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OOTD - Khaki & Stripes

Yay it's Thursday already :-)

Before I show you what I'm wearing, I've been nominated by the lovely Lynne for the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award, which is an award whereby female bloggers nominate & introduce other bloggers, as well as answer some questions set by the lady who nominated them.

Sisterhood of The world bloggers award

As part of the nomination Lynne has written 10 questions, which each of the 7 bloggers she has nominated have to answer & in turn, we then write our own set of questions & nominate 7 more lady bloggers.  

So here's the questions Lynne wrote together with my answers.

1.  Describe your perfect Sunday.
- For me Sundays are all about family & hopefully some down time, as our lives are pretty busy & full on at the moment.  Every week we always aim to fit the following in, sometimes it happens & other weeks life/jobs just get in the way but this is our ideal.  Start the day in bed with cookies & a cup of green tea & enjoy a chapter or two of our current reads.  Followed by an early cooked Sunday lunch (either a full on roast or Toad in the Hole).  Then an afternoon in front of the open fire whilst enjoying watching several films accompanied by bubbles, chocolates & a cheeky snooze.  Before a light afternoon tea & whatever Sunday drama or box set we're currently watching as a family.

2.  What is your favourite meal ever?
- Oh gosh that's a really hard question to answer as I like lots of different types of food ranging from a good Chinese to tapas to Sunday lunch.

3.  Pizza or curry?
- That's an easy one pizza, I'm not a fan of curries.

4.  Describe yourself in three words.
- Loyal, honest & sensitive.

5.  What is your best feature?
- Haven't got a clue but my hubby always says he loves my eyes.

6.  Why did you start blogging?
- It was always something I wanted to do but lacked the confidence & nerve then as part of the celebrations for my hubby's & my 40th we made a list of 40 things to do & hubby made me put it on the list knowing that when I have a list I'll alway complete it!

7.  What season is your favourite & why?
- That's another difficult question as there's something I love about all seasons - Spring the promise of summer & all that is to come, Summer - blue skies & the feel of the sun on your skin, Autumn - crisp days & cosy dark nights in front of the fire & Winter the thought of Christmas & my birthday :-)

8.  What was the last thing you bought?
- I've just stocked up on skincare as there's currently 33% off my favourite brand La Roche-Posay here.

9.  What is your worst trait?
- I'm a massive worrier.

10. Converse or Superga?
- Neither as I've never owned either but I love my Boden, Marks & Spencer & Mango trainers.

I'm nominating the following lovely lady bloggers -

Ann at Kremb de la Kremb
Dawn Lucy at Fashion Should Be Fun
Sheela at Sheela Writes
Dixie at Inside Outer Beauty
Rachel The Hat
Annmarie at Fashion Mum of 40
Annette Lady of Style

And here's my 10 questions:-

1. What has been your most memorable experience so far on your blogging journey?
2. How did you decide on the name of your blog?
3. If you could only choose one item from your wardrobe to save from a fire, what would it be & why?
4. Handbag or shoes?
5. Leopard print or stripes?
6.  Skirts or trousers?
7. Your top tip for keeping your wardrobe organised.
8. What would be your 'must have' buy this season?
9. What's your dream wish list purchase?
10. Any impulse purchases that are still hanging in your wardrobe unworn & why.

Back to today & I'm bringing out an old khaki faux leather skirt today.  A skirt that I've had in my wardrobe & hardly worn as despite it being a colour & style I love, it had an elasticated waist as opposed to my other faux leather A line which has a zip opening.  I don't know if it's just me but the elasticated waist never sat right on me & I always ended up with a lot of bunching & excess fabric at the back.  

Anyway a few weeks ago I decided to see if a dress maker could do something about it & perhaps put in a zip opening in instead.  When I first showed her the skirt she didn't think it was possible & was worried about damaging it as the seams are all glued but after some *a lot* of cajoling & a touch of persistence she agreed to give it a go.  To be honest I think she was just happy to get me out of the shop!  Anyway luckily it's worked & she's managed to insert a central seam at the rear with a zip opening & I've now fallen back in love with my skirt so I'm a very happy bunny.

My Midlife Fashion, Stripes, Breton, Faux Leather, Zara A Line Skirt, Slogan Jumper,  Boden Boho Boots

Jumper - Wallis
Skirt - Zara
Boots - Boden

Although it doesn't look it from the image the Mango skirt I've featured below is a very similar colour to the one I'm wearing & it's also available in black.  

If you're tempted to give a skirt a go as opposed to jeans but don't want anything too formal then you should really give this style a whirl.  They're the perfect addition for all year round - bare legs for summer & thick tights for winter.  

Zara's also do similar here in a few colour ways.....in fact I may just have ordered the berry colour ;-0  Dress down with a chunky knit & trainers or team with ankle boots & a military jacket the choice is endless!

Stripes and  Khaki, My Midlife Fashion, Boden Boho Boots, Mango Decorative Zip Skirt, Boden striped jumper, stripes

Skirt - Mango £29.99

Happy Thursday ladies, see you in the morning.

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  1. Oh jane, i LOVE this. its brillaint to learn more about you, especially as i tune in daily to see your beautiful outfits. Your sunday routine sounds perfect.. mine is somewhat less relaxed what with uniforms, shopping etc BUT now i have a bit more time i hope to indulge in some more down time on a sunday too.. love the idea of a glass of bubbles too, think that would definitely help me unwind lol!
    Really looking forward to answering your questions... they've already got me thinking, haha!XXX

    1. I'm lucky Rachel as we no longer have school uniform to worry about :-) But life is so very manic at the moment that we all try & keep Sunday free when we can so that we can just spend time together. It also helps re-charge the old batteries & get me ready to face the week ahead....having said that this weekend is one of those when we're out so fingers cross we've got a quiet one a week on Sunday.
      Can't wait to read your replies to my questions.
      Jane xx

  2. Nice look, no jeans. The skirt is cute and is perfect with the striped shirt.

    1. Thanks Josep-Maria I do break out of the jeans occasionally!! ;-)
      Jane xx

  3. Thanks for playing along, Jane. Great to know more about you! Looking lovely as always. Lynne xx

  4. Love these posts Jane....so good to hear a bit more about you and to be introduced to some lovely new blog-reading for me too! Gorgeous outfit of the day....how lucky are we to be still getting the legs out in October?! xx

    1. We're going to miss this sunshine aren't we Michelle?!
      Jane xx

  5. I love reading these posts & finding out more about my favourite bloggers! X


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