16 June 2016

WIWT - Off Out For Ladies Day

Morning Ladies, so bit of an exciting day today.  You may recall that I've previously mentioned that I got together with a group of friends last year for Ladies Day at Ascot & instead of having to travel to Ascot not to mention the expense, to celebrate the occasion we went to our village club where they were holding an event that included lunch, afternoon tea & a raffle together with the races screened on a big screen & betting.  Needless to say we had a complete ball, lots of giggles & far too many bubbles which earnt us the nickname 'The Prosecco Girls'.  

Unfortunately this year the club aren't able to host the event but that hasn't stopped us as we've found a hotel/spa about 40 minutes away that's holding a similar event.  So ever after the opportunity for a girlie day out with the excuse to dress up & of course sip the odd glass of bubbles we're heading there today.  

Now before I share with you what I've decided to wear I have to tell you a secret.  As we've got to travel we've decided to travel in style & along with another friend we've hired a special vehicle to get us to & from the event, with the rest of the girls only knowing that something is booked but not what!  Now just in case one of my friends sees today's post before they see our surprise I daren't tell you what we've booked but if I tell you that the thought of us getting into this vehicle has had me in giggles since we've booked it hopefully you might get an idea of the sort of transport but I bet you won't guess what we've gone for!  I'll post a picture on Instagram, which you'll be able to see here & I promise you won't be disappointed - hopefully it will make you giggle & not gasp!!

So back to what I'm wearing & after much consideration I've gone for this.

my Midlife Fashion, Crossover snake print leather sandals, boden soft suede clutch, john lewis navy blue fascinator, french connection amhara knit dress

Fascinator - John Lewis
Clutch - Boden
Shoes - Zara

Special Occasion, My Midlife Fashion, Shop My Style, Boden Hayley Heel Sandals, Boden Soft Suede Clutch, French Connection Amhara Knits Fluted Hem Dress, John Lewis Diamante Fascinator

Fascinator - John Lewis £50
Clutch - Boden £79.50
Shoes - Boden £119

Right I better get a move on as the girls are due soon for croissants & bubbles to kick start the day before our carriage of choice arrives!  I'm sure there's going to be much giggling & sipping of bubbles done today.....as to whether we'll remember anything from the day remains to be seen but I'm sure there'll be a story or two to tell & as one of my friend's says it's all about making life memories & today we're fully intending to live by that motto.

Don't forget you'll be able to see our carriage on Instagram here & I'll try & upload some other pictures during the course of the day but can't promise as that might depend on my bubble intake ;-)

Hope everyone has a lovely day.  Don't forget today's the last day to take advantage of the 30% off on all dresses at Boden (see here) & Mango have just launched their up to 50% off sale (click here).  I'll be back in the morning.

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  1. So gorgeous. Frothily feminine yet with an edgy twist. Enjoy the prosecco!

    1. Aww thank you! I think I can definitely say we enjoyed the prosecco......maybe a little too much ;-) Such a fab day with lots & lots of giggles.
      Jane xx

  2. You look super glam. Love those shoes. But have always been scared off Zara shoes in case they were hard and uncomfortable. Let us know how you got on after a day in them? Have a good one!

    1. Surprisingly my feet were really comfortable but the amount of bubbles may have help :-0 Plus of course we didn't walk far & were sat down for a lot of the day.
      I also think it helped that these were leather uppers so I'd been able to stretch the toe area by placing golf balls inside to loosen the straps for a week before wearing them.
      Hope this helps.
      Jane xx

  3. Wow that dress is gorgeous! Hope you have a fabulous day (love the transport!!) Jane X


    1. Thanks Jane. The transport really did start the day off brilliant & is still making me giggle thinking about it!
      Jane xx