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OOTD - Leopard Print & A Biker

So no lie in on the first 'official' day of the holidays for us, oh no, some bright spark (that will be me!!) decided to get up at the normal time for my early morning run in the hope it will offset just a small percentage of all the goodies in the house that are to be consumed over the next couple of weeks!  Plus I'm a little bit excited by the fact that the island we've ordered for the kitchen arrives today.  Although we're a little unsure if we can fit it through the door frame so it could be interesting & involve a few choice words by the hubby :-0  It's sad I know but I can't wait to 'dress' it & have a bit of an re-organise with the kitchen cupboards as surely that's what everyone's doing 3 days before Christmas Day?!!

At some stage we've also got to get our son to his orthodontic appointment (fingers crossed he can ditch the retainers in the day & just wear them of a night) & do our M&S treat food shop with vouchers we've saved up over the year :-)  Heck we may even slip in a trip to the cinema too although this does all depend on the time the kitchen island arrives!

Keeping things simple & teaming my biker jacket with my leopard print scarf & Boden cashmere jumper for warmth & layers.

Biker Jacket - Zara 
Jumper - Boden
Scarf - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Mango
Hat - Zara

Leopard Print & A Biker

Biker Jacket - Zara £159
Hat - Hush £40

So what are you up to today?!  If you're at the start of your hols I hope the lie-in was good!  Plus if you haven't shopped the Boden sale yet it's now gone to up to 70% off shop here & use code G4Y4.

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  1. As stylish as ever, Jane. We did get a slight lie in as my little boy is a bit under the weather so we all got to sleep until 7am. Yay! It's our anniversary today so we all went for a lovely walk to Delamere Forest with Rosie then out for a lovely lunch. Now cosy on the sofa and I think some bubbles might be in order very soon! Lynne xx

    1. Sounds like you had a lovely day planned Lynne & I hope your little boy is feeling better today. Happy anniversary for yesterday.
      Jane xx


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