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So carrying on from my last post on faux leather trousers, which somehow turned into a new obsession with faux leather leggings.....whilst I have yet to make a legging purchase (despite hubby being rather excited at the prospect!!) I thought today I'd take a look at both leather & faux leather skirts in the hope that hubby will also like these & I can perhaps sneak a skirt in the shopping basket as well ;-)  Well I wouldn't want the leggings to feel lonely now would I?!!!!

Now whilst I already own a couple of skirts that fall into the faux/leather variety, one leather one from M&S, which at the end of last winter I was seriously thinking of putting onto eBay as it's too big on the waist.  Having seen the trend of wearing chunky knitwear with a leather skirt, I'm totally loving the look of said chunky knitwear tucked into the waistband.  So I'm thinking I may try this as if I tried it on my faux leather pencil skirt, which was brought last winter, I'd look like I'd eaten all the pies due to the waistband fitting me on the waist & the additional spare tyres that would appear as a result of jumper tucking!!!!  If this fails I may just see if it's worth altering & taking in, as when you consider the amount I'm likely to get 99p (if my previous eBay history is anything to go by) then I might as well attempt an alteration with the sewing machine.....not that I've ever attempted such a thing before!!  Hey perhaps it should be an addition to the 'things to do before I'm 40' list!!!

Anyway I'm digressing, so back to the task in hand & the leather skirt.  Now of course there are numerous styles to choose from but I have two favourite ones.  Firstly the pencil skirt & secondly what I call the shorter more younger styled leather skirt, which a psychologist would probably translate as me trying to frantically grip onto the little bit of youth I have left I know but hey you only live once!!!

So starting with the shorter variety I'm currently loving ones which aren't just plain leather but have a bit of detailing & interest to them & this season it seems to be all about the zip.  This first one from Zara is just divine....yes it's short but with some thick denier tights & worn with either some biker boots or shoe boots I'm thinking this would be more than acceptable.  In fact if you teamed it with a chunky long length cardigan that is also huge this season then you could pass for practically vicarage material!

Also of a similar style is this one from Zara's TRF range, which looks that little bit shorter but that may be because the zips are positioned at a lower length.

Turning to the faux leather variety, then this brown wrap skirt with zip detailing from Next looks just as stunning & of course being of the faux variety a lot less money too :-)

Now if you're more a fan of the pencil skirt then you're going to be spoilt for choice as there's a whole heap of offerings on the market this season, which are also available in some stunning colours other than black.  A clue to where my thinking is currently going.....since I already own the black shorter leather skirt & a black just below the knee faux leather pencil skirt, surely a coloured skirt would be a 'useful' addition to the wardrobe....no?!!!!  Not to mention of cause handy for the celebrations that will be happening towards the end of the year....I ask you what girl doesn't need more than one outfit to celebrate her birthday?!!!

So first up for those that want to invest in a true leather skirt, here's a selection of the beauties that have caught my eye.  Starting with Zara (predictable I know but you can't say Zara don't produce some great on trend clothing that has style & edge but at high street prices).  I really love the length of this leather skirt, which falls just below the knee & think it would make a great investment piece for any wardrobe.  Available in black or navy blue....I'm thinking the navy blue has the edge as there are just sooo many black faux & real leather skirts out there that the navy blue would stand out straight away & look absolutely stunning teamed with a chic little boucle jacket.

Now if you've already the proud owner of a black leather skirt & fancy a different colour but aren't a navy person then what about this gorgeous one from Mint Velvet?  Available in either a stunning granite or wine colour with a full length zip running from the waistband to the hem at the front adding a bit of edge.  I can just see this skirt looking stunning teamed with a biker style jacket & some shoe boots not to mention a statement necklace.

Or if you want to really invest in a classic piece of great quality leather & stick to the tried & tested black leather skirt then you won't go wrong with this stunning leather pencil skirt from Massimo Dutti.  Please excuse the play button in the middle of the skirt but this was the only full frontal image on their site but I would think it safe to say that the skirt doesn't have the arrow attached in real life but may of course be an optional extra ;-)

My final leather offering is this one from Mango, which also looks a great style & length.

Now of course as I mentioned in my previous blog these days you can get some amazing faux leather offerings that to be honest if it wasn't for the fact that the garment didn't smell of leather & of course the price tag is a lot lower, you probably wouldn't even realise.  Not only by buying faux leather does it  help to stretch our hard earned cash just that little bit further, it's also a great way of trying a style before investing heavily.

There are some great faux leather skirts around this season & going back to Zara again to start with, I really love this red offering.  Neither red nor wine in colour but more a soft faded post box red, it's not only a great length (finishing just above the knee) but it also has some lovely seam detailing, which again helps take the plainness away & stops it feeling like office clothing.

Or if you're after a black faux leather skirt then how about this black version in a slightly longer length?

If however, you fancy more of a berry shade of red then this faux leather skirt from Next will be perfect & not only is it a great price it's also available in both chocolate brown and black too.  In fact I brought a black skirt very similar (if not the same as this) from Next last year & was amazed at the look, feel & quality.  

Finally I couldn't not feature this great faux leather skirt from Tesco, which comes in either black or berry with zipped pockets to take the plainness away.  We all know how supermarket clothing has really upped it's game over the last few years & having brought a couple of pieces recently from Tesco have to admit to being incredibly impressed by their offerings.  Plus of course it's a great way of hiding those sneaky clothes purchases with the weekly food shop (not that I'm trying to encourage you or anything ;-) ).

And as always finishing with a round up of what I've been wearing these past few days starting with a day in the office....oh the joy!!

Outfit One

Necklace - Zara
Leather Biker - Zara
Denim Shirt - Zara
Belt - Zara
Skirt - Zara
Ballet Pumps - Brought in Majorca

Outfit Two

Shirt - Massimo Dutti
Sweatshirt - Zara
Leather Cuffs - Banana Republic & Massimo Dutti
Jeans - Zara
Shoe Boots - Next

Outfit Three

Pearls - Zara
Striped Top - 
Faux Leather Quilted Jacket - Zara
Leopard Print Bangle - Banana Republic
Belt - Zara
Skirt - Next
Shoe  Boots - Next

So there you have my round up of skirts both of the leather & faux leather variety.  So is this a look you intend to invest in this season?  Or perhaps like me you've already got a similar styled skirt lurking in your wardrobe crying out to let out & shown some love?

As always I'd love to hear your thoughts & how you intend to style yours.  Enjoy the rest of the week & I'll see you at the weekend.

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  1. I have a leather skirt, in black, which I have just altered to a shorter length ( originally it was nearly reaching my ankles ) It is now above the knee but not too short. How would you wear it Jane? I was thinking with tights ( pasty pins in WInter etc ) I will be interested to see how this goes and what you go for too. I think black leather skirts look fab but I need to convince myself that they would work for me. H xx

    1. Helen you're going to look fab in your skirt & a great idea to get it shortened to just above your knee. I shall definitely be wearing mine with tights (no doubt the thicker the better come winter) & teaming with chunky knits & denim shirts x

  2. My favourite is the Zara longer length faux leather one Jane. I would love to see you style this in a more casual way with the chunky sweaters and shoe boots as you mentioned. I need to be shown how to make a leather skirt look a bit more daytime so I can't wait to see how you wear one x

    1. That skirt is gorgeous isn't it Michelle....chunky knits are definitely the way forward for a more daytime vibe & I want to wear more skirts this winter so keep posted! x

  3. I bought the black Next pencil skirt and love it Jane.....just waiting to buy a nice chunky sweater to wear with it:)

    1. If it's the same as mine from last year Anne I'm absolutely delighted with mine....in fact I've just brought a great grey jumper to team it up with ;-) x


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