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Avea-Life NMN & Booster Supplements * get 15% off with code Jane15

Morning ladies, so today I want to talk healthcare & in particular supplements & share a few I been taking for a few months now, that I have found work for me & share the benefits I have experienced.

The first product is by Avea-Life, which was sent to me as a PR gift.  I haven't been asked to blog about them but like I said I wanted to share products that I've been benefiting from in recent months & products I intend to keep taking.

Avea offer two products, their NMN capsules & also their booster capsules.  You don't have to take both but obviously if you do there are greater benefits to be had.  

Designed to work together the aim of the supplements is to increase your energy, slow down signs of ageing & enhance the body's ability to repair & protect the DNA in your cells.  Plus improve sleep quality & increase your metabolism making it easier to maintain & lose weight.

The capsules work from within overtime to enhance a natural process that already exists in your cells so your body gets better at producing & sustaining energy on it's own, so you should see an improvement to energy levels, feel sharper & more focused, as well as more rested due to improved sleep quality.  As well as the benefit of helping you to stay as young as you feel

Like I mentioned earlier I've been taking the capsules for a couple of months & whilst the information that's supplied with the products says it will take around 2 months to start seeing the benefits I honestly started to see improvements in sleep quality after the first week & an improvement in the texture of my skin at around week 3, with my skin appearing fuller & what I can only describe as a bit of a glow, not to mention my lines appearing less deep.  Plus my energy levels also started to increase around week 3-4 & despite the fact I get up early I was no longer finding myself falling asleep on the sofa of an evening or feeling so exhausted.

All these improvements continued to get stronger over the coming weeks so if you fancy finding out more then just click here & if you want to give them a try, use code Jane15 for 15% off your order.

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The other supplements I've been taking for several months now & have noticed a real difference is these Rhodiola Rosea capsules.

my midlife fashion, collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements

And these Acide Hyaluronique Collagène capsules.  I started taking both at around the same time so it's difficult to say which have had the most impact but I can tell you the benefits I've noticed since taking them.  

There were two reasons I started taking both capsules & that was to help with the appearance of my skin due to ageing & the second was to help counteract some of the symptoms I've been experiencing with peri-menopause.

So what benefits have I experienced.  Well firstly I feel the Rhodiola Rosea capsules have helped with mood swings & anxiety, which in turn has helped with me feeling more relaxed & an improvement in more regular bowel movements.  

As for the Acide Hyaluronique Collagène capsules, these have not only helped with the overall appearance of my skin but the main benefit, which was totally unexpected but has brought huge relief is another side effect I'd been experiencing with symptoms due to the peri-menopause.  About a year ago I started to develop itchy skin on my face & neck which coincided with my monthly cycle & resulted in an uneven skin tone that looked like heat rash.  After various blood tests it was put down to the peri-menopause & I was managing the symptoms with creams & antihistamines, which although didn't stop the itchy (which at times felt like my skin were on fire) did help.  However, since starting taking the Acide Hyaluronique Collagène the symptoms have virtually stopped & on mentioning it to my doctor she said that she believed it was down to the capsules.  So to say I'm delighted to no longer experiencing these symptoms twice a week is quite simply amazing & I would definitely recommend them.

Back to today & it's a simple monochrome look.

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Hat - Zara
Waistcoat - Zara
Skirt - Phase Eight
Sandals - Carvela

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Have a great day & I'll see you as always tomorrow.

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