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Morning ladies so let's talk skincare & most importantly for this time of year sun care.  It's probably no surprise to read that I love nothing more than soaking up the sun's rays.  It just makes me feel more alive & gives me the reason to actually stop & read a book or enjoy a cheeky siesta.  I mean who doesn't love sun kissed skin in the warmer months.  

I've always ensured I wear suncream to protect my skin whilst enjoying the sunshine however, since moving to the South of France it's even more important for me to make sure I'm wearing protection on a daily basis, not only on my face but my body too.  So I was delighted when my favourite skincare brand Institut Esthederm got in touch to see if I'd like to trial some of the sun care.  In fact you may recall at the start of the year I shared my daily skincare routine here.

Before I tell you a little more about the products I've been trying out these past two weeks let me tell you a little more about the range.  Having being a pioneer in sun care for the part 42 years, Institut Esthederm sun care products provide more than just SPF protection, protecting from the full spectrum of light (UVA, UVB, visible light, blue light & infra-red).  On top of this their products are formulated with cellular water to help improve the skin's antioxidant capacities & are an all in one product in terms of sun protection, moisturiser, antioxidant & age prevention.  

my midlife fashion, institute esthderm bronze repair sun kissed

So what products have I been using & how have I found them?  

I don't know about you but the older I've got the more I've found I prefer less coverage in terms of make up on my face, especially during hot & humid days as I like my skin to feel like it can breathe.  So the first product I received, their Bronz Repair Sunkissed, is perfect for adding a little colour but most importantly protection.  

The cream is lightweight, easily absorbed & for me smells of summer & in particular holidays.  Not only is the tint a colour that blends seamlessly in with your natural skin tone, evening out your complexion, once applied it also gave my face a lovely natural glow.  Plus on top of providing sun protection & allowing me to be able to ditch my tinted moisturiser it also acts as a firming & anti-wrinkle cream meaning there's no need to layer your face with suncream as well as your normal daily moisturiser.

I've found for days where I want to look a little more 'made up' this is perfect worn on it's own with a little concealer, bronzer & blusher & certainly feels a lot nicer to wear than normal make up when out & about in the heat.
my midlife fashion, institut esthederm bronz repair

The second product, their Bronz Repair face cream basically does the same but without the tint.  So this is ideal for days where I'm planning on actual sunbathing as it's available in two strengths - moderate & strong sun.  As I mentioned earlier I've been using the strong sun cream for two weeks now & as well as acting as sun protection I've found it is helping to firm my skin & correct my wrinkles.  Like the Bronz Repair Sunkissed the cream feels lightweight & soaks in quickly & the real plus for me, unlike other face suncreams it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or block my pores plus with I just love that it optimises my natural tan, helping to persevere that sun kissed glow.  You can even wear this under your normal make up, if you prefer more coverage than their Bronz Repair Sunkissed.

my midlife fashion, institut esthederm adaptasun sea and tropics protective body lotion

As well as needing to protect my face, it's also really important that I'm wearing sun cream on my body too.  Like their face cream the body lotion is available in both a moderate & strong strength, as well as a sensitive range.  

After these past two weeks of use not only has the lotion given me protection, I've also found it great at keeping my skin hydrated & of course like the face cream it also optimises the natural tanning process.  Which is something I always look for in sun cream, as who doesn't want to prolong their tan as much as possible.

Also again like the face cream the lotion has a gorgeous summery scent & is easy to apply & absorbs quickly.

my midlife fashion, institut esthederm after sun repair face cream

I've also been lucky enough to receive their After Sun Repair face cream, which I've been applying of an evening.  Again like the Bronz Repair the product is lightweight & soaks in quickly.  Not only does this hydrate your skin after sun exposure it also soothes & treats fine lines & wrinkles, as well as helping to prolong your natural tan.  As my skin is exposed on a daily basis I've actually swapped my normal evening moisturiser for this & plan on using this for the whole of the summer.

my midlife fashion, institut esthederm tan prolonging body lotion

The final product I've been using is their Tan Prolonging Body Lotion, which again smells gorgeous & is quickly absorbed.  Not only does it help prolong your tan, so perfect for using whilst on holiday & also once back home, it also helps moisturise & soothe your skin.

So what do I think of the products I've been using these past two weeks?  Well like with all the products I've tried from Institut Esthederm I'm hooked!  My skin feels great, I have confidence when in the sun knowing I'm fully protected & there's no greasy residue left when wearing.  Plus it's great not having to wearing sun protection as well as my normal face creams.  I'll definitely be replacing all of the products featured when I run out & would highly recommend them.

Back to today & it's all about the pop of blue.

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Hat - Zara
Dress - Great Plains *
Sandals - Ancient Greek

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Don't forget to take a look at Institut Esthederm's full range here & if you sign up to the newsletter here, you'll get 10% off your first order!

Have a great day & see you tomorrow.

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