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Hiding a Multitude of Sins

Blimey I can't keep up with the weather - first it's glorious next it's as if we've fast forwarded into winter.  We are so due a glorious heatwave of a summer & not just for the two weeks that I'm abroad, (which is what seems to happen most years!) that I've decided to resist the urge to dig out the thermal tops & concentrate on some sleeveless numbers instead.

Now following on from my recent haul from H&M when browsing online for images for my last blog I happened to notice a great top that I missed in store (don't you just hate it when that happens?).  Which has left me with the life changing dilemma of to order or not to order!  I absolutely love the colour - neutral so would go with a whole heap of outfits plus it's got a very subtle snake print design & as I mentioned in my last blog there's not much of that in my wardrobe at the moment & as if to push me further towards hitting the button it's only £14.99!!!  Add to this that it's currently one of my favourite style of tops to wear at the moment & it's going to take some serious will power (I CAN do it, I CAN!!!) to resist.  So drumroll please here's the top.

Now I absolutely love this kind of top for several reasons, one I love the neckline & the fact it has a slight collar, which in my opinion sits lovely under a jacket.  Two I love the fact that if we ever get a long spell of warm weather it's sleeveless, although if we don't (& chances seem to be increasing by the day) I also like the fact that you could wear a long sleeved t-shirt underneath so that it could be worn on colder days.  But most importantly I absolutely love, love, love the draped fabric at the front.

I mean seriously what's not to love?  Not only does the draped effect of this top hide a multitude of sins - mummy tummy, too much chocolate, a love of wine (delete as appropriate or in my case keep all in!) but if you're going out for a lunchfeast it will even hide that extra course you simply couldn't resist!  

Another reason I love this style of top so much is that they just sit so nicely.  There's no tucking in & un-tucking to worry about or with the loose tops you get that have an elasticated hem no rising to expose the bits you want to stay hidden.  Instead you can simply throw it on & off you go - providing of course you've added some form of bottoms to wear with it ;)  And it can look great dressed up with some wax effect skinny jeans & heels or dressed down with some boyfriend jeans & flats.

So on that basis I thought I'd give you my round up some of the other best draped/crossover tops currently out there.

First up is this one from Topshop, which I really love as it's a great casual one for daytime with the added benefit of three quarter length sleeves, which let's face it any bit of additional clothing covering the skin right now is more than welcome!

In a similar style but an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue is this draped top from ASOS, which looks absolutely stunning worn with a skinny pair of black trousers as shown in the picture & with some statement jewellery would look fab for any occasion.

This next one from French Connection is a little bit dressier if you're looking for one with more of a smarter feel.  This would not only look good with trousers but would look lovely with the right kind of maxi skirt or even shorter skirt for those that want to get their legs out too.

For a more nautical/classic feel how about this one from M&S.  This would look lovely worn under a navy, or cream blazer with some skinny jeans & heels for evening or flats for daytime.

Or how about these draped tops from Room 31, currently reduced from £18 to £10, so if you're not sure about this style of top a great way to try the look without breaking the bank.

Also available in black too.

Then  moving onto Zara (well I don't want to disappoint you now do I?!!!), who have a huge range to choose from, how about this sleeveless number in one of my favourite shades of green?

Zara Crossover Top £29.99

If however, you feel that it's going to be a waste of time investing in anything unless it has sleeves, what about this black one - which would be so easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Or if you want to work the whole monochrome look what about this striped number?

Or for a more classic feel what about this tri-coloured number which is available in either an elegant neutral colour or this gorgeous cornflower blue?

Or if you fancy more of casual look what about these t-shirts, which I have previously featured.  The first one is my favourite & I actually have the grey one which I'm getting so much use from & is also available in black & coral as well as the white shown below.

Or this slight variation which is also available in white & fuchsia.

So there we have it, my selection of one of the easiest tops to wear.  Finishing with my outfits from the last couple of days & I have to say I'm seriously loving the bling from New Look which appears to have already sold out online featured in outfit one!

Outfit One

Denim Shirt - Zara
Necklace - New Look
T-Shirt - Zara
Bracelet - New Look
Khaki Jeans - Zara
Silver Pumps - Boden

 Outfit Two

Necklace - Monsoon
Blazer - Zara
Top - Boden
Jeans - Zara
Ballet Shoes - Brought in Majorca

Outfit Three

Blazer - Zara
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Draped Top - Zara
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Studded Ballet Shoes - Zara

So what do you reckon?  Are you a fan of the draped top or have you yet to try one?  Or having tried one are you a convert like me?  As always I love hearing your thoughts.

Have a good couple of days & fingers crossed we can break open that summer wardrobe again soon! x


  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog and love your outfits. You have a great sense of style. I, on the other hand, seem to spend my money on things that never match together... So, next time I shop I will try to take inspiration from your site!

  2. I love the way you mixed stuff. I love all your tops. Keep posting.

    granton world

    1. Thanks Bernardette, lovely to know you're enjoying reading the blog :)

  3. I am a new follower. Love your style and have jacket envy! Do you just throw these outfits on or is there planning in play. I have 2 young kids (under 5) and on the days I'm not working I look awful... Or have the striped top and jeans mums uniform! Will be using your blog as inspiration.

    1. Hi Cookie, I love hearing from new followers & if I get time will try & give myself 5 minutes to think about what I'm wearing the night before but that's time dependent!!! You can't beat a gorgeous Breton & jeans x

  4. ooh yes - a good drapey top is a staple to hide the tum!

  5. You wear this style of top so well & I so need to get some drapey tops in my wardrobe! Andrea x

    1. Thanks Andrea, they really are so easy to wear x

  6. Also a new follower, There's a classic and ageless quality to your style which I really like and appreciate. I will be on here regularly...now then.. off I go to New Look for some much needed accessories.

    1. Hi there & thank you for the lovely comments, it really means a lot :) Hope you had a successful shop at New Look ;) x

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