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A Pop of Colour

Having recently received a comment from a very lovely lady that I wore some great bright colours & the suggestion that I write a blog on how to incorporate colours into our wardrobes for those of us that shy away from bold colours, I'm writing today's post on exactly that!

Now I have to admit I was quite surprised by her comment because I think the injection of colour is probably one of those things that has started to happen without me really realising it, & yes having now taken time to think about it & look in said wardrobe there are quite a few different colours in there.  Although admittedly the injection of colour predominantly comes from accessories & tops in some shape or form as I, like many of us tend to live in my jeans.  Although having said that I do own a couple of crazy coloured ones & some patterned trousers too (which I think is down to my subconscious screaming at me to go for it before I get too old!!!) but on the whole apart from summer dresses my bottom half in general is subdued (well apart from the odd bit of leopard print ;-) ).

Various colours hold various memories for lots of us (school uniform for example...anyone no longer wear bottle green?!!) & whilst I've never been colour coded, as me being me, would feel that I had to always adhere to the rules & would dread being told that half the colours in my wardrobe didn't suit me & had to go.....although thinking about it this could be a great reason *coughs excuse* for a serious shopping trip (note to hubby if you're reading this while safely in America I PROMISE I'm being good......honest!!!!).  But I guess over the years you get a feel for what colours you can & can't wear because generally as soon as you hold a garment up by your face you know whether the colour drains you or not, let alone makes you feel good.

In my opinion the best way of incorporating colour (& pattern for that matter) into your wardrobe, especially if it's a colour you're not used to wearing is through accessories because not only does it mean it's generally a cheap option (although granted this can depend on where you shop for your accessories, obviously I'm not talking designer when I say that!!) it also means as trends change it's easy to update your wardrobe.

One of the easiest ways of adding a splash of colour to any outfit is with a scarf of which, I admit I have a fair few!!  So having taken a gander on the high street these babies hit my eye for adding that splash of colour & you won't be surprised by the reoccurring theme (what can I say I had my 'Bet' hat on!).

Starting with this gorgeous abstract scarf from Topshop.  I'm totally loving all things yellow at the moment as it just seems to go with everything - black, grey, navy, white & in my opinion this scarf is just perfect for teaming with jeans, a casual white t-shirt & a great blazer.

Also stunning in the red too!

I also love both the royal blue & red scarves from New Look which again would go with blue, grey, black or white jeans & would really add that splash of colour to an outfit.  The red one would also look fab with a great pair of camel casual chinos.

Of course at the moment we seem to be on the receiving end of some more great weather (hurrah.....time to top up the tans girls!) so wearing a scarf is probably the last thing on your mind but another great way of adding some colour (which does wonders for really bringing a plain outfit to life) is by way of a stunning statement necklace & there are of course some great ones out there from a variety of high street stores but the ones below really caught my magpie eye.

So first up, I'm totally in love with this turquoise number from Topshop.  I think turquoise always looks so stunning when worn in the summer with white & a great tan but equally it can look really elegant in winter too when teamed with either black or grey.

This next necklace from Banana Republic is a real statement piece & I am head over in heels in love with it, so will definitely be putting it on my wish list & if a great discount code happens to pop into my inbox well.....I'm sure you've got the picture ;-)

For something a little less grand I'm also loving this red graphic stone one also from Banana Republic, which I think would look simply stunning teamed with a classic white shirt & of course being red a great statement piece to wear over the festive season (sorry far too early to mention the 'C' word I know!!).

Moving away from jewellery & another fab way of incorporating colour is through adding a bright pair of heels &/or clutch to your outfit.  As you know I'm pretty useless in high heels but I am totally loving the mid heel court shoes around right now as armed with my toupee tape I can now not only manage to walk in said shoes but keep them on my heels too!

This first pair of shoes from Topshop are a great autumnal shade which are still bright enough to add an injection of colour & could look stunning worn with black, navy or grey.

I'm also loving these mid court shoes from Zara & to be honest love both colours equally, so choosing between the two would be difficult & both would definitely add that wow factor to your outfit.

Turning next to bags & I have to admit I've become quite partial to a clutch of late as I just feel that little bit more elegant when going out & using one instead of a large great big tote that's either going to take all the room up under the table or send the waiter/ress flying!!!

First up is this one from Topshop.   I really like the padlock detail & think the gold looks simply stunning against the red of the bag.

Of course Boden also do a great style clutch in a wide variety of colours, with my favourite shades being shown below (you may also be interested to know it also comes in black, navy & leopard print, which you won't be surprised to hear is totally LUSH!)).

Now as I mentioned earlier I've got a bit of thing going on for yellow at the moment (I'm thinking more of a mustard shade than a sun shade for autumn) & this clutch from Zara could quite easily slip into my shopping basket!

Moving away from accessories & of course a great way of wearing colour is by throwing on a bright coloured top, which if the rest of your outfit is quite plain & classic can look simply stunning.  This red long sleeved top from Next looks fab & I love the longer length it has at the back. I think it would be one of those tops that like the white Zara one I brought whilst on holiday would be great to just throw on & not need too much styling.

Of course I've recently discovered a love of camis & this one from ASOS is in the most stunning shade of red (perfect for party season!).

Moving away from red & onto royal blue & this blouse from Zara would also add a great injection of colour (& would look fab teamed with the New Look scarf!) & again should be an easy top to wear.

I'm also loving this funnel neck crop top, which I just know I'm going to have to try.  Although I'm slightly worried by the use of the word 'crop' as the sight of my mummy tummy spilling over the top of my jeans is really an image the world does not want to be seeing but nevertheless a fab colour which for warmth in winter could be layered over long sleeved t-shirts.

Talking of the impending cooler months then you can't go wrong with a simple crew neck jumper to inject some colour, which of course can look great when layered over some longer t-shirts.  

This one from H&M is available in a few shades but I'm particularly loving the mustard yellow & green.

Finally you could always invest in a jacket to add some colour...now you know me I don't need any encourage to invest in a jacket & these next three are really tempting my resolve.  As you know I love all things boucle & this one from ASOS is no exception!

This jacquard zipped jacket from Zara is also stunning & a great colour come autumn/winter.

And finishing with this classic red blazer also from Zara which is one of those colours that can simply be worn all year round.

So there you have it my pick of the items currently available on the high street that are guaranteed to add that pop of colour to your wardrobe & transform a plain & simple outfit into something that little bit more styled.

And as usual here's what  I've been wearing these past few days, starting with a splash of colour!

Outfit One

Linen T-shirt - Zara
Necklace - Brought in Italy
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Studded Belt - Zara
Maxi Skirt - Primark
Sparkly Ballet Pumps - Zara

Outfit Two

Camisole - Topshop
Necklace - Brought in Majorca
Belt - H&M
Bangle - Banana Republic
Maxi Skirt - T K Maxx
Wedges - M&S

Outfit Three

Necklace - Zara
Dress - M&S
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Leopard Print Court Shoes - Next

So what do you think, are you a colour-phobic or do you tend to add a pop of colour to your outfit?  Maybe you've been colour coded & had the heartbreaking task of throwing away some of your favourite items having been told that colour did nothing for you.

As always I love receiving your comments & of course having only been able to provide a quick glance of some of the lovely bright items currently out there would love to know of any great pieces that have recently caught your eye.

Have a great few days & I hope you get chance to enjoy this glorious weather....sunshine & an impending bank holiday weekend what could be better?!! x


  1. You have picked some fab pieces there! I love the first topshop scarf and the next red long sleeve top, right up my street! x

    1. Thanks Sharron, I'm trying hard to resist that Topshop scarf....how many scarves & leopard print at that does a girl need?!!! x

  2. I absolutely love the mustard jumper from H&M and will be looking out for it! I have had my colours done and it was the best thing I ever did - I agree that you can tell if a colour suits you by holding it up to your face but it also opened up my eyes to colours I had never even considered before. Clearing out the black and grey from my wardrobe actually felt quite liberating as I had relied on it for so long, knowing it really did me no favours. I also had to buy lots of replacement items of course! Lynne x

    1. Lynne you always look lovely in the colours you wear so it shows just how useful colour coding can be. Just to tempt you further code 0560 works for 25% off highest price item on internet orders with H&M ;-) x

  3. So envious of how amazing you are with colour!! I could do better!! There are some great ideas here though for injecting some much needed colour into my wardrobe....especially to perk up my Autumn/Winter clothing!! Another fab post Jane x

    1. Thanks Michelle but you always look fab...I think I need to inject myself into your wardrobe and wear all your gorgeous clothes :-) x

  4. Some lovely picks there. I also have to say, that in every post recently, I have literally been drooling over that beautiful necklace from Majorca. Just stunning!

    1. Thank Helen I have to admit I was delighted when I spotted it & it seems to go with everything! x

  5. Navy blue! I avoided it for years after secondary school & its only now beginning to creep back into my wardrobe! I have my eye on some navy skinnies from M&S as I just got the black & love them! I'm with Sharron & love the first scarf & red long sleeve! You look fabulous in the red dress Jane! Ax

    1. Thanks Andrea, I bet you'll look stunning in the navy skinnies...looking forward to seeing them on you x

  6. All superb accessories looks so beautiful... its a nice and big verity or alots of different stuff.. good quality and amazing latest style collection...


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