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How To Declutter + WIW - How To Wear All Black

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Morning ladies so today I want to talk de-cluttering & wardrobe organisation.  I don't know  about you but  I'll happily admit  that I'm a neat freak with probably a large touch of OCD.  I am forever liking things neat & tidy & in their place but whether it's all that's going on in the world right now or maybe following our big move to France I seem to  be even more on a mission to get sorted & organised.

With  lockdowns/curfews we all have a bit more time on our hands & what better way to put that time to good use than  to have a good old sort out.  It's the perfect time to throw away those out of date or unused make-up/beauty products & be ruthless with a wardrobe declutter.  

So with this in mind today I wanted to share how I approach a clearing of the wardrobe & also some of my top picks for keeping your wardrobe & drawers tidy & clutter free.

Firstly my top piece of advice is make sure you're in the right mood for approaching the clear out.  For some  that might mean a day when you have nothing else on so you can dedicate your time & focus to the task in hand.  For others that might mean you have a small window of just a couple of hours, which helps you keep focused & ruthless.  

Then focus your attention on one item at a time (clothing/accessories/shoes/jewellery/make up etc).  Systematically go through each category asking yourself when you last wore it & how it makes you feel.  If it makes you feel good & fits correctly it's a keeper.  If on the other hand it never feels quite right or you find yourself constantly adjusting it during the day then it definitely belongs in the 'to get rid of' pile.  As well as the 'keepers' & 'to get rid of's' you'll also have a pile of 'not sure's', which you should place to one side.  

As you finish each category all the items you're keeping should be put back onto your rails/shelving/drawers neatly & kept in sections (i.e. t-shirts all in one section, blouses, jumpers etc).  I also find it makes it easier to hang/store things colour coded too.  Then tackle your 'not sure' pile by having a trying on session, phoning a friend & perhaps getting their opinion via FaceTime or even consulting someone like myself.  You may find that some of the pieces just need a fresh eye on how to wear them, a suggestion of an alteration or an honest opinion that you really do need to let it go.

Once you've finished & have just your 'to get rid of pile' the next thing you need to do is sort this into three categories - those items worth selling, those to give to charity/friends & those that simply just need to be binned/recycled.  I know a lot of people can't see the point in terms of the effort & time it takes to sell clothes online but seriously other than a bit of time (which we all have more of) now's the time to give it a try.  Take clear photos & make sure your descriptions are accurate & mention any flaws.  Whilst it might take a while getting everything listed you'll be surprised how quickly the pennies add up & you can use this to treat yourself to something you really do want.  For selling clothes I recommend eBay & Vinted & it's also worth taking a look at Vestiaire for more expensive pieces.

It really is as simple as that & if you're struggling for storage or just a complete neat freak like me then take a peek at my top picks for keeping your wardrobe neat & tidy above.  As always just click on any of the above images for more details.

Back to today & it's a simple all black look with a few of my favourite things:-

my midlife fashion, rough studios frill blouse, skinny jeans, suede  pixie boots

Blouse - Rough Studios
Jeans - J Crew
Boots - Madeleine 

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Blouse - Ted Baker
Jeans - White Stuff
Boots - Jigsaw

Have a great day ladies & I'll see you tomorrow.

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