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How Did That Get There?!!!!

Okay so my halo may have slipped, if not crashed to the floor since my last post :S I suppose I should have known it was too good to be true but with such good buys around at the moment, what's a girl to do?!!!

Of course it serves me right for thinking I had done with sales shopping (obviously nothing to do with being totally weak minded!) & I REALLY wasn't going to look but then I was lead astray by two wonderful ladies on Twitter (click to follow me) telling me about the fabulous GAP sale, so of course I just had to take a peak!

Now as soon as I decided to take a peak you didn't need a crystal ball to know it was going to prove fatal & there are currently lots of fab buys on the GAP site.  But seeing as I was TRYING to be good, I managed to limit myself to a couple of items.

So starting with this amazingly cheap as chips dress, currently available for £11.99 (reduced from £29.95).  Now I know it's not exactly sticking to my rule of buying things that can be worn all year round (although of course you could layer thermals underneath) but it's just such a classic maxi dress & would look great with a denim jacket on our colder (read majority of summer) days, add some fab accessories and sandals & you're good to go.  And quite frankly for this price it would have been rude not to investigate further!

If grey's not your thing then how about it in hot coral?

Now of course I had to order a few other bits & pieces to qualify for the free shipping, some of which was running gear, which I won't bore you with but another little beauty that made it's way into my basket was this striped jumper.  Now In my mind you can't beat the classic combo of navy and cream stripes and what I really like about this jumper is that it's just made that little bit more interesting with the different stripes on the sleeves so it immediately makes an everyday top that little bit different.  Of course being reduced from £29.95 also made it interesting too ;)

For those who want something a little bit different, it's also available in cream & grey.

Now confession time, the next item to have caught my eye this week isn't actually in the sale but when I saw the price & reviews they had got online I simply had to give them a go.  Now it's not as if I didn't have enough shoes, but I DON'T have any faux snakeskin court shoes & what I love about these shoes from good old M&S is that they aren't too high in the heel department.  Which means I stand a chance of keeping my heel in & I should also be able to wear these when going solo as even I should be able to walk unassisted in these beauties & if I can't well I damn well need to learn!  Okay so they're not real leather but really for £15 they're worth a shot & judging from the reviews online they're apparently really comfy (well I am approaching forty don't you know) so they should prove a great daytime staple for teaming with some skinny jeans & of course they can be worn all year round!

Now I've only ordered the snakeskin but I did happen to notice they do several other designs in this range too, some of which I thought it simply rude not to share & whilst they look a bit sensible in the pictures online I'm hoping they'll be great classics in the flesh!

Starting with a bit of Bet & these leopard print court shoes.  Now personally I prefer leopard print to be on pony skin but for those of you who I have failed in my attempts to convert to a bit of leopard love then these are a great way of adding a little bit to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

If you fancy adding an injection of colour to your wardrobe how about these red court shoes.  Again a great way of adding colour & I don't know about you but I always feel a bit 'special' when I wear a brighter pair of shoes.

I also absolutely LOVE these navy snakeskin court shoes but I am TRYING to be sensible so I'm resisting.....for now!

Now moving swiftly on to what I've been wearing the last few days.

Outfit One

Necklace - Zara
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Blazer - Zara
Draped Top - Zara
Studded Belt - New Look
Jeans - Zara
Sandals - Zara

Outfit Two

Blazer - Zara
Necklace - Wallis
T-Shirt - H&M
Bracelets - Massimo Dutti
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Next

Outfit Three

Quilted Jacket - Zara
Dress - H&M
Bracelets - J Crew & Banana Republic
Belt - H&M
Sandals - Zara

Outfit Four

Denim Jacket - Zara
Necklace - Mango
Top - Zara
Leather Bracelet - Massimo Dutti
Combats - Zara
Studded Sandals - Zara

So what do you think of my bargains?  Have you checked out the GAP sale?  There are some really great classic & wardrobe essentials up for grabs that I found hard to resist, especially jeans but even I think I've now got enough jeans....well for the time being at least!

Perhaps you've already got a pair of these fab M&S shoes, if so are they REALLY as comfy as people have reported?!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend & if you fancy following me on Instagram you can find me here x


  1. Aaarrrghhh! Now I'm going to have to go and take a look at the Gap website, aren't I?!!! And I've been sooo good 'til now. You're outfits are as amazing as always.

    1. Thanks Helen & yes definitely check out the GAP sale. Happy shopping :) x

  2. Some gorgeous shoes here, Jane. Did you not keep the grey drapey dress? I though that'd be perfect for you. Lynne x

    1. Lynne I've been good & returned the dress, it was lovely but I'd slipped off the wagon & got another jacket from Zara which I know I will get far more use from so decided to be sensible with the dress x

  3. FAB dress but what I love the most is the leopard print maxi - that is amazing on you


    1. Thanks Fiona, I brought this a few years ago. It's actually a beach dress that is completely see-through but I've sewn a full length body underskirt into it & turned it into a dress! x

  4. I just ordered the blue M&S court shoes. Can't wait! I hope they fit.

    1. Agata my grey snake print ones have arrived & although I haven't worn them yet I have to admit they're really comfy, look fab & perfect height for daytime. Hope you like your navy ones x

  5. I'm loving you in a dress - that H&M one is fab! I've got those M&S leopard shoes and they are great - really comfy and they actually fit my big wide feet! Happy Days. Must dig them out this week. Ax

    1. Thanks Avril & shoes that fit my feet are always a hit. I hate wearing shoes that cut the blood supply off - not that it stops me but it does restrict how long & where I wear them! x

  6. So I was going to comment on how much I loved your justification for buying, but then I got to your daily outfit - love everything you are wearing - the yellow jacket, the neon tee, the leather jacket and the combats - I think I may now need to justify some buying!!

  7. Sehr schöne Outfits, besonders die Schuhe haben es mir angetan. Davon kann man ja nie genug haben.


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