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30% Off Mango Plus My OOTD

After looking at Boden yesterday & taking advantage of their 20% off plus free postage & returns offer (use code H9P3) my halo for being a good wifey whilst hubby is currently working hard in India went right out the window :-0  So in my book this means I might as well fall off the wagon in style & take a peak at Mango too as with 30% off everything it would be rude not to!!  

Of course we all know this can only go one way but what can I say except while the cat's away this mouse is going to play ;-)

Now I 'may' have already placed an order & whilst I haven't ordered all the beauties below seeing as the offer runs till midnight tonight there's still plenty of time for me to realise how much I need & can't live without the items I've picked out....but I am trying to be good 'honest guv' ;-)

I'm going to try & wear a few more dresses this winter so dresses seemed a great place to start looking at what's on offer.  

As soon as I saw this dress I felt it had potential.  Available in red as shown below & also blue or green, I think this could look fab teamed with my new Clarks biker boots & biker jacket & for £13.99 with the discount it surely has to be tried no?!!

Mango Check Shirt Dress Currently £13.99

I also love the look of this printed dress, such a gorgeous neckline for layering with a couple of gold necklaces.  I've love to style this dressed up with a blazer & court shoes as much as I would with biker boots & jacket or layered with a simple long length boyfriend cardigan.

Mango Printed Dress Currently £24.49

Love the simplicity & colours of this check shift dress.  Although as some one that feels the cold the lower back neckline would mean I couldn't layer a thermal underneath so I think it's safe to say for me I'm going to have to pass.

Moving onto coats now & this boucle coat looks so snuggly & warm.  A really beautiful shade of grey, which although patterned would be great for going with so many colours in my wardrobe.

Now I've always been a fan of tan & grey worn together but seriously if I didn't own a camel coat I would be buying this beauty in an instant - simple, chic & elegant, what more could you ask for & is a look a definite mean to re-create over the cooler months.

And the same goes for this gorgeous grey coat too.  In fact thinking about it I don't actually own a grey coat (one of the few ones colours I don't admittedly) & would love this teamed with some of my distressed jeans, a simple white shirt & maybe a darker grey trilby....oh oh my finger is getting twitchy!!!

Luckily I have my Bet box ticked in the faux fur department so although I love this hubby is safe that it won't be winging it's way to me anytime soon.  But if you're on the look out for a leopard print coat with the 30% discount this brings the cost down considerably.

I'm also loving this sweatshirt in all 3 colours.  It would be such a great addition for my wardrobe as it would go with so many of the neutrals hanging in there.  So useful for teaming with a white shirt & distressed jeans & my leopard print slip ons as it would dressed up with my faux leather 'A' line skirt.  The question is which colour to go for?!!

But then this camo-print one is equally stunning too!

Or what about this sequinned version, perfect for the coming festive season.

Or this American heart.

Now I wore this shirt yesterday & totally love it.  It has a really flattering neckline & is a great length for dressing down jeans.  I've had a few comments of where the shirt is from so I thought it would be rude not to include it in today's post.

Love, love, love this chambray/cotton shirt, which has a great boyfriend vibe to it.  Plus its the most gorgeous shade of blue.

In fact the above shirt would look stunning teamed with these cigarette length grey trousers.  I really fancy getting a darker grey pair for winter as an alternative to jeans this year so these are definitely being added to my short list.

And seeing as I've already mentioned the festive season & sparkles, what better addition for this time of year than this lovely sequin miniskirt .  Yes it's short but when teamed with some thick black opaques, a simple white 'V' neck t-shirt & black blazer I think this would look absolutely stunning.

As would this faux leather pencil skirt, again teamed with a white t-shirt & loose fit blazer & my leopard print slip ons - how cool?!!

Moving onto footwear & these pointed flat suede shoes would be a great addition, so extremely useful plus at £27.99 a fantastic price too!

Dare I say I'm also very tempted by these black suede buckle boots too.

Finally of course I wouldn't turn down a Chanel quilted bag but whilst I'm waiting to win the lottery this quilted number would make a great alternative at a fraction of the price & cross-body bags are just sooo useful.

Or what about this nude version.

Now I don't know if you've notice but there seems to be a lot of fringe detailing around at the moment.  I'm not sure it's something I'm going to buy into but the more I see it the more I'm falling in love with it & this looks a gorgeous bag, which also happens to be available in black too.

Of course we all know I can't resist a bit of Bet & this double wrap fur bracelet is gorgeous but seeing as I already own a leopard print bracelet I'm guessing I should resist.  The trouble is it's such a fab price & would make a great Crimbo pressie.

Now the below checked scarf looks exactly the same as my Zara one that I got last year & just love.  I found mine so useful last winter for wrapping round me & keeping me warm even when teamed with just a simple blazer that if you're tempted I'd advise not to hesitate as they're stunning.

And finally I'm very tempted by this snake print scarf - a real beauty that would look fab teamed with my khaki skinnies & a white shirt.

Oh dear so many temptations, so little time....do I be good, click the button or just stick with my original order of a couple of pieces?!!!  Luckily for hubby & our bank balance I'm in sole charge of the karate run this morning & then I'm off out on a sneaky late lunch date with our son after watching him at karate.   Then once home I've got a mega long 'to do' list which I madly drew up to keep me distracted & to avoid missing hubby.  

Dare I say that on the list it includes the writing of our Christmas cards & the start of the wrapping of all the Christmas presents I have brought so far!!!  Yes I know I'm TOTALLY bonkers & it's a little early to start getting ahead on the festivities but if it keeps me out of trouble you won't hear hubby or our bank manager complaining ;-)

Having said that I'm knocking off tonight & am planning to enjoy the odd chocolate & bubbles for Strictly, which might prove a good *lethal* time to click the button!!!

Finally here's what I'm wearing today.  Bet you can't tell I'm loving my new Boden slip ons lol!!!  Thought I'd team them today with my faux leather leggings, oversized white shirt & a boucle jacket.

Jacket - Massimo Dutti
Shirt - Zara
Necklace - Massimo Dutti
Faux Leather Leggings - Zara
Slip On Trainers - Boden
Bag - Wallis

Monochrome With Leopard Print

Blazer - Mango £59.99
Shirt - Next £36
Faux Leather Leggings - Next £28
Slip On Trainers - Boden Currently £55.20
Bag - Wallis £59

So what about you, have you brought anything in the Mango bonanza?!  I'd love to hear what you've ordered or what's tempting you.  Just don't forget to use code '5WEEKEND'!

Have a fab Saturday, as we're half way through hubby's time away from home I think I may have to have an extra glass of bubbles to celebrate!! Cheers :-)

See you in the morning.

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  1. Your plans for strictly sound perfect, Jane. It's all too tempting to click buy after a vino or two so good luck! I'm still not buying :-( Lynne x

    1. Lynne you're being extremely self controlled!!
      Can't wait to chillax in front of the TV tonight, although I've still got a lot to do on my 'to do' list before I get to that stage!!!
      Jane xx

  2. We have both gone down the Mango 30% off blog post today. I have found it so hard to be good. There is so much I want especially the Poncho I have included in my picks. I am so very tempted but as I want a Chromebook for my birthday next week too am having to be extra special good girl. x


    1. I've just blogged the poncho too, love it and such a great price to wear before it gets cold enough for my camel coat. Can't wait to see what everyone ends up getting! Are you gonna get the shoes I got from Boden Jane? x

    2. Ooh happy birthday for next week Amanda, that's certainly a great incentive to be good, although it must be hard with all these big savings around this weekend.
      Jane xx

    3. I think there's going to be a lot of autumn & winter shopping going on this weekend Sharron with all these discounts....it's hard to keep up with them all! As for the Boden shoes I just 'may' have clicked the button ;-)
      Jane xx

  3. Your look is so chic!! Love all the plaid also ;)



    1. Thanks Miranda, if the plaid scarf is anything like my Zara one from last year it's stunning & to be honest this one looks identical!
      Jane xx

  4. I've never stepped foot in a Mango before so am unsure of their sizing but there's some gorgeous things there! Great outfit, as per! X

    1. Thanks Sarah, I find Mango sizing generally on a par with Zara if that helps ;-)
      Jane xx

  5. I need to catch up! I didn't get chance to have a look online yesterday! Some great picks Jane .....off to have a good look with the credit card at the ready! xx

    1. Let's lots of lovely temptations Michelle so make sure you keep your credit card handy!!
      Jane xx

  6. You've picked out some great items Jane, I really love the pale grey coats. Christmas cards already! I'm impressed by how organised you are! I usually write mine two days before Xmas xx

    1. Thanks Sue, the grey coats are stunning aren't they, I'm really tempted me!!
      Yes finally finished writing the Christmas cards late last night, which is early even for me but it was mainly to keep me busy so I didn't miss hubby being away. Can't say it's my favourite task but it's always a great feeling to get them done & dusted!!!
      Jane xx

  7. How funny, I ordered the first two dresses, along with the a couple of other things. Such a good discount isn't it and great for trying lots of things even if you don't keep them all! I'm not even looking at Boden, I'm feeling bad as have gone way off my wish list this weekend!
    Abbi x

    1. Great minds Abbi those two dresses look fab don't they & the price of the first one it would have been rude not to wouldn't it....just hoping it looks as great in the flesh!!!
      Jane xx


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