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Christmas Eyes With Charlotte Tilbury & WIWT

Morning ladies Christmas has arrived early for me as the lovely people at Charlotte Tilbury very kindly sent me a couple of pieces from their make up range to try.  Regular followers will already know that earlier in the year following a make over at Selfridges, which I blogged about here, I became a total Charlotte Tilbury convert & I have to admit every product I try doesn't disappoint.  

I love everything about Charlotte's products from the packaging, to the look of the actual products & that's before I get to how they feel & look on my skin.  As you can see from the below picture my new make up arrived beautifully presented.

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte Tilbury

So what was in the box?  Well luckily for me one of the items was something I'd actually put on my Christmas wish list here & that is the Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise eyeshadow set.  I chose the Silver Leopard & Black Magic colour way, a glittering gunmetal grey that is designed to accentuate blue eyes that comes with a Rock'N Kohl in Black Magic to help create that smoky look.

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte Tilbury, Nocturnal Eyes, Silver Leopard and Black Magic

Application of the product was really easy.  To make sure I was applying it properly I watched Charlotte's YouTube video which shows you how to apply both products.  Basically you apply the shadow with your fingertip starting in the middle of the eyelid & smudge outwards.  Then you smudge some more of the shadow along both lash lines before lining your eyes with the Rock'N Kohl pencil, which really does glide on smoothly & is extremely easy to soften & blend.

I'm not sure if you can see from the below pictures (excuse the funny face but as you can see I wasn't entirely comfortable with the camera being so up front & personal!!) but the shadow really is beautiful & creates a smokey look that has a lovely glitter/metallic finish that is very pretty & soft on the eyes.  My only concern before using the product was that it may look to heavy for daytime but actually it wasn't & of course if I was wearing it for an evening occasion I would probably build the colour up a little heavier.  But I would definitely wear this in the daytime too.

My Midlife Fashion Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eye Silver Leopard and Black Magic

My Midlife Fashion Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eye Silver Leopard and Black Magic

The second product that arrived was one of Charlotte's Colour Chameleon's - eyeshadow in a soft pencil form that I already use in different shades.  Choosing colours to suit your colouring is really easy as the product is designed to enhance your natural eye colour & make your eyes 'pop' so you simply choose a shade according to if you've blue, brown or green eyes.  

Always one to be awkward I actually have bluey/green eyes so seeing as I'd chosen the Nocturnal Cat Eyes in a colour to enhance the blue of my eyes I thought I'd pick the Chameleon in a colour designed to bring out the green of my eyes.

Whilst there are several shades for green eyes, in the end I picked one of Charlotte's new shades - Gold Digger, which is described as 'gilded khaki'.  I wasn't sure what to expect of the colour but it's not green in an obvious kind of way & is a soft grey/khaki colour that has small flecks of sparkle.

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon Gold Digger

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon Gold Digger, damart Longline cardigan

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon Gold Digger, damart longline cardigan

Again application is really easy.  I simply apply along my top lash line & blend upwards with my fingertip, applying further applications to build up colour as required.  I then finish the look by running a line close to both lash lines before blending & softening.

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon Gold Digger, damart longline cardigan

Back to my outfit & I'm wearing a new coatigan that I was kindly sent by Damart.  I just love the blue & grey shades & thought it was perfect for layering over my polo neck with my faux leather 'A' line skirt & finishing with my over the knee boots.  Size wise the smallest size this is available in is a 10-12, which I was a little worried may look & feel too big but actually it's absolutely fine & of course with this style of knitwear it's not something you'd want to be super fitted either.

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon Gold Digger, damart longline cardigan, zara faux leather a line skirt, clarks caddy belle over the knee boots, belle jane jewellery, boden polo neck

Polo Neck - Boden
Cardigan - Damart
Bracelets - Bella Jane Jewellery
Skirt - Zara
Boots - Clarks

Layering Knitwear

Polo Neck - Whistles £65
Cardigan - Damart £45
Skirt - Zara £25.99
Boots - Clarks £140

So has anyone else tried either of these Charlotte Tilbury products?  If so I'd love to hear what you thought.  I have to say I'm absolutely delighted at both my new additions & can't wait to wear the Nocturnal Cat Eyes for some of the Christmas festivities we've got coming up & the new colour chameleon has become  my 'go to' colour since I received it.

Seriously if you fancy some new make up for Christmas you won't go wrong with either of these & they're super easy to apply.   As are all her products, I really can't rate them highly enough.  If you've fallen out of love with your make up then you really should give it a try as I guarantee it will awaken your passion - I've never enjoyed applying & wearing make up as much as I do now & I know my mum also feels the same way following our make over back in May.

I also think her customer awareness is fantastic too, as following a few purchases online I've recently been sent a card thanking me for my custom over the year with some samples of a couple of her new products - not many companies do that these days do they & from a consumer point of view it means a lot.

Right I'm off to start my ever increasing list of jobs, but I'd love to know what Charlotte Tilbury products you swear by & if there's one I need to add to my ever growing collection.

In the meantime happy 'hump' day ladies & don't forget that the 40% off at Mango (30% for one item) ends today - click here to grab a bargain & use code 6MANGO10 at checkout :-)

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  1. Hi Jane
    I was very excited to read you were trying out some Charlotte Tilbury! I've just purchased the Ful Fat Lashes in glossy black. I've only used it a couple of times but I love it! It's creamy and coats the lashes really well. I will be interested to see if it beats my current fave, Urban Decay Perversion. I'll let you know after a few more wears.
    I've also been given the High Society lip gloss as an early Christmas pressie. Again only used once but it's gorgeous! I really would like to try more of her products and have hinted (big time!) to my husband!! Watch this space! X

    1. Hi Julie I also use the mascara & love it - I find it doesn't clog as much as some of the others I've tried in the past do but would love to know if it beats your current favourite.
      Hopefully hubby has taken the hint with your Christmas wish list - I haven't been able to fault anything from the range that I've tried & have slowly replaced all my old brand with Charlotte Tilbury as I think it's fab. Like I say in the post I've never enjoyed wearing make up so much as since I started the swap over :-)
      Jane xx

  2. Jane, I love this cardi....just the colours I adore and looks amazing on you with this outfit. This is not somewhere I would shop so have no idea in quality, what's your personal vue comparable to high st knitwear. I have bought so much recently which has bobbled and misshaped so quickly xx

    1. Hi & thank you! Obviously as I've only worn this once so far so can't comment on longevity but it's a lovely soft knit. Composition wise it's 90% acrylic & 10% wool. If you're really worried I suggest emailing them & checking that if it does bobble or go out of shape quickly that you can return it.
      Hope this helps.
      Jane xx


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