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Beauty - What I've Been Using + WIW - A Splash Of Green

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Morning ladies, I've been trialling out some new beauty products over the past few weeks & thought today would make perfect timing to share them with you & let you know how I've got on.  Starting off with a new illuminating treatment.

skin design London alpine rose glow illuminating treatment

This illuminating cream by Skin Design London is designed to be used daily by applying to the face & neck to boost hydration, clarity & uniformity of tone, whilst brightening the skin & helping achieve that elusive glow we all aim for.  

I'm already in the middle of using a treatment that seems to be working on my skin so instead of using this on a daily basis I've been using this as a night mask a couple of times a week & applying just before bed & washing off in the morning.  I must admit it's certainly helped overall  & my skin definitely has a more healthier appearance.  Plus I found a little goes a long way so this product will last me a while.

dr Dennis gross ferric and retinol wrinkle recovery overnight serum

The next product I've been using is this overnight serum, applying a few drops onto my cleansed skin prior to moisturising.  Designed to lessen fine lines, fade dark spots & support the skin's elasticity this is a great night serum for incorporating into your beauty routine, especially as it contains Retinol, which is renowned for promoting cellular regeneration.

hourglass 1.5mm mechanical gel eye liner in obsidian

Moving onto make up for the next product with this gel eye liner.  Now you'll know by now I'm certainly partial to a good application of eyeliner & must admit it's been a while since I've used a gel based one.  But I have to say these waterproof liners are brilliant.  Easy to apply, can be smudged if you act quickly, are waterproof but also easy to remove with waterproof eye make up remover & don't run during the day.  Plus due to their twisting application there's no need for eyeliner brushes/sharpeners or a pot of gel, just these handy pencil shaped design.  Plus the packet contains three so no worries of suddenly running out!

lixirskin soft clay rubber

Back to beauty with this soft clay rubber that works in one of two ways.  Firstly it can be used as a gentle exfoliator by applying to clean dry skin & massaging/tapping into the skin for approximately one minute before rubbing off with your fingertips & rinsing.  Or you can apply as a mask & leave on your skin for five minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

If you've not used a product like this before to exfoliate then it can feel strange to begin with & as if it's not exfoliating or doing anything to your skin.  However, after you've rinsed your face you'll find you skin should feel deeply cleansed as well as soft to the touch & of course it's so much better for our skin than the harsher exfoliating granules, that I've been known to use in the past.

milk makeup sunshine oil

The next product I want to share with you today is a facial oil, which is dispensed via the click of a button & applied directly to the skin via the rollerball application & is designed to be used on the face for those suffering with dry skin.  As my skin is more combination I've been a bit wary of applying this to my face & have instead have been using on my cuticles.  As a result I've definitely seen an improvement in softness & what's more I'm applying regularly as I really love the rollerball application as it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy, like normal dropper cuticle oil can :-)

my midlife fashion, caudal, caudalie anti wrinkle face sun care, caudalie vinoperfect radiance serum, caudalie beautifying suncare oil

With holiday season fast approaching it won't be long before we're stocking up on suncream & Caudalie, so I'm delighted to report that one of my favourite brands have just launched a new suncare range.  Featuring a radiance serum, that is designed to be applied under your facial sun cream to help achieve an even tan free from dark spots this can be used with their an anti-wrinkle face cream which is enriched with their antioxidant complex to offer maximum protection as well as powerful anti-ageing action.  Together with a suncare oil that not only offers maximum UVA/UVB protection but is also designed to leave the skin with a luxurious satin-like finish & has a delicate summery fragrance of frangipani flowers.

Face It Cloth In a box

Another great product I've been using & was gifted to me is the above face cloth.  Which is heart shaped cloth that is brilliant at removing make up whilst deeply cleansing & giving a gentle exfoliation to your skin.  Plus being made from an ultra-soft microfibre fabric it dries quickly & can also be machine washed & tumble dried.  My skin definitely feels a lot cleaner than using cotton wool pads &  it's so much better for the environment too.

Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub

With summer holidays fast approaching & hopefully a gorgeous summer at home, I've started getting my body 'summer ready' by using the above body scrub twice a week to help nourish & soothe my skin.  Plus an added addition is that due to my smoother skin I've found it easier to apply my fake tan more evenly.

REN Skincare citrus limonium hand cream

One thing I'm notoriously bad at is applying hand cream.  Either I can't be bothered (& yes I do know I should be to help with ageing!) or I fall asleep before I remember to apply it!  But when I received the above hand cream I actually put it on straight away.  Partly because it smells so delicious (think the most delicious light lemon mouse you can imagine) & also because of the handy pump dispenser. I've actually been keeping this out on my bedside table & so far so good I'm applying it every night & I love the fact it absorbs so quickly & doesn't feel greasy on my skin.

revlon uniqone profecssional super10r hair mask

Now I'm already a huge fan of the spray in UniqOne Professional Hair Treatment & have been using it for many years now, so when I was sent the hair mask I was really excited to give it a whirl.  Similar to the spray it has 10 benefits & is applied to damp hair for 3 minutes before rinsing off.  Although it suggests using the mask twice a week, I've found that with my hair once a week is sufficient.  The smell is gorgeous & it definitely helps renew the shine & softness of my hair.  Plus the size of the pot means this will last me a long time, so definitely great value for perking your hair up on a weekly basis & has made it into my regular beauty routine.

twist & spritz black atomiser

Finally if you don't have one of these then this is a definitely little treat you should be 'clicking the button' on.  A really easy to use refillable atomiser that couldn't be easier to decant your favourite perfume into & ideal for carrying in your handbag & taking away with you.  I've been wanting something like this for ages as I don't want to have to buy a smaller second bottle of my favourite perfume to use when out & about but equally wanted something that was easy to use & stylish.  So I was delighted when I received this one in the post.  Available in 18 different colours here, so there's something to suit all tastes & the best bit is they're really inexpensive but look great.

Back to today & it's all about the pop of green.

my midlife fashion, Zara embroidered blouse, j crew 8 toothpick in classic wash, j crew tweed pointed flats

my midlife fashion, Zara embroidered blouse, j crew 8 toothpick in classic wash, j crew tweed pointed flats

my midlife fashion, Zara embroidered blouse, j crew 8 toothpick in classic wash, j crew tweed pointed flats

Top - Zara
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Enjoy your Sunday & I'll see you in the morning.

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  1. Great post! I've been using Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner and it is just awesome. Will try other products for sure

    1. Thanks Kathy, let me know what you think.
      Jane xx

  2. The smell of the revlon hair mask was what made me decide to give it a try. It was a gift from my sister and most part of my hair struggles went away almost instantly. It is worth the mention!


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