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WIWT - Did I Mention That I Liked Stripes?!

Happy  Monday ladies.  As you'll no doubt have gathered from the title from today's post I'm wearing stripes today!

Yup I'm bringing out my new Finery stripe top to play.  I purchased this a couple of months ago & have been looking forward to wearing it & now the weather has warmed up (how lovely was yesterday?!) I've decided it's time it came out to play!

My Midlife Fashion, Zara long length blazer, finery bonmore stripe jacquard tee, leather quilted handbag, zara straight leg distressed jeans, ghillie lace up shoes

Blazer - Zara
Top - Finery
Bag - eBay
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Zara

Stripes With A Blazer, My Midlife Fashion, Shop My Style, Next Navy Blazer, Leather quilted handbag, finery bonmore stripe jacquard tee,  mint velvet brooklyn two part espadrilles

Blazer - Next £50
Top - Finery £45
Bag - eBay £47.50
Jeans - Zara £29.99

Here's hoping everyone has a great start to the week.  I'm hoping my blazer won't be on for long today, weather forecast is looking good :-)  Plus after running this morning in my hat & winter running clothes I think it's time to break out the shorter leggings....thank goodness I didn't take my gloves!!

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  1. Sorry I keep posting under 'anonymous'...just easier. I like your style and have bought a couple of your recommendations.....tempted with the blouse...is the fit very boxy? I'm between and 8 and 10. Also the jeans, are they true to size?
    should mention 20% off at finery with code paypal20...be rude not to, wouldn't it?

    1. Hi Gill, that's absolutely fine so please don't worry :-)
      The top is fairly boxy so you'd probably be fine with an 8 & yes definitely rude not to with the 20% off ;-)
      As for the jeans the one's I'm wearing have sold out so I've linked to some very similar ones. I find with Zara jeans if they're more of a looser fit that it's best to size down as I don't like them too oversized on me. I would suggest ordering both your normal size & a size smaller. That way you can compare & also get free delivery & returns ;-)
      Hope this helps
      Jane xx

  2. thanks Jane, that's helpful.
    Thanks for the ideas x


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