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In Search of the Perfect White Shirt

Right before I begin, just a quick update on the experiment of toupee tape from the other night & hurrah I'm pleased to report that there were no Cinderella moments (sadly no Prince to whisk me away either!) & my heels stayed firmly in my shoes all night.  Plus an additional bonus as I really thought this might not be the case, not only was it easy to remove my feet from said shoes the toupee tape also didn't snag or ladder my 7 denier tights :) So a win win that now finds me stocking up on the old toupee tape by the metre - just call me 'wiggy!'.  Just the one word of warning & that is it did take both me & my hubby a considerable amount of time, which when running late wasn't idea, to peel back the second side of the toupee tape in order to be able to stick it to my shoes but other than that easy peasy :) So heels here I come - there will be no stopping me now!!

Now onto an item of clothing I believe everyone should have at least one of in their wardrobe - the white shirt.  To me it's just that classic item that can either be dressed up or down, will go with a whole heap of stuff & will never ever go out of fashion.

I simply love it's versatility - great for the office, or for an off duty classic look you can team it with a blazer, some skinny jeans, a statement necklace & some fab shoes & you're good to go.  Or if you're after a more dressed down kind of look, pumps teamed with some boyfriend jeans & blazer will look pretty fab too!

In fact the only negative of a white shirt (& this may not apply to anyone else) is the avoidance of make up on the collar so just go easy on the old bronzer on the neckline & if you're a messy eater (& like I said it could just be me but if I'm wearing a light colour you can guarantee I'm going to have an accident with something not so light in colour) the need to avoid the drips!

Now I confess I not only have one white shirt in my wardrobe but several & after looking on the web to see what's currently out there, I may have to add to my collection as there are some lovely offerings at the moment (this blogging lark is sooo not good for my bank balance!!!), I can feel another confessional blog coming up pretty soon ;S

If you haven't got a white shirt in your wardrobe then the most classic style to invest in is a simple plain long sleeved one as it will be so versatile you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.  I love this first one from Massimo Dutti, which although quite expensive you can guarantee will be a real classic.  I seriously have items in my wardrobe that are years old from Massimo Dutti that still look like new & haven't dated so provided you don't spill a curry down the front of it, it will be a real investment that you'll get a ton of wear out of. Also the looser & longer fit to this shirt is great for flexibility with styling.

Massimo Dutti Oversize Poplin Shirt £54.95

If however, you don't want to spend that much, how about this one from Zara, which I would imagine would be slightly shorter in the body & a little more fitter across the chest.

Or for an in between price this one from Boden, which is sure to be another classic investment for your wardrobe.

Or if you fancy your shirt having just a little bit more detail what about this one from good old M&S.  The metal buttons on the cuffs & neck just make this a little different, a bit dressier & the cuff has a blue lining if you want to turn it back & add a splash of colour.

Now although I have several white shirts in my wardrobe some of them are in a different style to the ones above so if you've already got a plain white shirt how about something that little bit different?  I'm seriously lusting over this one from ASOS.  I love the winged collar which would be great for wearing over a jacket & the pintucks on the front of the shirt just add that bit of detail whilst still being a great classic staple.  I'm thinking this would look stunning worn with a few buttons undone (although not of course in an indecent kinda way - although I do now have a HUGE supply of toupee tape to use) with a tailored tuxedo & trousers & of course some serious bling in the statement necklace department.  Damn it, I think I've now talked myself into buying this little beauty!  Although of course it could be a bugger to iron with all those pintucks but hey we have to suffer for our love of fashion right?!!!

Turning slightly away from the style and shaped of a classic white shirt how about this top from Zara, which is in a lovely heavy weight, slightly off white fabric & has a great neckline (no need for a statement necklace here).  I absolutely love it although I would worry about the stones on the neckline when washing it (gosh I'm sounding middle aged) & may be one of those tops best hand washed (yeah I know, I avoid this as much as poss too).

Or this tuxedo style shirt also from Zara, which I confess I have tried on & which I am also presently trying to resist (can you ever have enough white shirts in your wardrobe?!!).  Again it's in an off white and is another one of those shirts which wouldn't date.  Slightly more dressy due to the style & fabric & would look stunning with some wax effect jeans & heels.

So there you have it my pick of the offerings in the white shirt department from the high street.  

Finishing with a round up of my outfits from the last few days starting with my outfit from Saturday night and the fantastic toupee tape, which was brought off eBay if you're interested.

Outfit One

Necklace - Zara
Dress - Zara
Bracelets - J Crew & Banana Republic
Shoes - Zara

Outfit Two

Jacket - Zara
Pearls - Brought in Majorca
Top - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Brought in Majorca

Without the Jacket

Outfit Three

Necklace - Monsoon
Denim Shirt - Zara
Belt - H&M
Skirt - ASOS
Bracelets - Banana Republic & Banana Republic
Shoe Boots - M&S

Outfit Four

Necklace - Zara
Jacket - Massimo Dutti
Shirt - Zara
Leather Bracelet - Banana Republic
Belt - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Shoe Boots - M&S

So what do you think, are you a white shirt lover that like me has several offerings in your wardrobe or do you simply see them as too work attire to wear them for anything other than work?

As always I'd love to hear your thoughts x


  1. Great move with the toupee tape Jane! I haven't used it in years. I have the ASOS pintuck shirt and I have never actually worn it, it's quite short in length and if its tucked in and it comes out when you go to move, plus it's also very generous sizing, I bought a 10 when I was pregnant thinking it would do me after but it's massive and it was too late to return. But give it a go at least with delivery saver it's worth a go!

    1. Thanks Trea, may have to reconsider the ASOS shirt if it's short in length, hate it when they keep popping out! Thanks for the tip off x

  2. I love your blog and your fabulous tip about toupee tape :-) I have owned several white shirts and never worn them. I always feel too crispy, or school uniform like but I recently got one that is more of a blousy material and the collar sits flat when open. It feels casual like a t-shirt and I have worn it more with boyfriend jeans and chunky accessories.I knew it was a wardrobe must have and now I'm sold on the idea too.

    1. Thanks Natalie, lovely to hear you're enjoying the blog :) I find my shirts such a staple & they look fab with boyfriend jeans and chunky accessories x

  3. OMG - boob tape for the shoes - this is BRILLIANT - you are my savour! I have some navy wedge shoes I've never worn because they slop off my feet!


    1. Thanks Fiona, I think I might just have to buy shares in the stuff the amount I'm now going to get through lol.

  4. You look wonderful in your Zara dress! I hope you had a good night?! The Boden shirt looks good & I like the shape of it! I dont own one & after reading this & seeing you in yours I need to get one! Roll on end of next month when I can spend again! ;) I still want that New Look dress too! Andrea x

    1. Thanks Andrea, we had a fab night :) You can't beat a classic white shirt it's just so useful. Hope you're well x

  5. More fabulous outfits Jane - so gorgeous. Especially love that cream top you had on under your jacket. Great shape to it. Also enjoyed the white shirt edit. Looking over them for the second time - you just can't beat the Massimo Dutti one. It's pure class.
    Thanks for all the lovely comments on the blog the past week. Catching up big time today. Oh and thanks for shopping in my scarf shop! Hope you like the new addition to your amazing wardrobe x

    1. Thanks Avril, I love the cream top too just need more lovely weather to be warm enough to wear! x


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