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WIWT - Sunshine Yellow & Leopard Print

Anyone else find it difficult to get up this morning?!!  I can't say I've got used to the loss of that hour yet!!! Another busy Monday in the office, so keeping it casual & sticking with a look that works for me of a jacket teamed with a pair of jeans.  Today it's the turn of my new Zara blazer with a splash of yellow (seeing as the sun has disappeared!) & teaming it with some beloved leopard print & boyfriend jeans.

Blazer - Zara
Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Mint Velvet

And here's how I've re-created my look.

Sunshine Yellow & Leopard Print

Blazer - Zara £79.99
Shirt - Zara £39.99
Jeans - Zara £29.99
Shoes - Dune £69

So what do you think are you loving the splash of yellow or would you prefer to see the blazer teamed with a more neutral colour?  How about you, what are you wearing today?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a fab Monday & see you tomorrow.

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Stealing Katie's Style & WIWT

Well firstly a very happy Mother's Day to everyone, I hope you're all being well & truly spoilt, I don't know about you but nothing quite beats a bacon sarnie in bed :-)  

So onto today's post & my first monthly celebrity style steal.  Now I know I haven't done a celebrity style steal post for ages, partly due to the fact that I've not been blown away by any particular outfit & also because those that I have just weren't practical or perhaps achievable for a real life mum!  But as soon as I saw this picture of Katie Holmes I just wanted to create the look.

Katie in my very humble opinion either gets her style so right or so wrong & at her best she looks effortlessly cool & this is one of those outfits.

Now I will admit to having a chuckle when I first saw the trend of leather joggers & never thought in a million years I'd be including a pair on my blog but how Katie (or her stylist) have styled these babies look really cool & it has made me tempted to consider giving them a go & no before you ask I haven't been on the fizz (well not yet!!) & am entirely cold sober!!!

So here's my version of Katie's look, starting with the debatable leather joggers.  These ones from Topshop are the pair that could tempt me if I was feeling brave....although goodness knows what hubby or son would say, I think they might have a good chuckle at my expense!!!  But I do love them styled with ankle boots like Katie is wearing as it hides the elastic ankle cuff which is the bit that I'm most uncertain about.....not the point I know!!!

If however, you're not feeling the love for leather joggers then what about this crepe pair also from Topshop.  These would be so easy to dress up or down & if teamed with a cami & belt would give the look of a jumpsuit without the hassle of having to navigate toilet-gate!!!  Likewise I can see these also working dressed down & teamed  with a simple tee, trainers & denim jacket.

If I'm being honest I'm still uncertain of the elastic ankle cuff even though I love the idea of them, as they just seem too trackie bum for me (yes I know that's what they're designed to look like but for me trackie bums are not something I wear out of the house....EVER!!!).

However, these babies made me click the button & not an elastic cuff in sight, which is going to obviously slightly alter the look but I like the idea of a slouchy pair of leather cropped trousers & how good do they look teamed with a jacket, of which I may have the odd one or two hanging in my wardrobe!!!  Not personally loving the footwear of which there seems a frightening large amount around for this spring/summer but that's another story!!!

So back on to creating Katie's look & onto the top.  There are some great little cream/white tops out there & for me you can never go wrong with a classic simple top that can be dressed up or down & this top from Mango is just gorgeous.  I brought several tops of this style in a t-shirt fabric last summer from Zara & they were worth their weight in gold for slinging on with maxi skirts, skinny jeans, distressed boyfriends, shorts you name it!!  And this little number looks like a slightly smarter version.  Now it's listed as cream on the web but it looks more white than cream to me.  I love the detailing on the shoulders & I find the cross over draped effect very sexy.

As I mentioned earlier I love how Katie's wearing an ankle boot with her cuffed trousers & whilst hers aren't peep toe when I spotted these ones from Next I thought they'd be a fab addition for those of us that love wearing boots but in the hope that we're soon to enjoy sunnier & warmer temperatures then a peep toe boot seems that little bit less bulky.  Plus they're the most gorgeous shade of tan that would go with everything in your wardrobe ;-)

Katie has kept the outfit so simple, choosing only to team the outfit with a simple gold necklace.  This one from Dogeared is lovely, a simple gold necklace with the outline of a heart that would not only look gorgeous on its own but just as stunning layered when teamed with several gold chains & pendants for a completely different look & style.

So what do you think?  Are you a lover of the leather jogger or did you scoff when you heard they were in fashion?  Perhaps like me Katie has helped sway you & you find yourself contemplating giving them a go or at least trying them in the changing room!!!

Right onto my outfit for today....no leather joggers as yet but a casual look for a quiet day.  Unfortunately Mum ended up getting worse yesterday so we've had to re-arrange meaning a change in today's plans as well as like every Mum she's more worried about passing her germs onto us than she is about herself & has banned us from seeing her.  So a quiet day in with my son cooking lunch.....he is currently making the dough for pizzas as I write this!!!  I can't wait as they're sure to taste wonderful, the way toast always tastes better if someone else spreads it.  Followed by an afternoon either on the sun lounger if the temperatures are hot enough or snuggled up on the sofa watching films...my idea of Sunday heaven.....either way it's horizontal surfing for me!

So for today's outfit I'm keeping it casual & simple with plenty of room for chocolate & bubbles, naturally ;-)

Sweatshirt - Topshop
Necklace - Zara
T-Shirt - Zara
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Jeans - Zara
Wedge Trainers - Ash

To re-create my style.

Sunday Chill Out

Sweatshirt - Next £16
T-Shirt - Next £12
Leather Bracelet - Massimo Dutti £44.95
Jeans - Zara £29.99
Wedge Trainers - Ash £159

So what do you think, have I lost the plot & the men in white jackets are waiting to cart me off to the fashion asylum?!! Or are you tempted to give said joggers a whirl?  If not are you tempted by the crepe version or perhaps the loose faux leather ones?  

Personally I'm tempted by the crepe joggers & love them not only teamed with an ankle boot but also a sexy heel.  However, since purchasing the Zara loose fit faux leather trousers & having already worn them on several occasions I think these are going to be the right choice for me.....the fact that I've  already been worn a couple of times already is always a good sign with a new purchase ;-)

So time to fess up, are you tempted or having seen Kanye in his are you quite firmly of the opinion it's not something that you will be touching with a barge pole!!!  I'd love to know.

Right off to make the most of being waited on hand & foot....enjoy your Sunday & see you in the morning.

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Date Night & OOTD - And It May Involve A New Jacket!!!

Well all good plans & all that!!!!  Today I was supposed to be off out bright & early for a fun filled day with my mum as part of her Mother's Day celebrations.  With a full make over at Bobbi Brown booked for my mum & then a spot of shopping followed by a leisurely lunch with bubbles (naturally ;-) ) a little bit more shopping (to burn the calories off from lunch you understand!!) followed by afternoon tea.  But unfortunately I instead woke up to a text saying she'd been feeling unwell during the night & despite her best efforts to feel better she wasn't going to make this morning :-(  So she's currently sleeping in the hope that when she wakes she feels bright enough to cram our day out together into a few precious hours this afternoon.  I know once she's feeling better she's going to be so cross that she wasn't well enough for today but as I said to her earlier there's always another time & I'd rather she got herself right so that we can enjoy the day fully.  After all I can't think of anything worse than being out & about if you're not feeling well.

So instead hubby has got the pleasure of my company, which means his birthday celebrations continue & we're off out for a spot of lunch, so here's what I've decided to wear.

Tuxedo Jacket - Zara
T-Shirt - Zara
Bracelets - Gemini-Woman & Ashiana
Necklace - Handmade
Bag - Boden
Faux Leather Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Mint Velvet

And to steal my style.

Black With A Splash Of Leopard Print

Tuxedo Jacket - Reiss £245
T-Shirt - Zara £17.99
Faux Leather Trousers - Zara £29.99
Shoes - Next £32

And quickly here's what I wore to celebrate hubby's meal last night....a lovely meal & couple of hours spent with my favourite two people ever...hubby & son...perfection!

Shell Top - Tesco
Bracelet - J Crew
Blazer - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Bag - Boden
Shoes - Next

Recreate my look here.

Styling Of A Classic Blazer

Shell Top - Tesco £12
Bracelet - J Crew £125
Blazer - Zara £79.99
Jeans - ASOS £32

As you can see I 'may' have had a new addition to my jacket collection :-0  I'm afraid I couldn't resist this beauty....but in line with my new wardrobe rules I have got rid of an existing navy blazer PLUS a coatigan....which by my reckoning means I'm one up so the halo is still shining ;-)

So can you tell I'm in love with my new Boden bag?!!! Such a great size for fitting all the essentials in especially as the sun is shining & it can even accommodation my sunglasses too :-)

Hope the sun is shining with you & that whatever you're up to you're having a great day.  See you in the morning after breakfast in bed......well I can hope!!!

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OOTD - Stripes & Leopard Print

Yeah it's Friday!!!!  Another busy day ahead for me but the start of an amazing weekend....hubby's birthday today so lots of celebrating & a celebratory meal this evening, then a day out with my Mum tomorrow to celebrate Mother's Day & of course Mother's Day on Sunday so all in all a lovely few days to look forward to :-)

Here's what I'm wearing today, & having taken delivery of my new baby I just HAD to build today's outfit around my new Boden bag, which despite saying there was a waiting time of a week arrived within 3 days of ordering :-)  Don't forget the up to 40% sale ends Sunday if you're tempted!!!!

Mac - Massimo Dutti
Sweatshirt - Marks & Spencer
Bag - Boden
Jeans - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew
Ballet Pumps - Brought in Majorca

And if you fancy stealing my style here's my suggestion.

Breton & Leopard Print

Mac - Zara £79.99
Jeans - Zara £29.99
Bracelet - J Crew £95
Ballet Pumps - Next £22

Have a great Friday.....my mouth's already drooling at the thought of some wonderful food this evening....made all the more tastier by the fact that I won't be cooking not to mention the fab company of my two boys :-)

See you in the morning.

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OOTD - Another Boucle Jacket But With A Difference!!!!

Only one more sleep to the weekend....these weeks sure do fly by!  I've had this Zara boucle jacket for a couple of years now & loved it, I knew as soon as I saw it I just had to find a home for it in my wardrobe but have never been overly happy with how I've styled it.  However, now I'm comfortable wearing boyfriends & distressed one at that, I thought I'd try the jacket with a more dressed down vibe.....& I love it!

Jacket - Zara
Top - Zara
Necklace - Zara
Bag - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Marks & Spencer

And if you fancy re-creating today's outfit here's my suggestion.

Longline Jacket with Distressed Boyfriends

Jacket - ASOS £50
Top - Tesco £12
Bag - Zara £22.99
Jeans - Zara £29.99

So what do you think?  Do you like the jacket with the distressed denim or do you think the jacket would suit a smarter look?  I'd love to hear your thoughts not to mention hear if you've got a jacket you love & won't be parted from but just can't create the look you're after.

Have a fab Thursday.

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My Picks From The Boden Sale & My Outfit of the Day

So today I was going to do my celebrity style steal but that all changed as soon as the Boden sale email pinged itself into my inbox on Monday morning as I just knew I needed to share with you some of the delights that are currently on offer.  Can you believe that considering we've barely hit Spring Boden have a 40% sale?!!! In my book that's serious stuff. Plus for those of us that use Quidco there's an extra 5% off too - win win, in fact by my reckoning with discounts like this it would be rude not to....no?!!!

Now I've never done a whole post dedicated to Boden but seeing as there are such savings to be made & some great pieces to be snapped up I thought it rude not to share my picks of their sale.  Plus if you're anything like me you've probably had your eye on a couple of things at Boden & been trying to resist the urge to click for a couple of months.

I've certainly been eyeing up this Bet-tastic bag as soon as the SS14 catalogue landing on my doorstep but have kept telling myself that despite not owning a cross body leopard print bag (I mean really such a useful accessory) I really didn't need it......but with 40% off I have to at least try it...in fact I'll admit to doing a secret jig at the thought that this baby had been reduced by the full 40%....come to mama!!!

I'm also loving this yellow & tan wallet too.  I personally love the larger size purse as it always look super stylish if you can't be bothered to lug your hand bag around with you but need the bare essentials such as your credit card!!!!

I'm also loving their super skinny belt & if you're loving the injection of yellow that seems to be everywhere at the moment but unsure about whether the colour loves you, how about starting off with one of these.  A great way of adding a pop of colour & embracing the latest trend without scaring yourself if you're not used to such bright colours.

Of course you can never in my eyes go wrong with a blazer or two & I'm loving this navy & cream striped one.  Great for dressing up or down....in fact I'm visualising the yellow belt with the cross leopard print bag & some distressed boyfriends.....how cool would that look....oh oh this post could prove lethal!!!

I've also had my eye on this next item since the release of their SS14 catalogue, gorgeous colours for teaming with denim or navy & would look great worn on it's own with a statement necklace....I'm thinking chunky pearls or even a denim shirt underneath.

Another trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment is spots.  Now I've yet to try this look but I'm loving the look of this navy shirt with the gingham turned back cuff to just add that extra element of interest.

One of the things I love about a Boden sale is that its a great time to invest in some key classic pieces for your wardrobe & what better than a classic white shirt.  A real wardrobe staple & I must admit this one looks perfect for dressing up or down.

Moving onto shoes & these tan & metallic ballet pumps would also be great classic investments.

Not to mention these leopard print boots.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without my leopard print accessories, which are just fab for adding a bit of interest to plainer outfits.

If however, you don't have a leopard print hole then what about a grey one?  These grey ankle boots look the most perfect shade of grey.

And finally I don't think you can EVER own enough stripes & a stripy sweatshirt has to be the perfect all round addition.  Loving it in the classic navy & cream shade.

And equally loving it in the red and beige too!

So many temptations to choose, that my halo has well & truly deserted me & I'm now having to remind myself that having spent the other weekend giving my wardrobe a major overhaul & announcing to hubby that I was going to impose a new 'rule' (said in extremely loose terms of course ;-) ) for every new thing in I'd get rid of something.....I'm wondering if I could say that this rule doesn't start to the beginning of the month?!!!

Finally here's my outfit for today.  My new Topshop denim dress, which I wore for the first time the other day (see here) & have been dying to pop on again as it was so easy & comfy to wear.  Today I've teamed it with some grey opaques & navy ankle boots & added my a grey & cream print scarf to tie in the tights with a splash of colour from my Zara bag.

Dress - Topshop
Scarf - Massimo Dutti
Bracelet - J Crew
Bag - Zara
Boots - Marks & Spencer

Here's how to re-create my look.

Accessorising A Denim Dress

Dress - Topshop £38
Scarf - Lola Rose £55
Bracelet - J Crew £125
Bag - Zara £22.99

So what do you think?  Have you had your eye on a certain something & now it's reduced in the Boden sale tempted to click the button or perhaps you've recently brought something full price only to see it heavily reduced in the sale......don't you just HATE it when that happens!!!

I'd love to hear what's getting your fingers a twitching & remember sale ends midnight on Sunday....so get wild in the aisles...after all it is Mother's Day on Sunday & just in case the hubby/children forget it's best to have a back up present ;-)

See you in the morning.

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New Outfit Post - Effortless Greys & Creams

With a busy day at work ahead, I've decided to keep things simple & stick with the neutral theme again.  Today I'm wearing creams & greys & adding a little bit of interest/texture with my scarf & crystal bracelets.  Finishing of course with one of my beloved boucle jackets.

Jacket - Zara
Silk Shirt - Zara
Scarf - Zara
Bracelets - Handmade
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Oasis

Here's my suggestion on how to steal my style.

Effortless Greys & Cream

Shirt - Next £28
Bracelet - J Crew £95
Jeans - ASOS £60

Of course I've never made it a secret that along with my inner Bet, I've also got an inner magpie fighting to come out & as you may have noticed through some of my recent outfit posts I've started wearing some different coloured crystal bracelets that are similar-ish in design to my beloved J Crew ones.

Now I've had a few people contact me about where they can get them & actually they're ones I've made myself!  They're made from 8mm Swarovski crystals & the actual bracelets are metal gold plated, metal antique silver plated or metal bronze plated.  I've included a quick picture of the different colours I've made for myself below (more colour options are available including various shades of blue, purple, clear, red & various shades of pink) & if you'd like me to make one up for you drop me an email at mymidlifefashion@gmail.com stating your colour preference for the crystals & bracelet setting & I'll get back to you.  Price inclusive of postage to anywhere in the UK is £50 with postage to other countries being extra.  

So have you gone for a more muted colour scheme to match the grey & wet weather or have you injected your own ray of sunshine with something a little brighter to lift your mood?  I'd love to hear what you think.

Have a fab Tuesday & see you tomorrow.

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WIWT - Neutrals With A Splash of Leopard Print

Hurrah I finally got my day (well afternoon!!) of chillaxing in yesterday so after some time on the sofa catching up on all my favourite shows I feel refreshed & raring to go for the week ahead.......well until about 11 o'clock this morning when I start craving something sweet!!!!

Keeping it simple today with distressed jeans (which my Grandad would have a fit at if he were alive & would simply ask if couldn't I afford to buy a new pair!!!), a classic white shirt (a must for any wardrobe), a tan blazer & ankle boots, which I'll finish off with a pop of Bet with my leopard print bag (whoops forgot to show this in the photo...duh!!).

Blazer - Zara
Shirt - Massimo Dutti
Necklace - Banana Republic
Jeans - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew
Boots - Zara
Bag - Zara

How to re-create my style.

Classic Neutrals With A Splash Of Leopard Print

Blazer - Oasis £40
Jeans - ASOS £35
Bracelet - J Crew £125
Boots - Next £36

I personally don't think you can beat a bit of denim teamed with a white shirt & some tan/camel accessories I just find it a great classic & stylish combo.  What do you think?  Do you love this colour combo or do you prefer more of a splash of colour?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great Monday.....I'm currently trying to justify another bit of leopard print...can't believe the above Boden bag is 40% off!!!! Plus I don't have a cross body one!!!! Perhaps a little Mother's Day gift to myself?!!!!

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Scarves For Inbetween Seasons & My OOTD

Well it certainly seems to have gone a little bit on the chilly side these last couple of days, although I'm not complaining as we've still got glorious blue skies (well if you don't count the couple of hail storms we've had this morning) & it is only the last week in March.  In fact this time last year we were still experiencing snow!!!  But if like me you've started to dig out your jackets & blazers from winter hibernation & are loathed to again drag out your winter coat after months of wear you might be needing an extra layer just to keep you that little bit warmer now there's a nip in the air & what better way than with a statement scarf.  A great little addition to your wardrobe to help you cross from winter to spring as well as breathe new life into your existing wardrobe.

Now we all know I love & own the odd one or two scarves (yes I know slight exaggeration but writer's prerogative & all that!!!) & even though I have a good colour selection I still can't resist adding to it if a stunning little number catches my eye.  After all they're great for wearing all year round not to mention adding a splash of colour to an outfit or trialling out a colour you may never have worn before.  Plus of course if hubbies or children are looking for ideas for a certain special day next Sunday then they make the prefect present too ;-)

So first up is this stunning scarf from Mint Velvet.  My inner magpie absolutely loves the sequin detailing, just perfect for jazzing up a dressed down weekend look......I'm thinking when teamed with a simple pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans & a white t-shirt this could look pretty amazing.

Moving away from sequins & onto leopard print for this next one.....well Bet had to put in an appearance didn't she!!!  I mean seriously leopard print teamed with my current favourite colour combination of navy & yellow......well I was always going to love this wasn't I?!!!

If the Lola Rose scarf isn't your cup of tea then how about this one from Betty Barclay?  I love the bright splashes of colour which would really bring to life a simple navy blazer & jean combo.

Moving up the price bracket with this next scarf, but it's such a timeless design that it would never go out of fashion & I love the purple stars teamed with the grey.....in fact this would go perfectly with a jacket I have from Next.

Now along with leopard print I also seem to be developing a love of anything snake print too & this bright scarf from ASOS would be fab for adding a splash of colour to your outfit.

Sticking with a splash of colour with this next one from Pull & Bear but with more of a neutral background.  I think this would look amazing teamed with a denim jacket & beige rolled up chinos.

As I've mentioned in the past I seem to be being drawn to all things bright for SS14 & this next scarf from ASOS is certainly that!!! But I can really see this looking amazing with some distressed denim & a white shirt or t-shirt....a little bit bohemian without having to go full on out there hippy commune.

Sticking with pink tones but on a slightly muted scale is this beautiful scarf from Gemini-Woman.  I absolutely love this shade of pink & once again it would look amazing teamed with denim, not to mention white, greys & navys.

As would this similar coloured one from Next.

I totally love this next blue scarf from Next.  Such a simple yet pretty scarf due to the shade of blue & white edging that really would look gorgeous again worn with denim or indeed perhaps a white maxi skirt/dress not to mention chinos.

Or for a scarf that's going to pretty much go with everything in your wardrobe then how about this cream one from H&M.  I'm loving the detailing & pom pom edging & it would be great for those cooler summer days when you're waiting for the sun to warm up.

Or if you love the style of the H&M ones but fancy something a little less plain then you're going to love this next one from Hush.  The name alone makes me want to buy it as it just conjures up images of happy holiday memories & I'm loving the neon colouring too.

Finishing with a quick photo of my outfit for today.  Needless to say my time management got the better of me yesterday & hubby eventually had to take the laptop off me, having fallen asleep while working!!! But today's another day & I'm DETERMINED it's a quiet one for me today where I'm planning on not being very energetic at all!  In fact the only workout I'm planning on today is the lifting of the remote in the right hand whilst trying to lift the wine glass in the left!!!  I've got some serious TV catching up to do......Line of Duty, The Americans, Nashville, Revenge to name just a few so some serious down time is in order & I CAN'T wait!

Denim Shirt - Zara
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Cargo Pants - Zara
Wedge Trainers - Ash

Shop my style.

Sunday Chill Out

Denim Shirt - Zara £19.99
Harem Pants - Zara £25.99
Wedge Trainers - Ash £159

So what do you think, do you see any scarves that are calling you or have you decided that you really do have enough scarves in your wardrobe & simply can't justify another one?  I'd love to hear your thoughts not to mention if you've got any great tips for keeping spring like & warm.

Have a fab Sunday & see you in the morning......now where did I put that remote?!!!!

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