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I'm taking a break from all things clothing & looking at accessories today, as firstly I have a weakness for a great statement watch & secondly I think I need to give my wardrobe a break otherwise there's not going to be any room for any cheeky little purchases for Autumn, let alone winter ;)

Because of my love of statement jewellery it won't surprise you that I also love watches.  In fact somewhere in the loft I still have my first Timex watch that was brought for me by my parents on the occasion of my first day at school!

For some reason watches seem to have stuck as one of those things that I either receive or treat myself to on the passing of an important milestone.

One of those said milestones was (many years ago) the removal of my train track brace - gosh how I miss it.....NOT!!!  After eighteen months of wearing what can only be described (in my eyes) as something resembling Metal Mickey with the addition of rubber bands that if you opened your mouth too wide would ping off, it was a joy to be able to have normal & pain free teeth again.

And so as a celebration my parents treated me to a Swatch watch, something I had been hankering after for a while.  I absolutely LOVED my Swatch watch, in fact that too is lurking in our loft still in its original case.  It had a navy & white striped face with a navy strap and one of those plastic accessories in red you could buy to twist & go across the watch face.  Gosh what were they called now, can anyone remember?!!! If you were ultra cool you could even twist a couple together & hey if you couldn't tell the time properly because it was obscuring the face hell what did that matter!!!!  And if you wanted to go all out you could personalise your watch with different coloured straps too!

Gosh how cool did I think I was wearing it & one of the personal benefits to me was that you could even swim in it too!  I loved how when on holiday I could get a watch mark to show how brown I'd got!! Of course that could just be me, simply things pleasing simple minds & all that but hey it made my holiday!

So when I was recently browsing the John Lewis website I happened to stumble across some Swatch Watches & I have to admit I could once again quite happily go wild in the aisles & purchase the odd watch or two.

You won't be surprised to hear that Swatch still do the brightly coloured & patterned watches that I grew up with, but seeing as I went for a rather conservative navy & white version at sixteen I'm not going to suddenly go all bold & brash now (hell no, that's where the gold boots come in!!!) although of course if I happened to see a leopard print version it may be a different thing.

Nowadays I really like wearing a large faced watch & I'm generally drawn towards men's chronograph watches.  So this black chronograph one from Swatch immediately caught my eye as its a classic style & design that would look great teamed with a few statement bracelets.

Although I also really like this metal strapped chronograph watch too, which I would presume would look a bit more 'chunky' on the wrist & hence more of a statement.  

However, for all my love of larger chronograph watches, I also really like this women's leather strapped watch.  I love leather cuffs (probably something to do with making & selling lots of plaited versions when I was younger at school) so the fact that this strap wraps twice around the wrist really appeals & is just that little bit different.

In fact the choice with these watches is so great that it's hard to pick my favourite & I can easily see me starting a new collection & getting various designs so that I can team my watch with my outfit.....oh gosh I really must get stronger willed otherwise I'm going to need a LOT more storage!!!!

Moving quickly on before I start hitting any 'buy me' buttons, here's what I've been wearing the last few days.

Outfit One

Blouse - Zara
Necklace - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew
Snake Print Belt - Massimo Dutti
Cropped Jeans - Zara
Sparkly Ballet Flats - Zara

Outfit Two

Necklace - Zara
Draped Top - Zara
Bangle - Banana Republic
Leopard Print Harems - Zara
Studded Sandals - Zara

Outfit Three

Top - Zara
Denim Shorts - Zara
Studded Sandals - Zara

So did you have a Swatch watch when you were growing up or perhaps you wear one now?  Were you 'down with the kids' & had one of those plastic things across your watch face or perhaps even odd coloured straps?  Maybe you've still got your watch up in the loft, hell who knows they may even be worth a bit now????

Right I'm on a mission to get a bit of colour so that in a few weeks time I don't look like the newbie by the pool, so I'm off to find a nice quiet sunny spot that has nibble and bubbles on tap to enjoy this glorious sunshine we've been blessed with.  

Have a great weekend & don't forget the suncream x

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  1. I got my first watch for my First Holy Communion when I was 7 and I can still remember that I spent the whole Mass holding my left arm aloft to admire the navy and cream striped strap!!! Nowadays, I have a silver Gucci bracelet watch that I wear everyday, apart from hols, when I replace it with an in-your-face bright pink Swatch :) Love all your outfits as always ... isn't the weather just fabulous?

    1. Yes TOTALLY loving this weather Helen.....if only it would last all summer! Loving the sound of your bright pink Swatch watch for holiday x

  2. I remember thinking I'd made it when I got a Baby G watch! I have a DKNY one which I love, but my favourite is one that my little boy bought me for my birthday (only a cheap M&S one but it has great sentimental value). Great outfits. Lynne x

    1. Sentimental watches/jewellery are always the best Lynne aren't they & to know your little boy choose it for you makes it even more precious & special x


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