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New Outfit Post - Stripes, Metallics & Quilting

Happy Saturday!  What are you up to today, surfing the Mango by any chance?!!!!!  Me we've got a few errands to run, then we're popping over to watch our nephew play footie & wish our other nephew a happy 5th birthday before hairdressers for the boys then date night - whoop whoop :-)  Yup our son has got a party to go to (& so it begins!!!) & it looks like he's sleeping over so we're off out too!

So here's what I've decided to wear for the day ahead.

Jacket - Mango
Top - Gemini-Woman
Bag - Boden
Jeans - Zara
Pumps - Boden

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Stripes, Metallics & Quilting

Pumps - Next £29

I'll post my 'date night ' outfit for tonight on my Twitter, Instagram & Facebook feeds so if you fancy taking a peak click on the icons at the top to the right of my blog!

Have a fab Saturday & see you in the morning.

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WIWT - Leopard Print & A Tux

Happy Friday :-)  Plus a little something guaranteed to put a bigger smile on my face at the start of the weekend.......Mango currently have 30% off EVERYTHING for today & tomorrow only (quote code '5SHOPMAY') ;-)

So of course the perks of starting the day at silly o'clock to go running meant that I was able to get my order in nice & early before sizes started running out ;-)  Of course we all know that Mango is on fire right now & there are plenty of temptations but here's a quick edit of what ended up in my basket!

First off this dress. which I've been eyeing up all season.

Next up this gorgeous cardigan *jacket*  I'm taking to calling this a cardigan as we all know I don't need another jacket but this beauty has been taunting me for ages & with 30% discount I just couldn't resist!!!

Next up a couple of tops I featured on the blog last week, which with the discount obviously needed further investigation!!!

And finally this stunning blouse, which I've ordered in navy but is also available in black & off-white.

So not a bad morning's work I reckon!!!!  Although I was seriously also tempted by these beauties too.

Love the simplicity of this first top great for wearing on it's own or under a jacket or two!!

Totally love this halter neck maxi dress, stunning for in the sun or layered with a quilted or denim jacket.

Same goes for this chiffon pleated dress two.....I told you my inner hippie was being unleashed didn't I!!!!

Love the classiness of this next dress, which I can see stunning layered with a couple of necklaces & bracelets.

This jacket has also been taunting me all season - I just love it!

I also love the way this jumpsuit would be so easy to dress up or down.

Love the colour & draping of this t-shirt & such a great colour too, plus it's also available in black.

And finally I love the detailing on the shoulders of this next top & can really see this working with some distressed boyfriend jeans.

Finally in celebration of the weekend Bet is back in the room!!!!  Yup it's been too long since Bet last made an appearance & I couldn't resist breaking out my white long shirt & teaming with my leopard capris.

Tuxedo - Zara
Shirt - Zara
Necklace - Zara
Trousers - Zara
Ballet Pumps - Bought in Majorca
Bag - Clarks

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Leopard Print & A Tux

Trousers - Zara £35.99

So what are you wearing in celebration of the weekend?  Anyone breaking out their inner Bet too?!!!   I'd love to hear to hear your thoughts not to mention the bargains you've snapped up, if you happen to have found yourself on the Mango website ;-)

Have a fab Friday, think I better get on with work before I give in & re-visit the Mango website!!!

See you in the morning.

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WIWT - Dressed Down Classics

So a day of work with a sneaky trip out to the hairdressers for me today to get the rapidly multiplying greys covered over & the fringe trimmed!!

Now we all know I love a blazer or two but today I thought I'd try something slightly different & team my longer length blazer with my lace up metallic pumps, as lets face it this is probably the nearest I'm going to get to the trainer trend that's doing the rounds this season!!

Blazer - Zara
Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Pumps - Boden

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Dressed Down Classics

Blazer - Zara £79.99
Shirt - Zara £25.99
Jeans - Zara £25.99
Pumps - Next £25

So what do you think, do you like the more casual dressed down feel or do you think it would look  better smartened up a bit & teamed with some ballet pumps?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great Thursday & see you in the morning.

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Celebrity Style Steal & WIWT

So for this month's celebrity style steal as soon as I saw this picture I just knew I had to steal Naomi Watt's style.  This for me encompasses everything that is 'effortless style' - chic, understated & quite simply timeless.  

I must admit that until I saw this outfit I would have turned my nose up at this length of culottes as they'd have seemed a bit to middle aged but Naomi certainly rocks the look!  Which of course has got me thinking....so without further ado here's how I'd recreate the look with finds from the high street.

Starting with the all important & timeless panama, now I have actually purchased this hat despite the fact I already own a panama as it's a beaut, totally stunning & for the price (only £7.99) it would have quite frankly been rude not to!  Plus of course I don't have to worry about being precious with it & can easily sling it in the suitcase for our hols!

Next up is this sleeveless top from Zara.  Now I haven't seen this in store but if it's the same one as a top I brought in January then it's a stunner (& I 'may' have brought it in the light pink at the time too!!).  A great timeless top that can so easily be dressed up or down, not to mention layered under one of my many jackets & of course it would be just perfect for recreating this look.

Moving onto the culottes now & if you're brave enough to recreate this look exactly then these palazzo trousers from Mango would be ideal.  

Personally I'm not sure I would get a huge heap of wear from such a length of trouser, unless of course we're in for wall to wall sunshine this summer so would be more tempted by these linen blend trousers also from Mango, which finish on the ankle bone so a much more classic, versatile & easy look to pull off.

Finally I know Naomi's barefoot but unless you're only planning on walking on the beach then you're going to need to wear some shoes with this outfit.  Personally I'd go for something very simple & un-distracting from the look like these strappy toe thongs from Next.

So there you have it my style steal from the high street perfect for timeless & effortless glamour, sunny, lazy days......now all we need is the sun!!

Finally here's what I'm wearing today.

Top - Tesco
Scarf - Zara
Jacket - H&M
Jeans - Zara
Pointed Slingbacks - Next

Shop my style.

Greys & Pinks

Camisole - New Look £12.99
Scarf - Mango £14.99
Jacket - Next £100
Jeans - Next £32
Pointed Slingbacks - Next £26

So what do you think?  Do you agree that sometimes less is simply more?  After all if you have style then why throw loads of accessories at it.  Sometimes it's best to let the clothes do the talking & for me Naomi's outfit does it perfectly!

Have a fab day & see you tomorrow.

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New Outfit Post - Grey & Yellow

Looking at the forecast for today there's going to be a distinct lack of yellow stuff in the sky so I thought I'd create my own sunshine & wear my yellow Zara blazer!!! Teaming it with my metallic Next slingbacks & one of my favourite colours to wear with yellow - grey!

Jacket - Zara
Draped Top - ASOS
Necklace - Boden
Jeans - Zara
Pointed Slingbacks - Next

Shop my style.

Yellow & Grey

Jacket - Mango £44.99
Draped Top - ASOS £30
Necklace - Boden £29
Jeans - Mango £39.99
Bag - ASOS £11
Pointed Slingbacks - Next £26

So what's your favourite colour combo with yellow....navy, black, grey, white, denim blue?!!!  

Have a great Tuesday, can you believe it's hump day tomorrow already!!!!

See you in the morning.

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Happy Bank Holiday & WIWT

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!  A quiet one for us today just chilling out & making the most of the long weekend.

So keeping it casual & taking my new Boden sweatshirt out for a spin!!!

Denim Shirt - Zara
Sweatshirt - Boden
Jeans - Zara
Leopard Print Pumps - Boden

Shop my style.

Dressed Down Leopard & Stripes

Denim Shirt - Mango £29.99
Sweatshirt - Boden £31.20
Jeans - Mango £34.99
Pumps - Mango £44.99

So how about you, what are you up to today?  Whatever you're doing have a good one & see you in the morning.

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Unleashing My Inner Hippie & WIWT

Yup that's right I seem to have unleashed my inner hippie after looking at all the gorgeous cream lace dresses in my post on Wednesday (see here) & am now lusting after an ethnic/embroidered top (or two ;-) ).

I'm thinking these would make the perfect top for cooler summer days that could look super cool with denim shorts (think festival chic) or if cooler worn with boyfriend jeans & sandals for a casual daytime look or even teamed with heels & a fabulous clutch for an evening look.

So let's get on with my picks on the high street starting with this gorgeous number from Mango.  I love the injection of colours in the embroidery & am thinking it would also work with my red capris.

For something with a bit more embroidery then how about this blouse from Mint Velvet?  I absolutely love the colours & think this would look so fresh & gorgeous teamed with light blue denim.

Back to Mango with this next top & a real classic, that is giving me a seriously twitchy fingers!!!

This one from H&M is pretty similar to the Mango one but with a white background as opposed to cream.  

If you fancy something a bit longer in the body then this next one from Next could be just what you're looking for plus it comes in three different colours.  It even looks long enough for throwing over a bikini or swimsuit so could even be used as a beach cover which would give me a great reason *coughs excuse* to make an additional purchase ;-)

Or maybe even this top, also from Next & again in three different colours.

Even good old M&S have this offering - personally I wouldn't tie up the ties as I think this would look a lot better untied but it could be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Back to Mango for this next top & I'm totally loving the stripes not to mention the colour, I mean seriously how fresh would this look with white jeans.

Similar in style is this one from H&M.  Now I'm not usually a fan of elastic bottoms on tops as they have a nasty habit of rising & not only causing a cold back but exposing my mummy tummy which believe me is best kept hidden as opposed to on show for all to see!!!  However with the elastic waistband this top could look rather cool teamed with a white floaty maxi skirt, so I might have to make an exception to my rule & give it a whirl!!

Plus it's also available in cream!!!

Back to contrasting embroidery but this time across the shoulders with this top from Mango.

And keeping with the monochrome vibe is this mesh top from M&S.

However, if you're more of a plain dresser & think the above tops have a bit too much going on then don't panic as I've found some stunning all cream numbers too.  Starting with this Mango embroidery blouse with square neckline.

A similar style but in chiffon, so it might need a camisole underneath to protect your modesty is this round necked top from Mango.

In fact if it's an all cream top you fancy you really only need look at Mango as they also have this stunning top too!!!

Or you could also try this one from H&M at the bargain price of £14.99......for that price it would be rude not to investigate further surely.......anyone with me?!!!

Stepping away from all things peace & love here's what I'm wearing today.  Off out for the day to a National Trust, picnic (which may end up being ate in the car if it's raining!!!) & may even squeeze a trip to the cinema - so comfort & layers are the order of the day!!!

Jacket - Mango
Shirt - Zara
Bag - Boden
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Leopard Print Pumps - Boden

Shop my style.

Pattern Clashing

Jacket - Mango £59.99
Shirt - Mango £24.99
Bag - ASOS £20
Boyfriend Jeans - Mint Velvet £59
Pumps - ASOS £20

So what do you think?  Are you feeling the love for the ethnic top......I fear now my inner hippie has been released there'll be no stopping her.....I can almost see myself on holiday going from beach to bar with one of these babies teamed with my denim shorts, panama & a layering of necklaces.......you have been warned!!!!

All that remains now is for me to decide which top (or should that be tops?!!!) my inner hippie wants to rock!!!  I'd love to hear if you're feeling the love & how you'd style yours.

Have a great Sunday & enjoy the lack of Sunday blues come 9pm this evening.  I'm off to make the most of the last Bank Holiday for a while.......always a sad feeling knowing that apart from summer holidays that the next long weekend is at the end of August but hey if we get a great summer every day will feel like a holiday no?!!!

See you tomorrow.

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