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Morning ladies & happy Sunday.  So today I want to talk haircare & styling.  It's no understatement to say that since moving to France I've changed quite a bit about my hair!  From the colour to the style there's been a complete overhaul.  

Needless to say there's always that awkward stage when you change hair style & you hit that awkward stage where it's in-between styles & your can't necessarily just tie it up or style it how you'd like.  I remember the countless conversations with hubby & son & texts to my bestie asking if I should persevere.  Luckily I did & I have to say I'm glad I sat it out.

Of course with a change of hair style (not to mention colour) means a change in products & styling.  From years of being glued to my straighteners to letting my hair be more natural, it's been a huge learning curve.   So today I thought I'd share with you the styling products & tools I'm using & loving.

The biggest change I've made is that I no longer use hair straighteners & have moved to using a Dyson Airwrap.  When I first purchased the Airwrap, having had a major wardrobe sort out to raise the funds, I was worried I'd made a huge mistake & should send it back.  It's not cheap & of course you think about all the other things you could spend that money on, especially seeing as we're currently renovating our home.  But I persevered & boy am I glad I did.  

When you purchase you have a 30 day trial period so during that time I took time to get to learn how the product & various attachments worked & how it worked for my hair & the style I wanted to achieve.  The best bit is I've not only packed my straighteners away, I've also packed the hairdryer away as the Airway comes with a hairdryer attachment, meaning that if you're on the lookout to purchase a full range of hair styling tools the Airwrap doesn't seem so expensive.  Plus it doesn't need to operate on as high a heat as normal styling products & of course not needing to use straighteners makes it a lot kinder to your hair, which seeing as the other change I've made is to go blonde, helps keeps my hair in a great condition.  In fact if I wanted to keep my hair straight the brush attachments would mean I still didn't need to bring my hair straighteners out of retirement.  

The best part of the Airway is it allows me to have a wave to my hair without the need to overuse products or spend hours styling it everyday.  Yes I have a slight kink to my hair but my hair is by no means wavy & I don't use wave enhancing curling products.  Just the products I've featured above.  Plus in-between washes I just find I can use the Airwrap briefly to revive the waves on my dry hair.  It's so simple I can't rave about it enough.  The only disadvantage I've found is that hubby has also fallen in love with the it so I have to share my Airwrap with him!

As you'll see above I've popped together my hairstyling products & tools above & as always just click on any of products featured for more details.  Plus for a great case for taking your Airwrap on holiday I've recently purchased this one, which is brilliant.

Back too today & it's a simple Sunday look.

my midlife fashion, Zara Panama hat, Massimo Dutti linen shirt, baukjen maxine hemp shorts, studded leather sliders

Hat - Zara
Shirt - Massimo Dutti
Shorts - Baukjen * get 15% off with code MYMIDLIFE15
Sandals - Bought locally

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Have a great day & as always I'll be back tomorrow.

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