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What To Wear?!!!

So how glorious is this weather we're currently enjoying?!!! (I promise it's still the weather & not a mirage as I haven't worn the new gold boots just yet!!!).  

If you're like me the bright blue skies & humidity really make me feel as if I'm on holiday.  Okay I've still got work & the household & everyday chores to do but for some reason everything just seems that much more relaxed & chilled.

Of course it may have something to do with the fact that there's a lot less clothes needing to be worn.  Plus of course the BBQ gets fired up a lot more frequently & suddenly dining alfresco becomes the norm, not to mention the popping of corks ;) Add in the need to apply sunscreen, the scent of which just brings holiday memories flooding back & for me life just turns that little bit sweeter.

So I couldn't believe my luck when Sunday arrived & we had glorious wall to wall sunshine for a day of pure indulgence - meeting up with a girlfriend for a girly day of shopping, bubbles & of course a spot of lunch.  

Now you don't need a crystal  ball to know that this was something I'd been really looking forward to, I mean three of my favourite things shared with a friend who shares a love of clothes, seriously what's not to love.  Of course when we first made the arrangements I had envisaged my biggest dilemma being which jacket to wear & hadn't factored in that we were going to be meeting up on the hottest day of the year, I mean really did any of us see it coming?!!  Not of course that I'm complaining - long may it continue!!

So as the temperature started to soar & the five day weather forecast showed nothing but a bright round sun being displayed I started to agonise over just WHAT was I going to wear!!!!

My friend has a great dress sense, she always looks so effortlessly stylish & glam so I didn't want to let the side down, add into this that I needed to be comfortable, be able to walk unaided (so no heels) & try & keep cool meant there were a lot of factors to take into account.

What followed was a mad trying on session, which I'll admit wasn't pretty & resulted in quite a mess with piles of clothes strewn across the floor.  And of course seeing as we live in good old 'sunny' Britain I decided it best to have a back up plan.  One outfit for if the weather forecasters actually got it right & it was boiling & another outfit in case our normal summer weather returned as quickly as it disappeared!!!

So backup outfit first for cooler weather saw me decide to go for some new cropped patterned trousers from would you believe it Zara!!!

These trousers are made from quite a heavy textured cotton & although they look fab teamed with black as shown on the Zara website I decided on a heavy cream Zara top which again is in a textured fabric & has slight detailing/puff sleeves.  I'd also thought should the mercury in the thermometer plummet my black blazer could be added & would finish the outfit with my black ballet pumps.  If however, I'd been popping out for a girlie night with little walking required then I'd have dragged out my black court shoes but with shopping factored into the equation it was only going to go one way - my feet not talking to me & possibly an injury to boot! 

Now of course when Sunday arrived this outfit was not required, I mean what are the chances of the weather forecasters actually getting it right?!! But right they did & the glorious heatwave meant the sun decided to shine it's little socks off hence outfit number two was the outfit du jour.

After much agonising (is it just me but when faced with sweltering heat - apart from shorts & skimpy dress that require a tan for me to feel comfortable in, I actually DON'T have that many items in my wardrobe suitable for this kind of heat.  Nice sunny days - yes but heatwaves no, unless of course I decided to go shopping in beachwear but either I'd have ended up arrested or scared everyone away & had the shops to myself!!!)  I decided to wear my new camisole top also from Zara, which is part of their new collection, & to which I will admit was love at first sight.  

It's a great classic double layered camisole with a lovely soft 'V' neckline.  At the moment it's only available in black but should they do it in more colours I'm going to be snapping them up as not only are they great for this current weather we're experiencing they also look fab when teamed under a blazer & boy do we know I've got plenty of those to team it with!!!

Luckily for me I have a black maxi skirt, which I have owned for several years now from Marks & Spencer & it went perfectly with my top.  It's just one of those skirts that I always seem to get plenty of wear from each summer - it doesn't crease, being black doesn't mark too easily & is just one of those skirts you can chuck on & not have to worry about.

Okay so black isn't exactly a nice bright colour to wear in the middle of summer BUT it does look ace teamed with a bit of leopard print - namely my bag, sandals & a bangle (well I couldn't have Bet missing out on a day of shopping not to mention the sunshine now could I :) ) Teamed with my H&M studded elasticated belt & some statement jewellery I was good to go & luckily not too hot so a result!

Of course it goes without saying that I was in my element & had a fab girly day.  What may surprise you however, is that there were no purchases (well apart from some donuts to scoff later that night on the sofa while watching a film & a t-shirt for my son)!  Although the lack of shopping was made up by the sipping of bubbles & you will be relieved to know that I haven't lost my shopping mojo entirely as an online order arrived the very next day ;)  But despite the lack of shopping it was a really lovely day that was as good for the soul as it was for the purse.  Let's face it bubbles & shopping could have been VERY costly!!!

So seeing as I loved wearing my camisole sooo much & this weather seems to (fingers crossed) be staying for the short term at least, I've decided that I REALLY need at least a cream cami in my wardrobe too.  Now with our weather being so unpredicatable I've decided I can't wait for Zara to get their act together & manufacture it in different colours so after some shopping *coughs* I mean research I've found these great ones from New Look which at £9.99 are less than half the price of the one from Zara.  

Now I haven't seen these camisoles in the flesh but I can report that the cream one is currently winging its way to me as we speak so I will report back in my next blog but suffice to say I have VERY high hopes as I just know it's going to be a major wardrobe staple & I SIMPLY must have a cream one.

If however, you fancy something a little brighter in colour then they also do them in pink, coral, peach, turquoise and gooseberry green, my favourite of which are shown below.

Some of these colours would look simply stunning with the right outfit, I think my favourite being the gooseberry green which I think teamed with navy would look gorgeous.

Now onto my outfits from the last few days, starting with the picture of my outfit for sunday & my fun girly day.

Outfit One

Necklace - Massimo Dutti
Camisole - Zara
Bracelets - Banana Republic & J Crew
Belt - H&M
Maxi Skirt - Marks & Spencer
Leopard Print Studded Sandals - Zara

Outfit Two

Necklace - Banana Republic
Dress - Zara
Bangle - Banana Republic
Wedges - Marks & Spencer

Outfit Three

Necklace - Zara
Draped Top - Zara
Denim Shorts - Zara
Studded Sandals - Zara

Outfit Four

Necklace - Zara
Top - Zara

Bracelet - J Crew
Capri Trousers - Zara
Gold Ballet Shoes - Massimo Dutti

So do you treat yourself to the odd girly shopping day out & what do you get up to - shopping and lunch or maybe even a pampering session?  

And more importantly in these current glorious conditions what are your secrets for keeping cool?  Perhaps like me you're a lover of the camisole or maybe you prefer more of a vest top instead?  

As always I love reading your comments & if you've got some great tricks to share for keeping cool & elegant in this heat which don't involve nudity I'd love to hear :)

Hope you're managing to enjoy this sunshine, enjoy it while it lasts x


  1. I'm more of a vest top girl but I love those bright camis - you must report back! Fab outfits as always. A girlie day for me has to involve a glass or two of wine, lunch and shopping and of course lots of catching up on gossip! Yours sounds like a perfect day! Lynne x

    1. Lynne I'll definitely be reporting back on the camis. And I totally agree that you can't beat a glass or two or wine with lunch, shopping & gossip - the perfect day! x

  2. Thank you my lovely new friend!! I had such an amazing time when we met!! Admittedly we did let everyone down on the purchase front but it was all about the chat & bubbles!! It was so great to talk to someone so like-minded about fashion, lifestyle and family.....the time just passed far too quickly!! Can't wait to meet up again!! You are doing such an amazing job with MyMidlifeFashion.....totally inspiring!! Much love @MyFashionLife from A57 xx

    1. Awww thanks Michelle, it was so lovely to meet you too....lots of fun & we must DEFINITELY get another date in the diary when we can hit the shops with full force ;) x

  3. Michelle what does Jane look like? Lol.
    Great post Jane I'm after some camis (oh forgot am on a spending ban!!!) and love your print trousers, can't wait to see you style them. X

    1. That would be telling Jo...although I can report that I do have a head :) I'll report back on the camis & good luck with your spending ban, I'll TRY to be with you in spirit!!! x

  4. I love a good vest top - I own so many!

    1. Vest tops are so useful aren't they...perfect for wearing when the weather's like this & great for layering up in our cooler weather too!!! x

  5. Love your first outfit - you always pair things so well - impeccable taste!

    1. Thanks Joanna, I seem to have been living in this cami since i brought it! x


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