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One item EVERY wardrobe should have is a denim shirt & this season there are some great additions around.

Not only is a denim shirt a 'useful' hard working item for any wardrobe, in the cooler months it's also pretty warm.  On top of that it's one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down & for those of us brave enough to embrace & rock the double denim trend, looks great when worn with jeans.  Which I did venture into briefly last winter but teamed my denim shirt with coloured jeans, a bit of a cop out I know, although I'm currently thinking of going full on double denim this season but breaking it up with a jumper so I don't feel as if I'm wearing what my Grandad would have called 'workmen's clothes'.  In fact thinking about it, it's funny how trends & standards change, nowadays you can feel smart enough to go out to a smart restaurant in jeans but in my grandparents era they were only ever considered clothes you wore for labour intensive chores & I can even remember as a child that we would have to 'dress up' for going shopping.

Now before I share my picks of the best denim shirts out there I feel I must issue a warning......this season there seems to be a lot of denim shirts around that have a bit more detail than the standard denim shirt & could (note to hubby if you're reading this I've said could not should!) lead to multiple denim shirts suddenly appearing in your wardrobe & breeding like rabbits.

So first up I love this denim one from H&M, styled as you would picture a denim shirt but with the addition of the shoulder rivets which just make it that little bit different.

If however, you're not a fan of the rivet then this vintage looking one also from H&M could be the denim shirt you've been looking for.  I love the faded look of the denim & think this would look amazing with a faux leather (or leather for that matter) skirt or trousers.

In fact H&M are on a roll with the denim shirt this season as I've also spied this one, which has a slightly less vintage (dirty) look to it.  Now if only their delivery speed could so easily be sorted!!!!

If you're sorted with a denim shirt, have you thought about getting a grey denim one?  I will admit to purchasing a light grey one last year in a gorgeous soft denim & haven't looked back since, I wouldn't go as far as to say life changing but I guess you're getting the picture!!!!

For a slightly loose fit shirt then this one from ASOS looks perfect & I love the fact it has a slightly faded top half, which would help if you were going to go all out for double denim as I think if you can mix the shades of denim it stops the outfit looking too solid.

Moving onto my second home & Zara are also doing a great standard styled shirt in a lovely shade of denim.

Having said that I love this light washed one from Mango, a truly drool worthy shade of denim, which would look stunning with a tan *she says as she reaches for the fake tan* oh how I miss my sunkissed skin from the summer......

Now I promised you denim shirts with a bit more style & I know I've only shown you the H&M rivet one so far & you're probably thinking I've under delivered but wait for it here they come.......

First up this overshirt style from Zara in a dark denim, I really love the darker denim teamed with the gold buttons & the fact that you could thrown a jumper underneath & wear it more as a jacket & I think the dark denim would look stunning with khaki.

Now this next shirt I'm seriously tempted by as it really has a totally different take on a denim shirt,  would look great for a more 'dressy' feel & is just so different from everything out there......so how strong do we think my resolve is?!!!!!

So quickly before I get even more tempted to hit the 'buy me' button, here's what I've been wearing these part few days.

Outfit One

Pearl Necklace -  Monsoon
Quilted Faux Leather Jacket - Zara
T-shirt - Zara
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Belt - Zara
Skirt - Primark
Ballet Pumps - Brought in Majorca

Outfit Two

Pearls - Zara
Tuxedo Jacket - Zara
Cardigan - Tesco
Bracelets - Banana Republic
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Court Shoes - Zara

Outfit Three

Necklace - Handmade
Shirt - Massimo Dutti
Gilet - Zara
Bracelets - Banana Republic
Belt - Massimo Duty
Jeans - Zara
Ballet Pumps - John Lewis

So what do you think, are you a lover of the denim shirt?  Of course a few years ago it was considered too 80's to admit to having one but they certainly seem to have made a great revival & just maybe I've tempted you to increase your collection?  As always I love hearing your comments & if you've stumbled across a different style to the normal denim shirt on your shopping travels I'd love to hear.

Hope the rest of the week flies by & see you at the weekend when I'll be back with a new lust.....

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  1. I love Denim shirts and wouldn't be without my two. If going for the H&M ones, I'd try on in store, my daughter got one last year, she is an 8 and had to get a 12, they were really small.

    1. That's really good to know about the sizing of the H&M shirts, thanks Sharron. I hate it when sizes differ that much especially when you have to go up a size or two although if it's the other way round it certainly good on the old self esteem!! x

  2. I could not live with my chambray / denim shirt. I have literally worn it so many times and so many different ways! I love that quilted faux leather jacket of yours - stunning.


    1. Thanks Pia, yes I'd be lost without my denim shirts too...let alone my jeans & denim jacket as they just go with everything x

  3. I've got the H&M and I found I had to size up too! Thanks for the inspiration again Jane....it's time I dug that out of the wardrobe for an airing x

    1. Definitely denim shirt wearing weather today Michelle....time to dig them out of the wardrobe x

  4. Love a denim shirt, mine is H&M and I have a pussy bow one from miss selfridge, I've worn it a few times on a57, I love it , so go ahead and buy it x

    1. Jo I'm soooo tempted by the Oasis one but I'm trying to be good....you're not helping me as I remember how stunning you looked in your Miss Selfridge one.....oh dear I fear I know which way this is going to go!!!! x

  5. I struggled with my denim shirt when I bought it in early summer but now the weather has cooled it has become a firm favourite & I'm wearing it today! I would definitely like another in grey! The pussy bow one is just gorgeous too! Ax

    1. Denim shirts are just so easy to dress up or down & of course cosy too for days like today....definitely a must for my wardrobe & I love how you've styled yours Andrea x

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