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Following on from my recent posts on my skincare & beauty regimes (see here & here), today I'm talking haircare.  

Apologises if I'm now boring you with these posts but I've had a lot of emails asking me what routines I follow & I promise this is my final one!

So let's get started.  I've been using the following shampoo & conditioner for many years.  Yes it's not the cheapest on the market but a little really does go a long way.  Now I have a lot of fine hair which is prone to fuzziness at the slightest hint of humidity (that scene in Friends with Monica & her hair with the humidity really rang a bell with me!) & it also has a slight kink but this shampoo keeps my hair shiny, healthy & more or less under control!

Kerastase Bain Oleo Relax

I only apply conditioner onto the ends of my hair & then any remaining excess I work through the rest.  I just leave this on for a couple of minutes before rinsing & like the shampoo I feel this works well on my hair type & most importantly its light & non-greasy.

Kerastase Nutritive Irisome Lait Vital

Then after lightly towel drying my hair I wrap it in a towelling turban whilst I apply my face creams & get dressed.  These are fab & so much easier & lighter on the head than trying to tie a towel around.  Plus it stays put & helps remove excess water from my hair making the drying process so much quicker.

Towelling Turban

Then I lightly comb my hair with my Tangle Teezer, which is naturally in a leopard print design of course!  See it's not only clothes & accessories that Bet creeps into my life......sadly hubby has drawn the line at leopard print bedding though ;-)

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

Next I applied several sprays of this all in one hair treatment into the palm of my hand before rubbing across both hands & working through my hair.  One bottle of this treatment has last me well over a year, I'd go as far as to say two!  The smell is absolutely divine & it covers ten treatments including acting as a heat protector, adding shine, controlling frizz & helping with colour fade too.

Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment

Then after advice from a wonderful hairdresser & friend I comb my hair with the fine end of a comb to ensure that the product is evenly distributed.

Kent Tortoiseshell Effect Coarse/Fine Comb

I don't use a particularly expensive hairdryer, I've had the below one for about twelve months & always work through the various heat settings finishing with a blast on the cool setting.  It seems to do the job plus it's not to heavy to hold, so I don't think you can ask more than that can you?

Tresemme salon professional lightweight hairdryer

Now I can't find the exact brush I use (Kent Salon 75mm Ceramic Brush) but the below one is the same albeit slightly smaller.  These brushes aren't cheap but again were recommended by my hairdresser friend & they really do help control the frizz & give my hair shine.  

Another trick I was told by my friend in regard to my fringe, is to hold the brush down at the top of my fringe until it's about 80% dry to avoid my fringe parting & then I lift the fringe from the roots with the brush to finish it off.  Then I will dry my hair in the opposite direction to which it falls until it's about 70% dry & then use the brush to lift & dry from the root in the correct direction.

Kent Salon Ceramic 55mm

I can't find my exact hair straighteners but these appear to be the newer addition.  Again they're not the most expensive on the market but I've always been really pleased with Reminington straighteners & did you know they come with a 5 year guarantee?  What's not to love & I can vouch for the hassle free exchange policy even after loosing my receipt.

As I mentioned above my hair has a natural frizz & kink so even on days when I don't wash my hair I will need to quickly run the straighteners through my hair to help smooth & straighten but I never have the heat setting above 200 degrees.

Remington Silk Hair Straighteners

This next brush is something I've only recently discovered & was again recommended to me having struggled to back comb the top section of my crown.  This beauty is so much easier than using a comb & gives a great natural & smooth lift.

Kent Salon Dressing Out Brush

Finally I work a small amount of this wax through my hair to give a bit of separation & texture.

Funky Styler Strong Hair Wax

Before finishing off with a spray or two of this hairspray, which is not only light, it holds my hair in place (I sometimes spray on my roots before backcombing) but what I really love about it is my hair doesn't feel loaded with product & once brushed through at the end of the day it virtually disappears.

So there you have how I try to fight the fizz & control my mop....seriously if you saw my hair before it's been straightened you wouldn't believe it's the same hair, it literally grows a couple of inches in length & decreases a couple of inches in width!!

Back to clothes & here's what I'm wearing today - as you can see the dog was totally making sure he got in today's picture lol!  Keeping it very simples as it's supposed to be scorchio today....really hoping I get to enjoy an hour of this glorious weather at lunch time *crosses fingers & touches wood!*

My Midlife Fashion, Panama Hat, Denim Shorts, Havaianas, Tusk Necklace, H and M, Zara, La Redoute Ashiana Jewellery

Hat - H&M
Top - Zara
Pendant - ASOS
Bracelets - Ashiana
Shorts - H&M
Flip Flops - La Redoute

Styling Up Denim Shorts, My Midlife Fashion, Havaianas, tusk, panama hat, La redoute, Hush, Silk Vest top

Top - Hush £55
Pendant - ASOS Now £58
Flip Flops - La Redoute £25

So I've shared my tips, what are yours?  I'd love to hear if you've got any tips or tricks to share.

See you in the morning & happy heatwave :-)

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  1. I love Kerastase products, especially their serums but never got on with the shampoo and conditioners. I've tried the pink and green ones but not the one you've recommended so I may have to give that a whirl (as your hair always looks amazing!). I'm also very interested in that all in one product and the towel wrap as my normal bath towel gets so heavy. Thanks for sharing x

    1. I've only ever tried the orange Kerastase Natalie & I love it, in fact I've been using it for years so it may be worth giving it a try - although your hair always looks super healthy.
      I was also sold on the towel wrap as soon as I saw one as like you the bath towel is just so heavy isn't it & it always comes undone!
      Jane xx

  2. Some great product ideas Jane.....the oil looks brilliant and some of your tools definitely look worth the investment! On the whole I'm a bit lazy with my hair so I could do with upping my game! Fab post! xx

    1. Your hair always looks fab Michelle, I think I've just got the kind of hair that if I don't use the right products & spend a bit of time on it I look like I've had an electric shock lol!
      Jane xx

  3. I need a towel wrap! Thanks for sharing, good to hear true views on products, Kate xx

    1. Hi Kate they're absolutely brilliant I'd be lost without mine.
      Glad you liked the post :-)
      Jane xx

  4. I need a towel wrap! Thanks for sharing, good to hear true views on products, Kate xx

  5. I need a towel wrap! Thanks for sharing, good to hear true views on products, Kate xx

  6. Those towel wraps look fab! I think I need one! I swear by the same hairspray. Looking fab in your denim shorts. Lynne xx

    1. They're brilliant Lynne, no more trying to balance a towel on my head such a great invention & the hairspray is brilliant isn't it. I've tried a few but this is the best one out of all the ones I've given a gone.
      Jane xx

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