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Reviewing The Rio Ultra Lift Plus & WIWT

We all know the feeling don't we ladies, each day you look in the mirror & see another sign that age is catching up with you & you're not quite the twenty something year old you still think you are (yup I don't know about you but in my head I'm still early 20s!).  

Aging can really be a huge bug bear not to mention a confidence demoraliser - if only we could go back & tell our younger selves that the minisucule spot we were sure everyone could see within a mile radius was really nothing & just to be happy in our own skin!

Of course this day & age there are ways of holding back time - botox, fillers, plastic surgery you name it.  But regardless of cost (& yes I can think of far more exciting ways of spending that kind of money), I'm a) too scared of needles/procedures to even contemplate it & b) too worried about the long term effects.  On top of that of course we all know people that for a while start out looking amazing only for them to sudden start looking that little bit too plastic & unnatural.

So when Debenhams recently got in touch to see if I'd like to review the Rio Ultra Lift Plus I didn't hesitate in saying yes.  I'm mean seriously a natural face lift that doesn't require chemicals, needles or too much expense.....errrh yes please!

My Midlife Fashion Rio Lift

My Midlife Fashion Rio Lift

My Midlife Fashion Rio Lift

As you will see from the above pictures the Rio Ultra Lift Plus comes with everything you need to get you started including a lovely cosmetic bag to store both the gadget, collagen & retinol pads & conductive gel in.

I must admit I'd not heard of the Rio Ulta Lift Plus until Debenhams approached me so if like me you're wondering what I'm talking about here's what it does in a nutshell - with the use of electrical muscle stimulation (via four different programmes) to gently tighten facial muscles the Rio Lift Ultra Plus will tone, lift & rejuvenate the face to improve circulation, combat the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & infuse collagen. 

Sounds amazing doesn't it but how do you actually use it?  Well it really is simples, after reading the small instruction booklet which really doesn't take long (approximately 10 minutes) I was ready to get zapping those lines & wrinkles away & become less Shar Pei dog looking & more Barbie's older sister!

Now you'll be relieved to know that I'm not going to show you any close ups of me & have instead thought it far more pleasant for you to see the lovely model from the product's site showing you how it's used.

The first three (firming, extended firming & tap toning) programmes are faradic treatments & are recommended to be used on an alternate daily basis for the first few weeks.  So on clean skin you simply apply a generous amount of the conductive gel to the large silver balls, turn on the machine, select which programme you want to use & the intensity & then place the balls on certain pressure points on your face as directed by the instructions.  Then for 60 seconds the gadet will gently contract & relax the face muscles in that particular area before beeping to indicate you should move onto the next area to be treated.

Rio Lift

You can see from the below image the areas to be targeted.

Rio Ultra Lift Plus

For the fourth programme instead of applying the conductive gel to both balls you just apply it to the left one as the right one will be placed & moved along the collagen & retinol pads.  This fourth treatment is known as galvanic and basically uses the small micro currents to carry the collagen & retinol deep into the skin to help with the repair & rejuvenation process.  Should you wish you can also store these pads in the fridge before applying, which would be lovely & soothing on tired eyes plus the pads can remain in total for 60 minutes on the skin to enable further treatment.

Rio Lift

You can see from the diagram below the areas to be treated under programme four.

Rio Ultra Lift Plus

Rio Lift

So what do I think?  Well I have to say I'm impressed.  So far I've only been using the Rio Ultra Lift Plus for a week but I can already see some improvement in my skin.  And just to make sure it's not just wishful thinking I gave the hubby strict instructions to take a close look at my skin before starting the treatment & then after each use & again the following day before re-using & be totally honest & he agrees also :-)

From what I've read in the instruction booklet I think I need to use it daily for a few more weeks to see better results but the fact that I can see signs of improvement in such a small time is great.  I'm planning on using mine every day for six weeks & then will maintain my skin by using twice per week from therein.  

As for pain factor it really isn't too bad as long as you start low on the strength & move up gradually. Yes it tingles & if you increase too much is quite a sharp sensation but it's not painful & it's really odd to see your face muscles tighening because of the pulses.  It's also a little bit time consuming but in my book anything worth doing is worth doing properly so if you allow around 20 minutes per day you'll be fine.  To be honest it's quite nice having that time (excuse) to just stop & think but it can easily be done whilst watching a bit of tv too & in case you're worrying about the cost of purchasing replacement gel & pads they're not expensive just 33.99 & £6.99 respectively - far cheaper than the odd facial!

Finishing as always with what I'm wearing today - as much as I love my trainers I'm itching to start wearing some of my other style shoes - but one day at a time & all that!

My Midlife Fashion, Faux Fur Gilet, Boden Boyfriend Cashmere Jumper, Boden Hi-tops, Distressed boyfriend jeans

Gilet - eBay
Jumper - Boden
Jeans -  Zara
Hi-Tops - Boden

Faux Fur & Hi Tops

Gilet - eBay £31.98
Jumper - Boden £139
Jeans - Mango £39.99
Hi-Tops - Boden £59

So ladies anyone else tried the Rio Ultra Lift Plus?  If you have I'd love to hear your thoughts & how long you used it on a daily basis before just maintaining.  If you haven't are you tempted to put it on your Christmast list?  Debenhams currently have 23% off so it's the perfect time to get clicking or point the other half in the right direction.

As always I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a lovely Sunday, I'm off for some more horizontal sofa surfing.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. It really looks like a great product for do-it-at-home facelift. I had a fillers treatment from http://www.cosmedocs.com/treatments/face-thread-lift.php with great and natural looking results. I am looking forward to trying out this amazing device as well.

    1. Yes I'm certainly loving the results Molan!
      Jane xx


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