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Celebrity Style Steal & WIWT

Morning ladies it's time for another monthly celebrity style steal today & as soon as I saw this picture of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley I just knew I had to 'steal her style' as this outfit is totally up my street.  I just love everything about it.  Plus each item would be perfect for mixing up or down - the top could so easily work when paired with boyfriend jeans & trainers, the jeans paired with a biker or blazer & the accessories are just great wardrobe staples.

So lets get started & here's Rosie rocking the effortless glamour she does so well.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

And here's how I'd steal her style with pieces currently on the high street.  

Starting with this stunning leopard print pyjama style jacket that would look amazing either worn on it's own, paired with a simple tee or even layered over a lace cami - the choices are endless!

Onto the jeans next & these skinny zip detailed ones are gorgeous & quite similar to Rosie's.  Plus because they're faded as opposed to a harsh black, so much softer looking to pair with leopard print & a great wardrobe 'must have' for the coming months.

Mint Velvet Phoenix Skinny Jeans

Moving onto the sandals now & I love the simplicity of these not to mention the fact that the heel isn't too high.  A real classic shoe that would definitely stand the test of time & dare I say it perfect for Christmas party season!

dune Mariee Two Part strap sandals

For the clutch I love this mock snake print & suede number.  Not only is it a great price it's also something that's going to prove useful for any night out & because of the different textures will add depth & style to the simplest of looks.

Miss KG Thea Clutch Bag

And finally for the necklace something simple like this double charm star necklace is all that's needed when worn next to a patterned top so you're neckline doesn't feel bare.

Estella bartlett fine sterling silver double charm star necklace

Back to today & I'm bringing out my sales lace cami dress again but instead of my biker jacket I'm teaming it with a military jacket & throwing on a bit of 'Bet' too :-)

My Midlife Fashion, lace midi slip dress, military jacket, leopard print studded ballet flats

Dress - Zara
Necklace - Harry Rocks
Jacket - Zara
Shoes - Bought in Majorca

Styling Up A Cami Dress, My Midlife Fashion, Shop My Style, boden cleo flat point, river island black lace midi slip dress, mango double breasted jacket

Shoes - Boden £79.50

So ladies what are your thoughts?  Are you a fan of Rosie & what about this look?  Is it something you could see yourself wearing for a night out?  Perhaps you've an inner 'Bet' screaming to be unleashed & like me every so often have to scratch that itch?  Or maybe you love the idea of leopard print but just don't feel you've got the nerve to wear it out in public?  As always I love reading your thoughts & ideas.

Happy Wednesday & I'll see you in the morning.

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  1. Oh it's PP here again! Trying not to seem creepy by commenting every day but I'm sitting waiting for the airport check in desk to open so, hey ho, here I am again! Yes I do like your subtle hint of Bett. And Rosie's.
    My Bett has not always been subtle. I did the downstairs toilet in my old house in black and gold and I was excited when I found a leopard print rug to carpet the smallest room. The carpet salesman was gobsmacked and honest with me, he thought they would never find a buyer for such a BL rug. Then along came me ... AND I managed to sell the house too!!

    1. Lol Mary you do make me laugh it's lovely to have found someone who loves a splash of Bet as much as me :-)
      I keep threatening hubby with getting some bed linen or cushions & he just laughs nervously!
      Hope you had a safe flight.
      Jane xx

  2. Hello Jane, Just LOVE Mint Velvet biker zip jeans - I have so many pairs now as they fit a treat plus they wash and wear well. There is nothing wrong with a splash of Bet, as long as it is subtle and matched with good quality other items, I like to think less is more and keep the leopard print to my accessories or the odd blouse. Look forward to tomorrow's post. Regards Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah I've tried the Mint Velvet jeans on in the past but not bought any as I have similar in my wardrobe from Zara but when I need some new ones these will definitely be my go to as I've heard so many people rave about them.
      A dash of leopard print with your accessories is perfect to add a bit of interest isn't it although sometimes I get brave & unleash Bet into clothing too!
      Have a lovely day.
      Jane xx


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