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To Tartan Or Not To Tartan

That is the question this season....& before I'd seen Victoria Beckham rocking a short kilt I have to admit to being undecided but she looked amazing & I'm betting it's got quite a few people now on the hunt for the perfect bit of tartan to incorporate into their wardrobe.  After all if a kilt can look that fabulous on Vicky surely it's got to rub off a bit on us mere mortals!!

So seeing as I had nothing of the checked/tartan variety in my wardrobe I've decided that a couple of additions in a nod to the trend is the way forward & of course we all know what that means.....internet scouring & shopping oh & of course the 'Shopping Fairy' :-)

Now whilst I've come round to the idea of a little bit of tartan I can't see me going all out for the trend (well nothing can replace my love of 'Bet'!!!!) but if you fancy jumping head first into tartan then a great way to embrace it would be to invest in a new checked winter coat (that is of course if you're not going down the route of the pink variety that EVERYONE seems to be doing).  Whilst there are some stunning checked coats out there I'd rather invest in a coat that is of the more classic style as generally coats are an expensive purchase that I want to get more than one season from (& who knows if tartan is going to go out of fashion as quickly as it came in....).

So with this in mind I've concentrated my search on individual pieces of clothing that can be dressed up or down & are not too much of an investment.  And staying with the hunt for the perfect skirt here's a selection of some of the fab skirts currently on the high street.

First up is this skirt from ASOS.  I love the fact that the style of this skirt is less kilt more skater & that you could embrace the navy & black trend as well & team it with either or both.

However, if you fancy more of a traditional kilt design then I'm loving this one from Next. The colours are simply gorgeous & I'm also loving the zip pocket detailing.

For more of a straight styled kilt then this one from Boden looks fab, not to mention the double strap detailing.

But if I am going to invest in a tartan skirt I think I've found my dream one.  As I mentioned in a previous post I'm developing a huge crush on all things Mint Velvet and this checked kilt is no exception.  Totally love everything about it including how they've styled it with the chunky biker boots....just gorgeous & I'm loving the soft muted colours too.

For a different take on a tartan skit how about this pencil wrap skirt from ASOS?  Love the longer length & wrap detailing not to mention the grey undertones, just simply stunning & a little Vivienne Westwood I thinking.

Moving away from skirts, as after all having seen 'The One' as modelled by VB I'm wondering if anything else is ever going to live up to it??  So with this in mind another great way of embracing the trend would be by way of a dress & this one really caught my eye when I recently happened to find myself in a place I rarely seem to visit ;-) & I think it would look fab with a biker jacket & some boots.

Of course there are some great tartan offerings in the trouser department too & spurred on by the trend I've recently brought a bright Rupert Bear pair from Primark.  Of course the fact that they were only £13 helped as I'm not going to be loosing too much sleep if I don't find myself wearing them as much as I thought.  Having given them their first outing a couple of weeks ago I'm considering a little bit of re-styling as over the summer months I've got used to wearing cigarette length trousers/rolled up jeans & I'm thinking it might be worth attempting shortening them....although whether I'm brave enough to attempt this myself is another thing.  But I think this length of trouser looks so elegant when worn with a court shoe or shoe boot & these tartan slim, cropped legged trousers from Boden are the length I have in mind.  I'm also loving the subtle tartan not to mention the gorgeous shade of beige.

If the Boden ones are too subtle for you then how about this pair from Zara?  I can see these looking fab with a denim shirt & a bit of bling.

Or in the same colour way as the pencil wrap skirt featured above these cropped trousers from ASOS also look gorgeous & I'd personally team them with a gorgeous soft grey sweater & denim jacket.

Of course another way of incorporating the trend is by investing in a checked/tartan shirt, which always looks fab with jeans for a weekend & could be glammed up with a pair of leather/faux leather trews or skirt for a night out.  This first shirt from Zara is in a real traditional tartan colour way.

I'm also really loving this monochrome one from Zara too, as it's a great way of giving a nod to the trend without going full on tartan crazy.

Sticking with tops but moving away from shirts then this sweater from Next looks stunning.  Whilst I haven't seen it in 'real' life I think it would look really glamorous with a black leather/faux leather skirt & heels for a more evening kind of look.

Finally if you can't see yourself wearing an item of tartan clothing how about investing in some tartan accessories?  I have to admit this gorgeous checked scarf from (well no prizes for guessing from where!!) has already found itself a new home.  Totally love the colours, more subdued in real life than in the picture & so soft not to mention huge that I'm hoping it's going to keep me nice & toasty in the coming months & mean that I can wear my blazers without feeling too cold.....oh & should I feel the need for an impromptu picnic well I've got my rug round my neck so I'm all ready to go ;-) 

Finally if you don't find yourself in the market for a new scarf (really can you ever say you've got enough scarves?!!!!!) then what about these tartan court shoes?  A great way of incorporating the trend & they'd look simply stunning dressed down with some boyfriend jeans as well as teamed with some leather trousers for a more glamorous feel.

Moving away from all things tartan & finishing with a round up of what I've been wearing these past few days.

Outfit One

Scarf - Zara
Jacket - Mango
Jumper - GAP
Bracelet - J Crew
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Zara

Outfit Two

Scarf - Zara
Tuxedo Jacket - Zara
Bracelets - Banana Republic
Shirt - Massimo Dutti
Studded Belt - New Look
Jeans - H&M
Boots - M&S

Outfit Three

Boucle Jacket - H&M
Necklace - Zara
Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Quilted Ballet Pumps - Brought in Majorca

So there you have my pick of all things checked, the only question remains is are you going to be joining in, in this latest trend or are you sitting this one out?  Perhaps you've already fully embraced the look & have found some great finds?  Or maybe you simply can't even entertain the idea as it has too much of a school uniform feel for you.

Whatever your thoughts I'd love to hear your views.  Have a great few days & I'll be back in a few days with a couple of pics from my first ever photo shoot.....including my head eek!!!!

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  1. Jane you look so brilliant in your tartan trews......not sure I'm ready to go for pattern on my bottom half but I am definitely in the market for a tartan shirt and have had my eye in the Zara one for a while.....think it's about time I took the plunge x

    1. Thanks Michelle & I can totally see you rocking the tartan shirt with some of your stripes. Can't wait to see how you style it xx

  2. I do love a bit of plaid or tartan but would have to err on the more subtle darker shades I think. That said, I love the Zara white dress. And boy would I have a field day matching up those checks.

    1. The Zara dress is gorgeous isn't it Sue & lol I can just imagine you matching up those checks now!!! xx

  3. I have braved a scarf. How fashion forward am I? Does a plaid shirt count? I haven't worn that yet, I think I am loosing my nerve. H xx

    1. A scarf sounds perfect Helen & yes a plaid shirt definitely counts....looking forward to see in you in it xx

  4. I'd quite like a shirt but the skirts are lovely, I'm sure my girls will be getting one x

    1. A shirt is a great way to start Sharron, especially if worn under a jumper so just a hint of tartan is on show xx

  5. The tartan wrap skirt is so elegant! I love your Zara scarf too Jane! I have my eye on a shirt from NL when payday rolls around! Ax

    1. Ooh looking forward to seeing your new shirt come payday Andrea xx


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