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Skincare Update + WIWT Snakeprint & Grey

My Midlife Fashion, Revitalash, Gel Hyaluronic

Eyelash Conditioner - RevitaLash

Morning ladies today I wanted to update you on a couple of new beauty products I've added to my daily routine that are making a real difference.

I don't know about you but I love it when women share their beauty secrets with others & whilst on holiday this summer in Majorca my lovely friend shared a couple of beauty 'must haves' that she'd been using for a while & noticed great results.

Well one thing that's going to get me 'clicking that button' in an instance is someone telling me how their skin has improved since using a product, as whilst I might not agree with cosmetic procedures as I'm too scared of needles & also worry about the implications later on in life, I'll happily give anything a go that can be applied to the skin as who doesn't want to look more youthful?!

So the first product is a product that I bought in Majorca & have been using for just under 2 months & absolutely love.  The product is a Hyaluronic gel which is like a face serum & can either be used on it's own or before your mosituriser (just apply 10 minutes before any moisturiser).  Now I have to admit I'd not really heard of the benefits of Hyaluronic gel but after being given the tip off one morning at breakfast I spent the next hour or so googling the ingredients whilst sunning myself on the sun lounger & in a nut shell it retains moisture & creates a cushion to help plump the appearance of aging skin.  

As I've already mentioned I'm really impressed, it soaks in really quickly into the skin, is lovely & light & you really don't feel you're wearing it.  Plus as I've mentioned above you can use it will your normal face cream if you wish but I've just been using it on it's own every morning & evening & yes I've seen a real difference - my skin definitely looks smoother & plumper, which has been verified by the hubby & my mum!

My Midlife Fashion Gel Hyaluronic

As my normal skin mosituriser isn't supposed to be used if your face is being exposed to the sun I've only been using the serum but now that summer has been & gone I'm going to try adding my night face cream as well to see if there's any benefit.

Plus one of the most unique things about this gel is that the strength of the Hyaluronic is 40%, which according to my friend is a much higher concentration than you can buy over here in the UK.  

Now my friend rates it that much that she buys a years worth of the gel every summer to last her until the next year.  Like I said I've been using it for just under 2 months & am hooked.  I've been applying it to my face, neck & dĂ©colletage twice a day & a think a bottle should just about last me a full two months.  

Of course having fallen in love with the product I was a little concerned about buying another bottle as although I'd love the opportunity to fly over to Majorca each time I need to restock it's sadly not practical but I've managed to speak with the supplier & they've kindly agreed to post replacements out to me.  Plus for anyone who's interested they have also kindly said I can take orders :-)  So if you're interested ladies just email me here.  Like I've said there's definitely a difference to my skin & its something that's now firmly in my daily skincare routine so I'd recommend you give it a go.

The second product I'm also hooked on & again was recommended by my friend on holiday is RevitaLash, which is an advanced eyelash conditioner that not only conditions your eyelashes but also helps lengthen them to.   Again my friend swears by this product & I've been using it for approximately 5 weeks & I can definitely see a difference in the length of my lashes & I don't seem to have as many fallling out either.  So another great tip off from my friend :-)

Whilst I'm talking skincare I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you my daily skincare & beauty regimes, as since reviewing a few products my daily routines have been updated.

Cleansing Products

My Midlife Fashion, la roche-posay, La roche-posay effacer, la roche-posay serozinc

Cleansing Gel with I massage into my face with this cleansing brush

Day Creams

My Midlife Fashion, Hyaluronic, Ren Skincare vita mineral lip balm, Ren skincare vita mineral eye gel

Evening Creams

My Midlife Fashion, Hyaluronic gel, La roche-posay Redermic R eye cream, La roche-posay redermic r face cream, clarins facial tan serum

Evening Treatments

My Midlife Fashion, revitalash, Marks and spencer Fillerina

Weekly Treatments

My Midlife Fashion, Bobbi Brown Buffing grains, Charlotte tilbury goddess clay mask

My Midlife Fashion, Clarins radiance booster body, Utan and tone weekly self tan

Daily Make Up Essentials

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte tilbury film star bronzer, charlotte tilbury wonder glow, charlotte tilbury light wonder, charlotte tilbury concealer, charlotte tilbury mascara, charlotte tilbury eye brow pencil, charlotte tilbury brows, clarins fix make up

Quick Everyday Make Up

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte tilbury sex on fire blusher, charlotte tilbury jean eyeshadow, charlotte tilbury eye liner, charlotte tilbury so marilyn lipstick
Smoky Eye Make Up

My  Midlife Fashion, Charlotte tilbury love glow blusher, charlotte tilbury rock chick eyeshadow palette, charlotte tilbury lip lustre lipgloss, charlotte tilbury lip cheat venus, charlotte tilbury KISSING bitch perfect, charlotte tilbury eyeliner

Holiday Make Up Essentials

My Midlife Fashion, Charlotte tilbury beach sticks, charlotte tilbury ibiza beach stick, charlotte tilbury la sambinia beach stick

Back to today & I'm going all grey with this stunning snakeprint cashmere scarf that's going to go with so many things in my wardrobe.  Just perfect for throwing on with a biker jacket & keeping me nice & cosy come the cooler weather.  However, for it's first outing I'm teaming it with my Uniqlo knitted jacket which I've updated slightly by adding some silver military styled buttons.

My Midlife Fashion, Uniqlo knitted double breasted jacket, modern rarity lace trim silk camisole, zara wide legged trousers, hush snakeprint cashmere scarf, river island soft leather loafers

Knitted Jacket - Uniqlo
Lace Camisole - Modern Rarity
Trousers - Zara
Scarf - Hush
Loafers - River Island

All Grey,  My Midlife Fashion, Shop My Style, Uniqlo double breasted knitted jacket, modern rarity lace camisole, the white company oxford collection flannel trousers, river island soft leather loafers

Knitted Jacket - Uniqlo £49.90
Lace Camisole - Modern Rarity £60
Scarf - Hush £150
Loafers - River Island £48

So ladies what do you think?  Are you tempted to try the Hyaluronic gel?  Like I said I have definitely noticed a difference & my Mum is so impressed I'm ordering some for her.  Maybe you've tried the RevitaLash - if so did you notice a great difference to your lashes?  Or perhaps you've got a secret potion that you'd like to share - after all if something is making your skin look & feel a lot better it's nice to share the knowledge with others.

As always I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

Enjoy your day & I'll be back in the morning.

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  1. Hi Kareema yes I'm great thanks. Hope all is good with you too.
    I've been really impressed with RevitaLash so far & that's great news to hear you've been using it for so long & love it. Such a great tip for using it a couple of days a week once the lashes are the length you want. I shall definitely try this.
    Jane xx


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