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So The Answers Are In!!!

Thank you to all of you who took the time & effort to complete my survey.  Having looked at all your answers & everyone's comments it looks as if there's changes ahead for My Midlife Fashion....eeek!!!!

So by popular demand (drum roll please!!) I'm going to start daily outfit posts with links on where to buy the items or suggested alternatives if they're old pieces.  AND you may be pleased to hear that the fluffy rug is going to be moved to a different spot lol!!! It seems a lot of you want to be able to see my shoes more clearly & whilst this can easily be remedied I have to say the dog is not particularly happy about this!!! Yup that's his little bit of extra comfort when lying with me while I get dressed & ready of a morning (well being a King Charles Cavalier they're know to seek out as much comfort as possible & if he can lie on a rug on top of the carpet then that extra bit of padding will always be first choice!!).  But rest assured he will still be very much a pampered pooch & no harming of said animal was involved in this change just the change of location of said rug!!! ;-)

All I ask is that you bear with me with said daily posts as due to work commitments I'm not sure what time of day they'll go live - there's bound to be some that don't make it until very late on in the day but I promise to post them as soon as I can!!!! 

Other popular suggestions were a monthly celebrity style steal together with a round up of my monthly purchases.....what are you doing to me?!!!! It's going to be like going to confession once a month....& I'm wondering if you may have gone for this just to make your monthly purchasing look good lol!!!

I have also made a note of all the fab individual suggestions I received & will try & incorporate these in the blog over the coming months.  Of course in the meantime if you come up with any other ideas please get in touch as I'm always open to new ideas & like I said in on my blog-a-versary this blog is nothing without everyone that reads & follows me.

Of course along with my daily outfit posts I'll still be posting twice a week as normal, the only difference being that these posts will obviously only feature my outfit from that day as opposed to a round up of what I've been wearing since my last main post.....does that make sense?!!!

So for the last time here's a round up of what I've been wearing since my last post on Wednesday, a manic week with work & also looking after the hubby who has managed to put his back out & unable to be of any use for just over a week now....of course the fact that he has been of little use means my halo is a shining & brownie points are being racked up by the minute load ;-)  The fact that our son has declared it's like living with a pair of OAP's after I managed to injure myself too is something we'll skip quickly over!!!

Outfit One

Blazer - Zara
Pearl Necklace - Monsoon
Top - Zara
Leather Cuff - Massimo Dutti
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Zara

Outfit Two

Overshirt - Zara
Necklace - Handmade
T-Shirt - Zara
Bracelets - Gemini-Woman & Ashiana
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Oasis

Outfit Three

Jacket - Banana Republic
Top - Tesco
Bracelets - Handmade
Jeans - Zara
Ballet Pumps - Mint Velvet

Outfit Four

Scarf - Zara
Sweatshirt - Zara
Cargo Pants - Zara
Wedge Trainers - Ash 

So there you have it, I'm hoping that my scarf for today is soon to be discarded as we have lovely bright blue skies....in fact things are looking positive for our first BBQ of the year....us desperate to start summer.......never!!!!!  Have a fab sunny Sunday & don't forget I'll be back tomorrow with my first daily outfit post.........

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  1. How exciting Jane! Can't wait to see the new looks on your blog!! Could we have a tutorial on how to make the gorgeous bracelets I can see sat along side your J Crew one on the instagram pics....they look fabulous! xx

    1. Thanks Michelle.....glad you like the bracelets, as I'm thinking I might start selling them together with matching necklaces soon....watch this space!!!
      Jane xx

  2. oh no.......the poor rug!!! Looking forward to your new look and outfit 3 is totally Tres Chic darling!!! xx

    1. Thanks Annmarie :-) Have to admit it was love at first sight with my new jacket in outfit three....my self will never stood a chance!!!
      Jane xx

  3. Looking forward to your daily outfit posts! Like your style.

  4. Can't wait for the new style, although I loved your old style too!

  5. Looking forward to seeing all the changes Jane but your blog has always been great & can only get better! Poor rug & dog! Lol! Hope your Hubby is feeling better & don't kids have such a way with words?! Lol! Ax

    1. Hubby's back is on the mend thanks Andrea & yup you've gotta love some of the things children come out with!!!
      Jane xx


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