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The Wait Is FINALLY Over!

Okay so I may have recently had a little shopping spree in H&M (well when I say recently I mean the 5th of September) but due to their ever so slooooow delivery service have only just received my order.  Yup a shockingly slow process that on the negative side does nothing for any of us who like their order to arrive instantly but has the huge advantage of meaning you can conveniently forget about said shopping until the package arrives, which in H&M's case is guaranteed to be weeks away!!

I've mentioned in the past how H&M are a great store for getting some key wardrobe staples & depending on the store you can either walk in & see absolutely nothing or see a whole heap of items that take your fancy & struggle to make your way to the changing room with your haul heaped in your arms.

This season they're doing some great pieces & I have already got a few of their new additions in my wardrobe so as soon as I saw a sneaky preview of some of the press releases of their Paris Show Collection I just knew I had to put a reminder in my phone to take a better look online on it's release date. Sad I know but knowing how quickly their previous collections have sold out a necessity.....no?!!!

So as the clock struck midnight on the morning of the 5th & I just happened to find myself wide awake I thought I'd be clever & beat everyone to it & get my order in tout suite.  Luckily I might add, this was at the time of hubby's travels to the USA otherwise he'd have thought I'd totally lost the plot (although I could have described it to being on a parr with being one of the first to get your hands on the latest iPhone & then of course he'd have understood!!!).  But my cunningness was quickly deflated when I discovered the collection hadn't been released at midnight, nor half past either (well I like to be thorough!!!).  Not to be outwitted I quickly came up with a plan to set my alarm a little earlier & take a gander before my early morning run.  So bright eyed & bushy tailed (not!!!) I reached for the iPad just gone 5am only to discovered it still hadn't been released.....which meant I probably beat my personal best time for my run that morning having already invested a lot of time in ensuring I got the chance to shop the collection I was determined I wasn't going to loose out!!!

Although good things come to those that wait & the collection was eventually released around 9 o'clock & despite a VERY slow connection I was slowly but surely put out of my misery & able to view the collection.  Of course I wasn't disappointed, although I hasten to add I was shocked by some of the prices, in particular there was this gorgeous skater style black skirt with cut out lace effect detail, which in my eyes was silly money....of course having said that & gone to get the image & link to include on my post it's disappeared from sight, which can only mean I was probably the only one to think this & others have snapped it up!!

Having said that some of the items seemed expensive there were still some lovely pieces for high street prices that did catch my eye & of course you'd be shocked if I hadn't added a few items to my basket ;-)

Because I have had to wait soooo long for my delivery to arrive a lot of the pieces that caught my eye have of course sold out & vanished into the internet ether but fear not there are still a few gems to be brought including a couple of items that not only made it into my shopping basket but somehow (goodness knows how ;-) ) also made it into my wardrobe, starting with this camel knitted jumper.

Now in my opinion the picture simply doesn't do it justice....firstly I love this colour as camel just goes with everything - navy, grey, black, denim, cream..... & brings an element of classic style to an outfit.  But what I really love about this jumper is the detailing, firstly the seams which help turn an ordinary looking jumper into something that instantly more stylish together with the neck which is a cross between a polo and turtle neck.  Plus it has the more gorgeous detailing on the elbows  & a finer detailing on the shoulders.  Add in the fact that it's super snuggly & will keep me warm in the winter means it was always going to have me at hello!

I've also fallen head over heels for this captain's hat too.  I love hats & each winter I always seem to buy one although I generally fail in getting my wear out of them but this one I really do think I will wear endlessly.  It's great for styling down as opposed to a trilby where I always feel a bit more dressed & with our cold & wet winter days approaching a great investment for keeping the hair dry & the frizz at bay....plus so much easier to wear when shopping than using an umbrella, which I always end up battling against the slightest wind to stop it turning inside out or trying to avoid poking people in the eye with one of the spikes.

I also ordered this gorgeous fake fur collar but have sent it back without even taking it out of the wrapper, a decision I'm already regretting having taken another look at the picture below.  Of course the only sane reason was I was obviously having an out of body experience at the time as it looks stunning worn with the hat.  I think due to the delay in my delivery arriving (have I mentioned how long it took to arrive?!!!!) I'd pictured it as a smaller stole that could be worn just round the neck so when I saw how huge it was decided to just not even bother trying it on but even I can see I was totally mad!!! This would be a great piece for wearing over an evening or party dress come December time (I won't say the 'C' word I promise!!) & I love it styled with a jumper and THE HAT....think I have totally talked myself into hitting the button...duh!!!

Next up is this stunning reefer jacket again looking fab with the hat although even I couldn't justify another jacket (well not yet at least) but this is just one of those stunning classic pieces that would be in your wardrobe forever & would look fab with some shoe boots & boyfriend jeans.

Another jacket that would also be a great investment is this cream wool biker jacket, I love the edging and stitching detailing and think it would look fab teamed with jeans or a pencil skirt.

Moving onto accessories & this sparkly metallic necklace would be a great addition to your collection & would simply go with everything let alone be a great statement piece.

Finally I had high hopes for this bag but unfortunately (or fortunately if you're hubby) it didn't look as I'd hoped & despite being a great shape, size & 100% leather looked more of a wooden finish & didn't have the scaly finish I was after.

So there you have my pick of H&M's Paris Show Collection, well what's available online at least!

Finishing as always with what I've been wearing these past few days.

Outfit One

Faux Leather Quilted Jacket - Zara
Top - Tesco
Bracelet - Mango
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Red Leopard Print Court Shoes - Zara

Outfit Two

Jacket - H&M
Linen T-Shirt - Zara 
Jeans - Zara
Court Shoes - Next

Outfit Three

Necklace - Zara
Top - Zara
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Tuxedo Jacket - Zara
Tartan Trousers - Primark
Court Shoes - Zara

So what do you think?  Did you manage to snag any of the new collection?  If so which items & how do you intend to style them?  Or perhaps you don't like the new collection & thought it was just an excuse for H&M to inflate their prices & can't see what all the fuss is about?

I'd love to hear your thoughts & you may (or may not!) be relieved to know that I've just hit the button on the fake fur stole....although it was showing as sold out before I pressed the refresh button so I'm a little anxious that I've missed the boat....bugger!

Have a great few days & don't forget to share any new purchases.  Oh & should you be tempted H&M currently have a discount code (0758) for 10% off your order till the 13th of October....happy shopping!

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  1. What a fab collection!! Absolutely worth the wait! Especially love the leather bag.....the chain detail is just gorgeous!! Very taken with your new H&M jacket too Jane x

    1. Thanks Michelle, I just wish the leather of the bag had looked more textured as it would have been perfect...I may have also taken delivery of another jacket from H&M today - they're definitely on form this season....if only they'd sort out the delivery! x


  2. http://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/accessories/scarves/stole-c271013p1399055.html
    bought this in my local Zara (Windsor) today - looks just like the one above.......

    1. Oh thanks so much for sending me this link if the H&M one doesn't turn up I shall definitely be investigating further...it looks gorgeous x

  3. To Fashion Lover & Style At Every Age - thank you both so much for commenting on my post, unfortunately both comments have disappeared as I was trialling IntenseDebate having updated to a Google+ account needless to say this hasn't worked....oh the joy!!!

    I really appreciate the time & trouble you have taken to comment & fingers crossed comments should now stop disappearing!!! xx

  4. Gorgeous picks Jane! Its such a shame about the bag as its looks divine in the photo! Ax

    1. I'm sure others would love the bag Andrea but I'd built this image in my mind of what I thought it would look like & sadly it was not what I was hoping for...oh well! x


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