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Taking A Look At Sipsey Lingerie + WIWT

My Midlife Fashion, Sipsey Lingerie

Morning ladies so today I want to talk underwear.  Are you a mix and match kind of girl or someone like myself that likes to wear matching bra & knickers?  And more importantly when was the last time you were measured & had your bra fitted?!  

Ok hands up for me it's been a long time......perhaps not that long after our son was born some 17ish years ago :-0  Obviously my underwear isn't that old but the thought of stripping off my top half of clothing to get fitted hasn't been that appealing or on my list of priorities, although I do always follow the online guidelines.

So when Sipsey Lingerie recently got in touch to see if I'd be interested in working together & having a fitting with them I was a little apprehensive.  Did I really want to strip off & expose my stretch marks in all their glory?!  Then after a little more thought & after realising it had been so long & the importance of underwear that fits properly I decided I'd be brave & trial their service.

My Midlife Fashion, Sipsey Lingerie

Based in Solihull, a lovely town that also happens to be one of my favourite places to shop Sipsey Lingerie was first launched in 2015 by Sukhy.  Who having made the decision to quit her job as a banker working in London decided to follow her dreams & launch her own business in the glamorous world of lingerie.  

Sukhy very much believes in the personal approach & wants to make the experience of getting fitting & buying underwear as personal & non-intimidating as possible.  She selects every single piece stocked by the store & as you can see from my pictures the shop has a really lovely luxurious feel & all the staff are extremely friendly & instantly put you at ease.  They even sell nightwear & swimwear all year round, which is definitely worth noting as it can be a nightmare trying to buy a bikini or cover up if you're not travelling in the summer.

Now like I say it's been a while since I was last fitted but when I was it was a case of being measured with a measuring tape & going purely by the results.  But at Sipsey they have the time to personalise the experience & will go on look & fit of the bra.  Plus as they know the brands they work with so well they also know which bras tend to come up a little larger or fit a particular shaped breast best & can offer advice on what is going to flatter & suit your shape the most.

On top of this being experts in their field they're also able to offer pearls of wisdom, such as did you know you should put your bra on with arms through the straps & then fasten from behind so as not to damage the elastic & support?  Me neither, I've always put mine on by fastening it up at the front & then swivelling it round.  Also once on you should lift & position each breast to ensure the nipples are facing forward & because we all tend to have one breast slightly bigger than the other means that you make need you straps at different lengths.

With a wide range of brands including Stella McCartney, Gossard, L'Agent by Agent Provocateur & Chantelle to name just a few, one of the things that struck me most was that from a pricing point of view it needn't be any more expensive than shopping at Marks & Spencer for your lingerie as their bras start from just £24.  I also love all the bright colourful & pretty designs as whilst I don't tend to wear that much colour in my clothes I love to wear brightly coloured beautiful underwear as it just lifts my mood, gives me confidence & generally helps me feel good about myself.

My Midlife Fashion, Sipsey Lingerie

So what did I think of the whole experience?  Well I have to say it wasn't at all embarrassing & I didn't feel uncomfortable at any time & I came away with a couple of thoughts.  Firstly underwear isn't cheap even if you buy it from Marks so why not make more of the experience & enjoy the purchase by buying in store if you can in luxury surroundings & secondly just how important the right fitting & designed bra is.  I've often looked at non-padded lace bras & thought how pretty they were but they've never done anything for me, just made my breasts (which aren't particularly plentiful) flat & shapeless.  I instantly rejected the idea of trying this style on whey Sukhy mentioned them but with a little encouragement gave them a try & I was amazed that actually because of the side lace support built into the cup they actually gave me the same shape as my padded bras.  A total revolution & one I'm loving as they're so incredibly pretty I'm absolutely delighted this style is now something I can wear (the bank balance not so much but hey it makes me feel good!).  In fact so much so I came away with this stunning red lace number.

My Midlife Fashion, Sipsey Lingerie, Stella McCartney Lingerie

My Midlife Fashion, Sipsey Lingerie, Stella Mccartney Lingerie

Back to what I'm wearing today & I'm keeping with the red theme of my underwear by adding splashes of red to my outfit & teaming my embroidered boho top with a simple 'A' line faux leather skirt.

My Midlife Fashion, zara embroidered sleeve blouse, marks and spencer faux leather a line skirt, office lucky charm boots

If you're after a faux leather skirt this season I can highly recommend the one I'm wearing today from Marks.  It's a great fit & has some beautiful crisscross detailing on the edge of the pocket.  In terms of sizing I've sized down in mine so you might want to try a couple of sizes to compare the fit.

My Midlife Fashion, zara embroidered sleeve blouse, marks and spencer faux leather a line skirt, office lucky charm boots

Blouse - Zara
Boots - Office

Boho & Leather, My Midlife Fashion, Shop My Style, zara embroidered sleeve blouse, marks and spencer faux leather a line skirt, steve madden glorriaa wrap ankle boots

Blouse - Zara, or similar here
Skirt - Marks & Spencer
Boots - Steve Madden

So ladies what are your thoughts on underwear & do you have a particular style or brand you favour & what's your feelings on colour?  As always I'd love to hear your thoughts & preferences.  Plus if you're not based in the Midlands you can also shop via their online site here.  It's definitely worth a peek & they even offer 10% off your first order if you sign up to their newsletter :-) I can certainly highly recommend their service & if you've ever struggled to find a bra that fits you correctly or if you're needing advice after surgery they know their stuff & are there to help you to the extent that if they haven't got what you're looking for in stock Sukhy & her team will do their utmost to find it for you.

Plus for anyone who lives locally or fancies a day out they've got some great events planned in store including a gents evening on the 13th of December from 6 pm till late.  So if any of our partners struggle with buying you lingerie or pretty nightwear at Christmas you might want to point them in this direction as it's bound to be a great evening, which includes a fashion show, wine tasting & a few extra surprises.  All they need to do is get in contact with the store here.

Happy hump day ladies it's all down hill from here to the weekend whoop whoop :-)

Have a great day & I'll be back as always in the morning.  Oh & don't forget it's the last day to grab 25% off selected items over at Boden, click here & use code 6T2C at checkout.

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  1. "did you know you could put your bra on with arms through the straps & then fasten from behind"
    I didn't realise there was any other way!!

  2. As I knew most women are wearing the wrong size, i have always frequented shops with personal service. And had to change size a couple of times. Found out that if a bra of a certain brand fits me well, it is no guarantee another branof the same brand will fit equally well. Very annoying, but once you know that it safeguards you buying the wrong bra. I also know I have to keep my weight at 63/64 kilos. If I am 65/66 I need an E instead of a D. Which is a totally different ballgame. And I like matching sets.
    And I do them up the wrong way haha.
    I love your bra and brief and I love your outfit. As a matter of fact I am secretly looking at the blouse for myself.

    1. Hi Greetje you're quite right that just because one style fits you correctly it doesn't mean the other styles by the same brand will. We all know the benefits of getting lingerie that fits correctly & how it can have a positive impact on our body shape but sometimes you just need reminding.
      Glad I'm not the only one that's been putting her bra on incorrectly :-)
      You should definitely get the top it would look amazing on you.
      Jane xx

  3. Thank you for such a lovely piece with useful tips. I myself would shy away from a shop like this as I like you don't relish undressing & being measured by someone (whilst also fretting that their stock might just be out of my price range). I will now remember that it needn't be any more expensive & it may increase the options that are there for me. Love your style of writing as I always feel like its chatting with a friend...keep up the good work!

    1. Hi & thank you for such a lovely comment :-)
      I am definitely like you in terms of not wishing to undress in front of someone else to get measured but Sukhy & her team are so lovely they put you at your ease instantly & made being fitted a really enjoyable experience. I'm not sure where you live but I would highly recommend them if you're able to pop in, as the whole experience was so personal & when I left it felt I'd be shopping with a close friend. So much nicer & more personal than a large department store where changing room assistants can be busy & rushed.
      Thank you again for your lovely words & have a wonderful weekend.
      Jane xx


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