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So I have to admit if you'd have told me a year ago that I'd have been writing a blog let alone one on jumpsuits I wouldn't have believed you but guess what....that's exactly what I'm doing today!!!!

Now the last time I wore a jumpsuit I was about eleven/twelve (I think!!!) & it was across between dungarees & an all in one in a glorious royal blue colour.  I can remember admiring it in the mirror & noticing that you could just about see my bra strap through my white top (which I'd teamed with a large black necklace & matching bangle....for those of you that are interested!!), which at that stage being new to wearing a bra, meant I thought it was really 'cool' if you could see the straps as it MUST mean I was sooo grown up lol!!!!

Well you'll be pleased to hear some nearly thirty years later & I now don't think it cool to be able to see my bra strap but in place of thinking my bra strap means I look 'grown up', I'm more worried that the sight of my grey hairs means I am now well & truly passed it!!!

When jumpsuits first came back on the scene (& no I'm not including a onesie in this category....& you'll be pleased to hear I don't own one...not even a leopard print one!!!) I admired them from a far but thought that my time had truly come & gone for wearing one again in public.  However, I have secretly being lusting after a few in recent months & have decided for our summer holiday to take the plunge.  After all one of the beauties of a summer holiday is that you can try out new styles & things you may not normally wear at home in the confidence that you'll never see these people again....apart from of course if you're like us & go back to the same place each year to meet up with friends, as we have done the last three years....after all if you've found paradise & what works for you then why keep on looking!

Of course there are lots of different styled jumpsuits about in a variety of colours but because I wanted something that could be dressed up or down & was pretty classic I've decided to go for a black one.  So after making that tremendous decision you won't be surprised to hear that what followed was a lot of internet googling & drooling together with intensive research to find the perfect one out there, which wasn't too overpriced in case after a couple of wears I lost my nerve.

So before I show you 'the one' (& I'll bet you can't guess where it's from ;-) !!!), here's my round of the ones that made it onto my shortlist.

Starting with this monochrome halterneck jumpsuit from ASOS.  Which is just stunning, in a real classic design & has the added advantage that due to the neckline there's no need for any statement necklace.  Just layer a few great bracelets & bangles with some great heels & a fabulous clutch & you're good to go.

If perhaps you don't fancy the monochrome vibe, they also do the same jumpsuit in black & nude which is just that little bit different in colouring to most of the jumpsuits out there, so is a sure fire way of standing out from the crowd but still in a classic & stylish way.

Or if halterneck's aren't your thing, or if you fancy an all black jumpsuit then ASOS also do this great bandeau styled one for £50.  Which would look amazing teamed with a statement necklace.

But if you don't feel comfortable in a strapless one then I really like the look of this silk jumpsuit from Topshop.  I think the spaghetti styled straps make it just that little bit more casual than the bandeau style plus of course the straps mean that you haven't got to worry about any embarrassing slips in the boob area......especially if you've got little ones who may tug on the top (which incidentally didn't happen to me but my sister at a wedding reception & no she wasn't wearing a bra!!!).

Of course you may prefer your top half to be more covered up, if so, I really like this draped jumpsuit from Topshop.  Which as I have mentioned in the past due to a draped neckline is so easy & flattering to wear.  Plus as an added bonus seeing as the shoulders are covered it means that you can wear a 'normal' bra as opposed to a strapless one or one of those multi-bras, which let's face it is never going to give you as good a shape or uplift that a normal bra can achieve.

Or if you find the drapes too much of a hassle & would rather have something a little bit more structured then this belted cross over jumpsuit from Warehouse would be perfect.

For those looking for something a little bit more racy then this navy jumpsuit from Zara is simply stunning.  I love the backless feature (as shown in the second picture) & the fact that it's navy as opposed to the many black ones out there.  Although personally it would have to be a VERY warm day/night before I would be warm enough to wear it.....which, on reading back makes me sound well & truly past it?!!!!

Another cross over designed jumpsuit is this elasticated waist one from Zara (well I was doing well not to mention them until this stage!!!), which I would personally team with a large belt to hide the elasticated waist & to add that bit more style & individuality.

And finally my numero uno & the one that made it into my wardrobe & more importantly my suitcase, this strapless one from Zara.  Now in my opinion this picture doesn't particularly do the jumpsuit justice.  I'm not a big fan of the shoes they've teamed it up with to be honest....love the shoes but not worn with the jumpsuit.  However, for what I was looking for.....it fits the bill perfectly, a classic investment that's not going to break the bank if I don't wear it as much as I think I might & with the right accessories & imagination perfect for dressing up or down.  Not to mention great for hiding a multitude of sins due to the looseness on the waist & hips meaning you can stuff yourself silly especially if going away on holiday ;-)

In fact I might for my next blog do a bit of a trying on/styling post showing the various ways I plan on wearing it so that I can get the maximum wears out of it before it becomes another golden oldie that's waiting to come back into fashion & urging me to blow the cobwebs off & drag it out from the depths of my wardrobe!!

But in the meantime here's a round up of what I've been wearing these last few days starting with... 

Outfit One

Necklace - Banana Republic
Blouse - Zara
Bracelets - Banana Republic
Cropped Studded Trousers - Zara
Gold Ballet Pumps - Massimo Dutti

Outfit Two

Necklace - Zara
Draped Top - Zara
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Studded Belt - H&M
Maxi Skirt - Zara
Leopard Print Studded Sandals - Zara

Outfit Three

Necklace - Mango
Sequined Sweatshirt - H&M
Bracelets - Banana Republic, J Crew & Banana Republic
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Gold Belt - Banana Republic (Not Shown)
Gold Ballet Pumps - Massimo Dutti

Outfit Four

T-shirt - Zara
Combats - Zara
Gold Ballet Pumps - Massimo Dutti

So am I the last one to join the party in the revival of the jumpsuit or perhaps like me you've been secretly admiring from afar & have now taken the plunge too?  Perhaps you've packed a couple in your suitcase for you hols & are planning are breaking them out when incognito?!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, which I know take time & effort in leaving but I really do love hearing your thoughts and views & appreciate all your comments.

Right I'm off to finish the last bit of holiday packing....Majorca here we come!!! Although just before writing this blog I have scoffed the most enormous Chinese meal so I don't know about bikini ready.....right now I'm thinking it's another HUGE positive tick for my jumpsuit as being looser on the waist/hips it will be perfect for hiding all those over indulgences that are going to happen on holiday....so on that alone a TOTAL must have in my book!!!!

Have a great couple of days & I'll be back in the next few days with my post on how to style a jumpsuit but in the meantime don't forget that you can follow me here on Twitter & here on Instagram, oh & if you fancy showing me your love like my Facebook page too by clicking here x


  1. I LOVE jumpsuits. I think they look fab. I haven't bought one yet, but it's a purchase I may well make ... if I can find one with sleeves. Have a WONDERFUL holiday and looking forward to seeing your post on how you styled the new wardrobe addition!

    1. Thanks Helen, I'm sure come Autumn/Winter there will be more jumpsuits with sleeves.....will keep an eye out for you x

  2. I think you'll look fab in this! Can't wait to see how you style it! As much as I love jump suits on other people, they're not for me being pear shaped with my ample hips :-( Lynne x

    1. Thanks Lynne...I'm really looking forward to wearing it on holiday...think it's going to be sooo useful! x

  3. Yep I'm in love with them and now have 4:) all Zara! I have the red/pinky 70s style one, the black crossover one you show here - which I live so much I also have the bleached denim version - and finally my beloved harem jumpsuit - it is DIVINE!! Love your ASOS picks too!

    1. Thanks Joanna, I bet you look super funky in yours x

  4. wearing jumpsuit was hard for me during teen time because I am fat. I don;t want my flab show up every time I wore it but yes, I am excited to wear it too that time not because my bra will show up but because I can wear ut finally. Now, its in again and I feel that I dont like to wear it anymore.

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