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Right deep breath, large glug of something strong, chilled & bubbly, a mouthful of something sweet & hyper inducing & here we go!

As this is the year that I hit the big Four-O and as both hubby & I are turning 40 in the same year (said in a whispered tone) we have drawn up a list of 40 things we would like to complete in 2013. Most are joint wishes with a few being individual and this - writing a blog is one of mine!

Whether its the impending birthday looming or the fact that as our son is growing up fast (last year saw him reach teen hood & so far so good not too many Kevin & Perry moments but we're bracing ourselves!) I have decided to jump in feet first & write about something I love & get a buzz from.

For me (call me superficial if you wish) there is nothing more uplifting & confidence boosting than that feeling you get when you pull together an outfit which looks as good as you pictured it in your head as it does in the mirror.  I'm not saying I always get it right (far from it) but what I do know is I love pulling together an outfit, seeing what other people are wearing & taking inspiration from them, together with that buzz of hitting the shops or Internet & finding something you just HAVE to have.

I am hoping that by writing this blog I can meet likeminded people who share the same passions. Yes there are some fantastic blogs already out there, who I can only dream of being spoken of in the same breath & I'm not saying I'm bringing anything new to the table other than this blog is written by ME! And for me I will have already achieved something because this is WAY outside my comfort zone, I'm not someone to put myself out there & can only hope you'll be gentle & kind.

So that's my intro, now onto the clothes! For those of you who have seen the outfits I have posted on www.avenue57.com in the last week I have a HUGE weakness for most things Zara - yes I know you need to mix & match your items from lots of different stores but for me they just seem to keep releasing items that have that edge & style that other high street stores don't seem to have.

With the weather starting off so spring like this week I did make two bag purchases from Zara which I'm really looking forward to using. While both are non-leather, to me the quality & appearance look fab & have the added benefit of being not too pricey, which gives me the aged old excuse of being able to justify to hubby the fact that if they were leather I could of easily have paid more for just one of these bags & yet here I am with two bags for less than the price of one (hope you're keeping up & on my wavelength here!).

So the first bag is this gorgeous everyday bag which isn't too big, just a good sized practical throw it all in size with the added bonus of being in a beautiful coral red summer days inducing colour & is just £22.99.

I know I will get a huge amount of use over this in the coming months - just as soon as this cold weather disappears, plus several years ago I had a red handbag & it just used to make me smile picking it up so here's for plenty of sunny & happy days to come!

The second bag is a more dressy day/evening one but again one I really love.  They do it in three colours - natural, black & bright blue. I've gone for the natural colour but if I could justify it would buy all three.  It's a great size, that has that edge of style which to me makes it stand out as something a little different & even has a shoulder strap so could be worn as a shoulder bag or even a messenger bag, although I'm considering getting the strap altered so that it sits just underneath the underarm. This bag costs a little more £29.99 but it really is lovely & in my opinion looks even nicer in the flesh. I especially love the pop of colour you get if you expand it & undo the zips.

So what do you think? Do you like them? Have you found some lovely new handbags you've got your eye on for the spring/summer? If so let me know & share your finds with me.

And now for those of you who don't follow me on Avenue57 here are some of the outfits I've been wearing this week.

Outfit One

Quilted jacket - Zara
Scarf - Massimo Dutti
Grey sweatshirt - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Leopard print shoes - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew

Outfit Two

Jacket - Zara
Grey sweatshirt - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Scarf - Zara
Boots - M&S

Outfit Three

Jumper - Zara
Necklace - Zara
T-shirt - Zara
Combats - Zara
Belt - Massimo Dutti

Outfit Four

Jumper - GAP
Shirt - Massimo Dutti
Necklace - Massimo Dutti
Belt - French Connection
Jeans - M&S
Shoes - Zara
Bracelets - J Crew

Outfit Five

Jeans - Zara
Scarf - Massimo Dutti
Top - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew

Outfit Six

Jumper - Massimo Dutti
T-shirt - Zara
Scarf - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Leather bracelets - Massimo Dutti

Outfit Seven

Scarf - Zara
Top - Zara
Leopard print belt (not seen) - from Majorca
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Boden
Bracelets - J Crew & Banana Republic
Coat - Zara

Right before I talk myself out of this I'm going to post my first blog! I did chicken out last night & thought I'd sleep on it & have woken this morning & decided just to go for it.

I would love to hear your feedback & ideas for subjects to be covered, all I ask is that you go gentle with me, like I've said it's my first attempt & things can only get better & I've still got to develop my thick skin! Have a great Sunday & now I've done my first one I'm setting myself the challenge of posting at least once a week! So keep checking for updates or alternatively sign up to follow me on Bloglovin & Twitter & you'll be notified of my new blogs x


  1. Congratulations on your first blog post!
    I love both the bsgs, good finds.

    I need to fall back in love with Zara as it's been a while. Seeing you on avenue 57 has inspired me.

    Thank you also for the mention.


  2. You did it...HURRAY
    Great first post, I love handbags so this was right up my street, and you know I love your clothes.
    Here's to many more posts. Xx

  3. Onwards and upwards. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do.I started last year and I am so addicted...you will meet so many lovely people

  4. Congrats on your first post. Just one request .. absolutely love your outfits, but could you make your pictures larger? (to enable better drooling ... especially jacket on pic number 2!!) Great first post; look forward to reading more. Helen

  5. Well done on your first post! I have followed your style on AV57 and I LOVE handbags, so your pics are right up my street!
    Love Zara too, love their blazers. Their bags are good quality too for the price. Love the colour of the first bag pic.
    I turned 40 last year and started looking at blogs on style for this new era. There are great blogs, great ideas and it's fun too.
    Looking forward to your posts

    Siobhan (Chivshiv40)

  6. Delighted to discover your new blog:) You have a gorgeous sense of style ... love the Zara bags you picked! Good luck with the blogging!

  7. Thank you all for the lovely words of encouragement & support, it means a great deal & has motivated me even more to continue. Stay tuned for the next instalment it's coming very soon!!!

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