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Packing For A Mini Break & Layering Up In MY OOTD

Last weekend we treated ourselves to a long weekend back in Majorca meeting up with friends & staying at the hotel we love to visit each summer.

Needless to say we had a wonderful time just chilling & unwinding from the every day stresses & enjoying the freedom of being able to forget the time & get lost in a book with the feel of the sun on our skin.  For me I like nothing more than just been able to stop & I'm quite happy spending the day horizontal on a sun lounger with a cheeky cocktail being able to drop off to sleep when the mood takes me.

Although we only went for two nights it seemed a much longer break as we travelled down to Gatwick the night before & flew out on a very early morning flight meaning we were at our hotel just gone 9:30 am & then didn't get home until the very early hours of Monday.

We had never visited Majorca this late on in the year before & because we were only going for such a short period of time we decided to just take carry on luggage.  This of course meant that before we left I spent some time umming & ahhing over what to take, as I wanted to travel as light as possible, have a few outfits that could be inter-changeable for all weather conditions & most importantly have room for the odd holiday purchase or two as we all know there's no way I'm going to Majorca without hitting the shops & taking advantage of the savings in Zara!!

Obviously travelling with 2 boys meant that they could travel super light meaning more shopping room for me but so as to maximise what we could bring back without me having to wear all my clothes a.k.a. Joey from Friends & look like I'd put several stone on over the course of the 3 days, I was on a mission to see just how light I could travel & I thought it would make an interesting post to share with you today.

So afer much thought here's what I took away with me, including what I travelled in:-

Coatigan x 1 (Zara £69.99)
Jeans x 1, similar here
Short sleeved top x 1 (Mint Velvet Now £55)
Kaftan/boho tops x 2, similar here & here
Denim shorts x 1, similar here
Swimsuit x 1 (Marks & Spencer £32.50)
Flip flops x 1 (La Redoute £25)
Statement flats x 1 (Zara £59.99)
Chiffon top x 1, similar here
Maxi dress x 1 (H&M £39.99)
Evening Bag x 1, similar here
Sunglasses x 1, similar here
Hair straighteners
Toiletries - which consisted of various samples collected over the last few months

In fact even with the weight of my carry on case all the above only came in at 5kg, which I was pretty impressed with & of course meant shopping was definitely on the agenda during our stay ;-)

And here's a recap of my outfits whilst we were away.

My Midlife Fashion, Zara, Leopard Print, Mint Velvet, Havaianas, Boho, Animal Print

My Midlife Fashion, Marks and Spencer, Bandeau Swimsuit, HandM Maxi Dress, Leopard Print, Havaianas

My Midlife Fashion, Mango, Boho, HandM, Denim Shorts, Zara, Distressed Denim, Leopard Print, Animal pRint

Overall I think it was probably just the right mix of clothes that were capable of being mixed together should the weather not have played ball.  For example if it had been cooler I could quite easily have swapped my denim shorts for my jeans & if needed added my coat for an additional layer of warmth.  Likewise with my evening outfits both could have worked with my coat added if it had been a little cooler.  Or if I needed something a little smarter I could have worn my evening outfits in the day without feeling too over dressed.

Anyway back to today & I'm layering up another wrap with knitwear & faux leather trousers.

My Midlife Fashion, Shawl, Cape, Leather Trousers, Faux leather, Zara, Pointed Moc Croc Ballet Pumps, Batwing Jumper

Cape - Zara
Jumper - Zara
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Zara

Layering Up, My Midlife Fashion, Phase Eight Becca Batwing Jumper, Mango Striped Cape, Mint Velvet Trousers, Zara pointed ballet pumps

Cape - Mango £34.99
Jumper - Phase Eight £59
Trousers - Mint Velvet £69
Shoes - Zara £19.99

So ladies what do you think?  Do you think I got it about right in the packing department or is there anything you think could have been left behind?  How about you, how do you approach packing when limited to 10kg in weight & only carry on luggage?  I'd love to hear your thoughts not to mention if you've any tips you want to share.

Before I go a quick heads up that Clarks have launched 25% off all full priced adult boots, so if you've yet to make your autumn boot purchase it might be worth a peek!  I have to say they've got some great choices in at the moment plus being Clarks you just know they're going to be comfy too :-)  Click here to take a look & grab a bargain with code BOOTS25!

Happy hump day.....our mini break is already feeling like a lifetime ago but hey only two more sleeps until the weekend :-)

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  1. Hi Jane, great choices and I was very jealous of your time in Majorca! What a great idea! We recently had three nights in Copenhagen so also had the carry-on capsule challenge. Layers were the order of the day as I wasn't sure what the weather would be like (cold!) so I stuck with a palate of grey, navy and black in the form of Savannah Miller Nine biker jeans (blue and grey versions), lightweight knits from Mint Velvet and for my feet Stan Smiths and some black studded leather boots. I actually quite enjoyed the challenge and the planning - is that really sad?! Glad you had fun and I love your outfit today x @joanneeallen

    1. Hi Jo, it's something we've often talked about when we're out in the summer about returning out of season to see what the resort & island are like & I have to say we loved it. Much quieter but we were lucky with the weather & to be honest even if it had rained I'd have been more than happy just stopping & chilling with my kindle & playing cards with the boys.
      Loving the sound of your capsule wardrobe for Copenhagen it sounds perfect & like you I quite liked the planning & challenge to so no not sad at all ;-)
      Hope you had a fab time too.
      Jane xx

  2. These are great options!
    Jabeen x

  3. The ZARA coatigan is just gorgeous! Glad you had a lovely mini break. xxx
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