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It Had To Be Done - Two Of My Favourite Loves!

So come on admit it, whose already hit the Zara sale?!!! 

Well it will come of no surprise to hear that I have & no contrary to popular belief, I didn't stay up till just turned midnight on Thursday night - no god-dam-it I feel alseep WAY before then :(  But seeing as I was awake at 5:20am the following morning mind buzzing & awaiting the sound of the alarm I did find myself checking it out & with only a 25 minute slot before having to get up not too much damage was done (she says while crossing her fingers!!!).

Now you (& hubby) will be pleased to know that I haven't brought everything I'm about to mention in this post but let's face it any Zara addict worth their weight in gold HAD to check out their sale.  And what better way than to list the key pieces that I feel are both timeless and classic additions for any wardrobe.  Not to mention could be worn for autumn/winter, so on my logic that makes it ESSENTIAL purchases, I mean next season's wardrobe while discounted - just think of the money we're saving!!!

As I've mentioned in the past with Zara if you snooze you loose & a couple of the items that did 'magically' find their way into my shopping basket have already disappeared from their website.  So fingers crossed the items I'm about to mention stay a round a little longer.  Yes I know some of the items haven't yet been heavily discounted but if it's a classic piece of clothing that you'd thought about treating yourself to for next season anyway - every little bit helps & of course it's not to say it's not going to reduced further but the big question is will it still be available in your size?!!

So starting with their jackets, which you will know I'm VERY partial too (understatement of the century) & first up is this classic double breasted navy blazer.  A great classic buy & addition to any wardrobe, which would look fab worn with white trousers/jeans for summer & blue jeans and a white shirt for the autumn.  Plus having been reduced £20 from £79.99 thats £20 you've saved to go towards something else :)

Next is this stunning black leather biker jacket, which has somehow found it's way into my shopping basket.  Now I really fancy a leather biker jacket for winter and having been reduced from £169 to £119 it was a no brainer for me so fingers crossed I like it when it arrives!

Next up I absolutely love this off white blazer with contrasting lapels, which would look stunning worn with some wax effect skinnies & killer heels for a night out.  If I hadn't already got two cream jackets in my wardrobe I would be snapping it up.  It's currently reduced from £79.99 to £59.99 but if it comes down some more in price I may just have to give it a try too!

Another jacket that has found it's way into my basket is this little beauty.  Now I've seen lots of bloggers & gorgeous women wearing it & have to admit I thought I'd missed the boat as it had disappeared from their website & in-store.  Which meant I've been kicking myself as it goes with a whole heap of colours & would look fab for the autumn/winter.  But once again my Shopping Fairy was smiling down on me as it's currently available in sizes small & medium & is another £10 saved.  So if like me you've  been after said jacket act quickly :)

Moving away from the jackets quickly before I add any more to my order, I love these loose fitting white jeans, which okay are more of a spring/summer look & would look fab teamed with a great breton top or slouncy jumper.  They're currently available for £22.99 having been reduced from £29.99.

Or how about these grey boyfriend jeans?  I've recently brought these before they hit the sales (outfit three)  for £39.99 :( but I love the distressing & slightly looser fit & they're not MC Hammer in the bum area so all in all a great cropped pair that are in the most gorgeous shade of grey.

Moving onto skirts how about this faux leather combination skirt reduced from £29.99?  This may also have found itself winging it's way to me.  I'm hoping this will look great teamed with biker boots and thick tights in the winter so one of those all year round skirts that are just 'useful' to have in your wardrobe & the faux leather around the hem line just adds that little bit more style & detail.

Then looking at coats I simply LOVE this animal printed three quarter length coat, which would look stunning worn with all black in the winter.  A real statement coat which has been reduced from £89.99.

For a real classic, last a lifetime staple how about this double breasted rain coat.  Which considering the wonderful wet weather we seem to be getting all year round would certainly be useful.  After all you might as well look stylish & wet as opposed to just wet!!! And having been reduced from £69.99 I think this is a great buy.

Moving onto shoes you won't be surprised to see that these leopard print kitten heels have made it onto my list!  Obviously I have a whole heap of leopard print shoes in my wardrobe so I have managed to restrain myself but if I didn't already have the red ones in my wardrobe they would have definitely have slipped in.  Currently reduced by £10 but a real staple & being kitten heel not to hard to walk in either!!!

Moving onto boots, I'm also loving these flat cowboy boots, which have been reduced buy £10 & will just be sooo useful come the autumn.

Or if you prefer more of a heel to your boots how about these basic cowboy ones, which have been reduced from £59.99 & come in this gorgeous shade of tan not to mention block heel, which again should make them easy to walk in.

Or if a wedged trainer is more your thing, what about these snake print ones which have been reduced from £59.99?  Now I've yet to give the wedge trainer a try so have sneaked these beauties into my order to see what I think as I reckon having been been reduced to under the £50 mark that they might just be worth a go & again great colours for the autumn/winter.

And how I managed to resist these little beauties I don't know, currently reduced from £69.99.  As I'm typing I'm suffering from a very twitchy finger hovering on the 'buy me' button, but resist I will!!

I'm also loving these gold sneakers, reduced from £59.99 & think it may be a toss up between these & the snakeprint ones when they arrive.

Finally finishing with bags, I love this classic tan bucket bag.  Reduced from £79.99 & in a gorgeous shade of tan.  A real staple for any wardrobe.

Now moving away from my love of Zara & onto my love of fake tan.  I was recently lucky enough to have been sent this new one hour fake tan to try by Cocoa Brown & I have to admit I'm really impressed :)  The tan comes in a very easy to apply mousse, which has a slight colour to it so you can see where you're applying it so helping to reduce streaks.  On application it absorbed like a dream really quickly into my skin so not a lot of rubbing & blending was required, which is always a bonus in my book & on a plus side as far as hubby was concerned didn't have the normal 'fake tan' smell.  

As it mentions in the name it takes an hour to take but it can be left on for anything between 1-3 hours  for a deeper tan.  Having not tried it before I decided to opt on the side of caution & remove after an hour & a half.  I was going to just go for it but hubby pleaded with me to be 'sensible' for fear of ending up looking like an umpa lumpa as even after showering the tan deepens further.  

And the result was a real sunkissed even looking tan - perfecto :)  Now I admit I have managed to get a little bit of natural tan from the rare sightings of sun we've seen over recent weeks so if I was using in the winter I'm sure the Cocoa Brown tan would probably be enough left on for the time I did but seeing as I have a little bit of colour next time I'm going to leave it on for the full three hours to get a slightly deeper tan in the safe knowledge that I won't end up looking like an extra from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!!!

Now I did take before, during & after pictures of my arm to show you the results but unfortunately the pictures haven't turned out great so you will just have to believe me when I say it really has given my skin a lovely sunkissed look.  Outfit two below was taken the morning after the night before so you can hopefully get an idea from that.

So if you fancy giving it a go or for more information click here.

Finishing with my outfits from the last couple of days.

Outfit One

Denim Jacket - Zara
Necklace - New Look
T-Shirt - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Zara

Outfit Two

Jacket - Zara
Necklace - New Look
T-Shirt - Zara
Bracelets - Massimo Dutti & Banana Republic
Jeans - Zara
Sandals - Zara

Outfit Three

Blazer - Zara
Striped Sequin Jumper - Boden
Bracelets - J Crew & handmade
Jeans - Zara
Ballet Shoes - Brought in Majorca
Bag - Marks & Spencer

So there you have it, my edit of the best things available in the Zara sale & the heads up on a great new brand of tan, seriously what more could a girl want, apart from winning the lottery of course!!!

So have I tempted you to hit the 'buy me' button?  Or perhaps I've missed something that you've had your eye on.  As always I'd love to hear about your bargains & also know if I'm the only one that uses the logic of counting up what I've saved & thinking it means it can go towards another sneaking purchase ;)

Have a great weekend & happy sales shopping :) x


  1. You look fab in all of your Zara clothes but it's just not a shop for me - doesn't seem to suit my style or shape :-( (though I do have a Zara maxi skirt lurking in the back of my wardrobe somewhere). I do love the flat cowboy boots though - so versatile for autumn. Lynne x

    1. Thanks Lynne - I'm think the boots may be my weakness & let's face it we could use them in this wet weather! x

  2. I Love zara clothes but they just aren't made to suit my shape! Waaaaah! :( I definitely agree with Cocoa Brown! Recently tried it and I think I may be addicted!I have stocked up while Primark have it for £6!
    Hannah x

    1. Hi Hannah it's great isn't it & no streaks so a definite result! Good thinking about stocking up, I may have to do the same :) x


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