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So summer seems to have disappeared as quickly as it arrived but fear not because as well as my 'in your face, sunglasses required' leopard print jacket I also have some rather lovely new bling that sparkles better than any sun we've seen this year! 

Now as you will know by now, as well as my many other weaknesses (jackets, leopard print, ballet shoes......best I stop here I think!) I also have a SERIOUS weakness for jewellery, especially the statement kind.  So when hubby surprised me at the end of last week with this gorgeous bracelet (I've obviously been REALLY good in a previous life! *she says whilst adjusting her halo*) from J Crew I was over the moon.

It is simply stunning, quite classic but in a bling-tastic statement kind of way & despite being more expensive than some jewellery on the high street it is one of those items that I know will stay with me for life & has the ability to add the wow factor to any outfit.

In fact it is so divine that I am pondering the 'serious' issue of whether to add the matching necklace onto my wish list.

Now as we all know J Crew do some amazing clothes but their jewellery is to die for too.  I totally love my J Crew Classic Pave Link Bracelet, which I have previously featured.  It was one of those purchases I ummed & arred about for quite some time.  Googling lots of different images as I was concerned it would look too bling-tastic (yes that's right I did just say that!) but as Goldilocks once said 'it's just right'.  Again it's another classic bracelet which will last a lifetime & looks stunning whether worn on it's own or teamed with others & I have already worn it on lots of occasions.

Of course you don't always want or need to spend a sizeable amount on an item of costume jewellery, especially if it's something that you think will go out of fashion over the years or even if you're not sure how much wear you'll get out of a different styled piece to what you are used to.  As I have featured before New Look do some fab pieces at affordable prices & are just one of the many on the high street - in fact I feel I may shortly need to do some 'research' into other stores ;)

I believe jewellery is such a great way of bringing an outfit up to date.  It can add a pop of colour or even bring that wow factor to a simple outfit such as a pair of everyday jeans & shirt that it's worth investing in a few pieces for your wardrobe that you can bring out when the need or mood takes you.

So when I spied this necklace on the Zara website (well it is my second home) I was clicking the 'buy me' button quicker than you could say 'Zara addict!'  Now to be fair yes it was love at first sight although my OCD side has had to accept that it's not symmetrical but hey for a necklace this stunning the OCD has been put firmly into it's box.  And whilst I knew I would love it, for the price I wasn't expecting something quite as stunning as it is.  How they can sell it for the price it is I don't know because if it was being sold via a site such as J Crew for instance, it would be a hell of a lot more.  Instantly I'm thinking this will look stunning with a simple little black dress but I'm also liking the idea of dressing it down and wearing with some skinny jeans & a nice tailored white shirt.

Now another little 'gem' (sorry, couldn't resist) that I also spotted in Zara, which may also have made it's way all the way from the depths of the internet to little old me is this next necklace.  Not quite so dressy as the previous one but nonetheless still gorgeous and whilst it may not get that much wear over the 'summer' (I'm using the word loosely after seeing the amount of rainfall that is predicted in the next few days) it will look lovely teamed with more autumnal colours & again this does look even more gorgeous in the flesh - I promise.

And for the hat trick, what about this necklace also from Zara.  Admittedly I haven't seen this one in the flesh (may need to get hubby to check my temperature, I surely must be coming down with something as I haven't hit the button........yet!!!).  Again a real statement necklace that I reckon you could easily dress up or down and the blue coloured crystal beads would look simply fab teamed with denim.

Just the one word of caution, remember if you snooze you loose & if their previous gorgeous necklaces are anything to go by these little numbers will be out of stock before you know it, so don't say I didn't warn you!!!!

Finishing as always with my outfits from the last few days.

Outfit One

T-Shirt - Zara
Bracelets - J Crew & Banana Republic
Jeans - Zara
Leopard Print & Stud Sandals - Zara

Outfit Two

Striped Blazer - Banana Republic
Top - Zara
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Jeans - Massimo Dutti
Ballet Shoes - Brought in Majorca

Outfit Three

Blazer - Zara
Sweatshirt - Marks & Spencer
Bracelet - J Crew
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Leopard Print Pumps - Boden

So have I tempted you with any of the above or do you simply not understand my love for the statement piece of jewellery?  Or have you got your eye on some other gorgeous piece?  The magpie in me would love to hear of any great finds & as always I love reading your comments.

Don't work too hard & see you in a couple of days x


  1. They're all stunning, Jane. I particularly like the autumnal coloured one - my sort of colours! I have missed out on a necklace from Zara so I'd agree with you on that front - I hesitated and it sold out so quickly :-( Lynne x

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it and the way summer's going I will be wearing autumnal colours before long! x

  2. Don't get me started my love affair with statement jewellery. You started me on the journey and now I can't stop buying!!

  3. What a lovely husband you have!!! I'm totally with you on the statement jewellery love. And the great news is ... when you guys talk of everything being sold out instantly in Zara - it's generally still to be seen here on the rails in Dublin stores. Happy me!!

    1. His halo is certainly shining at the moment Helen ;) & that's interesting to know about Zara, sounds like a great excuse for a trip to Dublin :)

  4. Those are all great pieces, Jane! As you said, each one can jazz up any plain outfit and make it look extraordinary. Have you gotten any more gifts from your husband recently? -Dann @ McCarty's Jewelry

    1. Thanks Dann, I have to admit I'm a bit of a magpie for anything sparkly. Plus I've been a very lucky girl as hubby treated me to the J Crew necklace a couple of months ago :-) & you never know we've got our wedding anniversary, my birthday & Christmas to come in the next few months ;-) xx


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