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Although it's a lovely mild weekend the forecast is looking pretty grim for the beginning of next week, which can mean only one thing....time to go coat shopping of course!  So first off are you a one coat kind of girl or do you have a few different coats hanging in your wardrobe for different occasions?  I must admit at one stage I was a one winter coat fits all type of girl, which was partly due to both space & cost having just set up home many moons ago.

Fast forward many years & along with my grey hairs my coat collection has also rapidly grown.  Hubby is always trying to urge me to have a clear out but the great thing with coats is that if brought wisely you can invest in classic styles that will be around year in year out & seeing as our winters can be harsh to say the least it's nice to have a few different styles to match your mood/outfit.

I'm going to look at a few classic coat staples over the coming weeks but thought I'd start with a real staple...the parka.  Great for a stylish dressed down kind of vibe & perfect for not only keeping you dry & warm in the winter but for protecting you from the no doubt frequent downfalls we're due to get.  Not to mention ideal for the school run, walking the dog or being the ever dutiful mum on the football/rugby pitch!!

So let's get on with my picks from the high street shall we & first up Mint Velvet had a couple of gorgeous ones, starting with this waxed number, which would be perfect for keeping you dry.

I love how the faux fur collar is detachable, meaning you can create a whole different look to the coat.  How different does it look in the picture below with the thick scarf/snood & I love it teamed with the short leather skirt & long boots.

A slightly more casual vibe to this other parka also from Mint Velvet.  I love the lovely thick faux fur trim to the hood, which is perfect for hiding under.  Plus it's available in two different colours, my favourite of which would have to be the navy.

Keeping with navy parkas with this one from Next & if you have to battle the elements on a regular basis this longer length would be perfect to keep you warm & dry when the winds are howling & the rain driving as you stand on the touch line whilst watching your beloveds.

Or for a more traditional length & style Next also have this covered with their cotton parka in charcoal or khaki.

Moving onto Mango & I love the look of this faux shearling lined one.  How toasty would this beauty be when we're in the depths of winter?!

In fact there are so many gorgeous parkas out there that it's been hard to narrow it down to just a handful so I've decided to include all the ones I'd be adding to a shortlist if I hadn't already brought my parka last year.

Moving onto Wallis next, who do a great classic parka which has lots of pockets in three different colours - khaki, black & navy.  I mean can you ever have enough pockets?!  If it's not tissues for running noses then it's poo bags for the dog, house keys, lippy etc, etc.

Now as soon as I saw this parka on Instagram during the early summer from a press day photo I just knew I'd be featuring it on the blog.  I mean seriously how gorgeous does this parka from Hush look with the navy trimmed collar.  A great classic with a slight twist equals perfection!

If you love your faux fur & let's face it who doesn't then you'll love this cocoon fit parka from ASOS.  For me my parka would always have to have a fur trimmed hood as that's what gives it that bit more style & with the knitted cuffs you know your wrists aren't going to be falling out with you from raindrops dripping inside the sleeves!

If you're on the lookout for a parka to cover all seasons then you may want to try this one from ASOS which has a detachable faux fur lining & hood.  Now it could just be me but I think the khaki and the tobacco colours look incredibly similar but I'm guessing the khaki is more green & the tobacco more brown - you can see why I do so well at the village quiz night can't you?!!!

And finally two great parkas from Zara.  Love the look of the fur collar on this first one.

And with this second one the words 'water repellent' not to mention the length meant I just had to include it in my list, although I can assure you I won't be hunting down the clutch bag lol!!

Finally here's what I'm wearing today to celebrate our actual wedding anniversary.  Bit of a busy one as son has another karate session for his 2nd Dan grading later in the year so we'll celebrate all together this evening when he's home from his 4 hour session.  In the meantime of course hubby & I are off out for a celebratory luncheon!

Jumper - Zara £25.99
Jacket - Zara
Faux Leather Trousers - Zara
Bag - Boden
Shoes - Office

Monochrome, Stripes & Leopard Print

Jumper - Zara £25.99
Jacket - Mango £59.99
Faux Leather Trousers - Mango £34.99
Bag - Boden £79
Shoes - Office £55

So what do you think?  Are you a parka kind of girl?  I must admit up until last year I'd managed to side step a full on parka (having had a light weight one hanging in the wardrobe for a few years) but having taking the plunge I don't think I could ever be without it as it's just perfect for throwing on to walk the dog.

How about you are you a parka kind of girl?  Are you on the lookout for one to add to your collection & do you have a favourite one from my picks or is there another one that's caught your eye on the high street?  I'd love to hear what you think.  Oh & just to tempt you to click the button a little more ;-) Boden have 20% off all ladies knitwear, hats & scarves for today only!  Click here to start shopping & use code 'G3U9'.

Have a great Sunday & see you in the morning.

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  1. Love the beige ASOS parka! X

  2. I love my parkas! I have the Target Dry Emily one which is a waterproof, a more fitted M&S one and a Dorothy Perkins one. Love the Wallis one here. You look fabulous again, Jane, and happy anniversary! Lynne xx

    1. Thanks Lynne & I'm loving the fact that you have 3 parkas....is there room for a 4th?!! ;-)
      Jane xx

  3. I love my Parka, but allways feel a bit bulked up in it......Would love to find a lighter weight one! xx

    1. I know what you mean Helen, which I think was why I put off getting one for so long but they're perfect for walks with the dog & not having to worry if it starts raining!!
      Jane xx

  4. I have 2 parka so no room for another but my favourite is the Wallis one as it looks a bit more fitted and that if anything would be what I'm missing! Love your outfit of the day......hope you had a lovely anniversary lunch xx

    1. Michelle I'm sure you could find a 'reason' for a third :-) & yes we had a lovely day yesterday...I've eaten & drank far too much though!!
      Jane xx


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