

Have a good one & see you in the morning.

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