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Temptations, Temptations........

Okay,  now in my defence I had planned to carry on with the theme of summer holidays & start looking at the best things to take on holiday but I have been sidetracked by the arrival of some of the new items to hit our stores.  

Hard to believe I know but there I was minding my own business when the new H&M taster catalogue popped through the door.  Well you know what I'm going to say next don't you.....yup that's right I just had to take a quick peak (research purposes of course ;) ) before throwing it in the bin.  But you probably won't be surprised to hear that between a sneaky peak & throwing it in the bin there were a few gems that caught my eye!!! I mean I really must be a sales & marketing persons dream!!!

So first up is this lovely wraparound blouse.  Now hubby will be pleased to hear that I haven't ordered this, which I can't say is the case for everything here, but as much as I love it, it's very similar to a top I brought last year from Zara (no really?!!!).  But if I hadn't got my Zara one I would DEFINITELY be ordering this as I just love mine so much.  It's so easy to wear, can be dressed up with wax effect jeans or a leather skirt but on the same hand looks just as stunning dressed down & teamed with a pair of skinny jeans.  For me the thing I love the most about this design is the cross over style.  It makes me feel just that little bit more sexier than if I was wearing just a normal black blouse & creates a great neckline for teaming with a necklace or two.

They also do the same blouse in a white and black stripe if you fancy it but personally if you were going to order one, for me it would have to be the plain black as I think you would just find it so 'useful'!!!

Moving onto this khaki shirt,  now I know it doesn't look that much to look at but I'm thinking it may be worth a shot.  Personally I've been looking for the right khaki top for ages & I think this may just be it.  Obviously I may totally change my mind when having seen it in the flesh (a woman's prerogative & all that) but I want something that I can team with my black and khaki jeans that looks quite casual but has a sexy edge to it.  The description online says it's made from softly draping fabric so it may just be a keeper but we'll have to see.

Also in keeping with my new found love of tie-dye they also do the same shirt in a tie-dye pattern, which I think could look fab teamed with some black skinnies or even some white ones for the summer on cooler days.

Moving onto the next little number, which I have to confess my inner Magpie spotted instantly, is this sequined sweatshirt.  Now as you will know I have recently developed a love for all things gold & I have to admit this is no exception.  Again it depends how it looks in the flesh but I'm loving that they've teamed sequins with a sweatshirt top, which in my mind makes it easier for dressing up or down.  I'm thinking teamed with boyfriend jeans would look super cute & maybe even my combats.

In fact I love it sooo much I couldn't decide between the khaki with the gold sequins or the more subtle navy and blue sequins - hell if that's lovely I may be tempted to keep the two....but we'll see.

The next thing to catch my eye was this oversized top.  Again nothing particularly special but when teamed with some skinnies and a great necklace or scarf if could just prove to be one of those useful tops in your wardrobe that you wondered how you EVER managed to live without.  Of course to me it depends on what they mean by oversized.  Personally I would want it to be quite slouchy but in a slightly fitted way with a wide neckline that can fall off the one shoulder.  Obviously I'm expecting a lot from this top & for £7.99 it may not be anything like what I hoped but H&M do do those little beauties that can look nothing on the hanger but when worn look super stylish so I this may also have sneaked into my basket to try.

Then moving away from clothes & onto accessories & this fold away shopper, which I think will probably need no explanation as to why I love it.....I'll just say the word 'BET'!!!!  Of course it wasn't many years ago when we wouldn't dream of carrying round a handy foldaway shopping bag but these days they're essential & you of course won't be surprised to hear that anything leopard print is always a winner in my book!!

Next up is this patterned star scarf.  Now whilst even I haven't been tempted to reach for a scarf these last few weeks I'm sure it won't be long before we're once again wrapping them round our necks & I think this star one could look great teamed with some boyfriend jeans & a blazer for a dressed down kind of feel.

And finally I can't believe that they've started doing fashion tape.  Which of course is sold for the purpose of protecting your modesty but I'm thinking should also be strong enough for my tip of placing in the heels of your shoes to help avoid any slippage & the fact that it comes in a handy dispenser too, well let's just say I shall be stocking up on this by the lorry load.

Rounding off with my outfits from the last few days of continued glorious heatwave.

Outfit One

Necklace - Zara
Draped Top - Zara
Leather Cuffs - Massimo Dutti
Trousers - 
Studded Sandals - Zara

Outfit Two

Necklace - Massimo Dutti
Vest Top - H&M
Bracelets - Banana Republic & Mango
Studded Belt - H&M
Skit - Zara
Studded Leopard Print Sandals - Zara

Outfit Three

Necklace - Zara
Blouse - Zara
Shorts - H&M
Ballet Pumps - Massimo Dutti

Outfit Four

Necklace - J Crew
Denim Jacket - Zara
Camisole - Topshop
Bracelet - J Crew
Bag - Marks & Spencer
Trousers - Zara
Sandals - Zara

So what do you think of my first pick of the new H&M collection?  Do you like any of the items featured & are maybe even tempted to hit the 'buy me' button?!!!  Or perhaps due to this glorious weather you can't think beyond summer clothes for no?  Or of course maybe you've already hit some other stores for their new collection.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, I have to admit I've not started looking properly yet (skimming through a postal catalogue doesn't count....right?!!!) but give me a couple of weeks & I'm sure to have started scouring in earnest.

Right I'm off to celebrate our son's 14th birthday so lots of yummy food & bubbles for me.....which I can tell you right now is certainly not something I was doing right this moment 14 years ago!!!!  Let alone daydreaming of what outfit I would wear....lord no it was more a case of what I could fit into & bear to wear...seriously I was the size of a house but oh so DEFINITELY worth it :)

And on that note have a wonderful Sunday & next couple of days x


  1. Happy Birthday to your son!! I'd never guess with your amazing figure that you have a 14 year old. I just ordered those TopShop trousers - can't wait to get in them when I get home. I SO wish H&M did online shopping in the US - I hate battling through their racks!

    1. Oh Joanna you are so lovely but believe me I bare all the scars of being a mother!!! I always seem to do better with H&M online than in store as like you find it can be hard work picking things out in store. Those Topshop trousers are going to look fab on you, can't wait to see how you style them x

  2. absolutely love that crossover shirt - it has SLEEVES!!! *happy skip* Will definitely be investigating. And as always, you look fab!

    1. You'll have to let me know how you get on Helen, it looks a gorgeous shirt. I look forward to seeing it on you x

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  4. That sequin sweatshirt is a must! My only gripe with H&M is their delivery times, I waited almost 3 weeks for my last order! Love your outfit with the bright yellow zara blouse xx

    1. Sharon I'm seriously excited by that sequin sweatshirt just hoping it's as nice in real life!!! And yes their delivery times are useless....I've got everything crossed mine turns up this week as promised! x

  5. Oooh tape you say - I have listened to your shoe advice and the tape and I shall be purchasing!

    A 14 yr old? WHAT? Really? WOW


    1. Fiona I'm really hoping this tape is as strong as the stuff I brought off eBay as it will be so handy with the dispenser too!

      And yes our son has now over taken me in the height department lol! x


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