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Okay so not only is the glorious wall to wall sunshine good for the soul & white pasty bodies (mine included) it's also great for coming up with a reason *coughs excuse* to buy the odd new summer dress.  I mean hands up how many of us have found ourselves thinking if not saying 'I've got nothing to wear'?!!!  I know I've certainly thought it & this current unheard of spell of excellent weather has got me thinking (no sarcastic comments please!!!) that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in the summer shift dress department.  

I mean usually a couple summer dresses teamed with a couple of maxi skirts & I've got more than enough summer clobber to cope with our normal cool summers.  But seeing as Britain is currently basking in a glorious heatwave it's got me thinking that maybe I could do with a couple of shift dresses that you can just throw on.

So with that in mind I've become a woman on a mission to find the perfect summer shift dress!!!  Of course the exact dress I had in mind is nowhere to be found & believe me my fingers have scoured & scrolled the internet in search of said dream dress but whilst I may not have found the dress I had set out for I have found some real beauties.  One or two of which may (hubby if you're reading this - may not be!) on their way to me.  Of course I accept no responsibility for any sudden departure of said heatwave by the ordering of new dresses & if all else fails I've got my summer hols to wear them, which looking on the positive side (if said heatwave disappears) means that there will be less pre-holiday washing for me.  I mean is it just me or does anyone else pre-holiday packing throw virtually their entire wardrobe in the wash to ensure that everything is clean before deciding what to take??

Right I digress, so moving back to the summer shift dress & here's what caught my eye.

Starting with this little t-shirt number from ASOS.  For some reason I've had it in my head that I would love to find the perfect navy summer dress after seeing a lady a couple of years on holiday in just a simple navy maxi, which looked simply stunning when teamed with either some silver or gold accessories.  Some two years later & I'm still searching & whilst I had initially wanted a maxi dress I'm thinking this shift dress may just fit the bill.  For cooler days it can be worn with my denim jacket & leopard print pumps & for days like today teamed with my gold gladiator sandals some cold bracelets and my tusk pendant from New Look & I'd be good to go.

If however, you like the style but fancy a brighter colour they also do the same dress in a gorgeous cherry red, which is a such a gorgeous colour for summer.

This next dress is also from ASOS & has my inner Bet literally doing cartwheels with excitement!  I mean for all your animal print lovers out there what's not to love a simply shift dress, which requires no thought or styling & in glorious bright summer colours.  Again it would look fab teamed with a blazer for smarter occasions or a denim jacket to dress it down with the only dilemma being which colour to choose.  Personally I'm torn between the red & blue one which comes in a slightly longer length or the bright green and blue dress, in fact between you & me I simply couldn't choose so guess what....both beauties are winging their way to me as I type :)

Or if you fancy embracing the monochrome look, it's also available in this class black & white version.

For those of you that fancy something a little bit different how about this dipped hemmed floral number from Next?  I'm not usually drawn to dress with a dipped hem but think this dress looks simply stunning & far more expensive that the £32 price tag.

For a cheeky little bargain what about this dress from Mango which is now only £11.99 in the sale having been reduced from £25.99.  A simply little day dress that would look great teamed with a biker jacket or denim jacket for cooler days & would also serve well as a beach cover up when on your summer hols.

Lastly moving onto a denim dress which would look great teamed with either some tan or metallic accessories, how about this shift one from Oasis?

Or for one with longer sleeves that could be worn in our 'cooler' months how about this one from H&M.  I'm thinking this could work for winter with layers underneath & may also work with my new gold ankle boots.  If you're tempted I've just used the codes '0241' for 25% off one item as well as '1304' for an additional £5 off :)

So there you have it my pick of shift dresses currently out there.....let's just hope the weather continues so we get chance to wear the blighters!!!

And finishing as always with my outfits from the last few days.

Outfit One

Necklace - Wallis
Draped Top - Zara
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Maxi Skirt - Zara
Studded Sandals - Zara

Outfit Two

Top - Zara
Necklace - New Look
Bracelet - Mango
Skirt - Zara
Wedges - Zara

Outfit Three

Necklace - New Look
Camisole - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew
Leopard Print Studded Sandals - Zara

Outfit Four

Camisole - Zara
Necklace - New Look
Denim Shorts - Zara
Leopard Print Studded Sandals - Zara

So what to you think, are you a fan of the shift dress or do you prefer a maxi?  I'm hoping you may even be like me & have been pondering what to wear in this prolonged heatwave, perhaps you feel a bit out of your comfort zone?  I have to admit I'm fondly looking at my jackets & looking forward to wearing them....NOT that I'm wishing this glorious weather would disappear but they along with my jeans are definitely my outfit of choice.  As always I love hearing your thoughts.

And on that note I'm off to continue the horizontal worshipping of the sun :)  Have a sunny happy Sunday & be careful you don't burn x

P.S.  Will report back on the New Look Camis in my next blog x


  1. I love all the outfits, but I defiantly think that the shorts in outfit 2 is a great choice. Love the blog too! Xx

    1. Thanks Laura, lovely to hear you're enjoying the blog :) x

  2. Now I'm back I'm looking for some shorter dresses & it feels great to be able to wear them again! The ASOS animal print one is gorgeous in every colour & I just love the hippy vibe to the Next one! Ax

    1. it must be great to be able to bear your legs again Andrea...especially in this heat!! I'm very tempted by the ASOS animal print ones but trying to be oh so good!!! x


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