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It Would Be Rude Not To.......Yes?!!

So as I have mentioned in a post leading up to this year's holiday one of the main reasons I like to try and travel light besides attempting to reduce the domestic chores (domestic goddess I am not!) is because I also like to take advantage of a little holiday shopping...well there's always one day when one of us (generally our son) has had a little too much sun (generally shoulders from being in the pool all day & despite slapping mountainous amounts of factor 50 on throughout the day the sun seems to always seep through...is it just us?) & we need a day out of the sun & in my opinion what better way to keep out of said sun than in the nice cool air conditioned shops...no?!!!

Plus there is the added advantage that when shopping in Majorca (& other European countries) there's a MAJOR saving to be had when shopping in Zara & Massimo Dutti & other high street stores.  So with the savings in mind not to mention that by the time we go away the stores generally have a whole heap of new season arrivals after the dregs of the sales I really am like a kid in a candy shop :-)  

Now having to take (drag) two males along for the ride can at times be painful (gone are the days when our son would happily sit on a stool in the changing room plugged into his DS now it's the eye rolling & trying to pinpoint an exact time frame of how long we are REALLY going to be in Zara.  I keep telling him that I'm training him up for his future wife but it doesn't seem to go down well but one day......he WILL thank me!!!  Hubby on the other hand seems to be really getting into this whole styling lark & I'm seriously worried his inner Gok is going to make an appearance any day now!

Anyway I digress, so as we've been going to Majorca for several years now I like to think that I have got which shops & stores to pop into down to a tee.  Of course there are the gorgeous local shops like the wonderful ballet shoe shop which I visit each year armed with requests from my mum & sister but I wouldn't be a true Zara devotee if I didn't 'pop in' to have a gander & of course with serious savings on offer.....well what's a girl to do!!!

Now you won't be surprised to here that my weakness of jackets has got even weaker & a couple of new additions have already seen their way into my wardrobe.....yes I know I REALLY don't need any more jackets but trust me these really are stunning & oh so useful!!!

So first up is this military inspired wool jacket which really is a cross between a jacket & coat so with the no doubt chilly winter that is fast approaching I'm sure it will get plenty of use.

Now as an example of the savings I'm talking about this jacket is priced in the UK at £89.99 but I brought it in Majorca for £61.69 so a nice saving indeedy thank you very much.  So ladies it really is worth keeping room in your suitcase if you happen to be anywhere in the vicinity of a shopping centre, especially if you've seen something that's caught your eye!!

The second (& final) jacket that I just couldn't leave behind is this gorgeous dusky pink blazer.  I absolutely love this shade of pink, so pretty & flattering next to most skin tones & seems to be everywhere for Autumn/Winter.  Plus it goes with most colours...blue, black, grey, beige, khaki, maroon (need I go on?!) so again a useful little number.

Now I won't tell you how much I saved here as that would just be cruel but suffice to say savings were made on all purchases!

Having been persuaded to 'step away from the blazers', I then brought a couple of staple items including this shirt.

So a pretty blouse which will not only go with my new jacket but will look great dressed up with my pencil leather skirt & equally dressed down with my ripped boyfriend jeans & some killer heels.

I also couldn't resist this simple white top, which will hide a multitude of sins & is one of those go to tops when you don't have time to think & want something that you can just throw on & look styled.

Now I don't think this picture from the Zara website does the top any justice but believe me it's one of those tops that will look fab with some skinny trousers & a statement necklace.

So having done tops I of course had to look at knitwear - seeing as it's the one thing we all need plenty of come the darker months & I really love this boyfriend cardigan.

I really like how Zara have styled this cardigan & may have to try & recreate this look with my leather skirt in cooler months but I also really fancy it dressed down with my boyfriend jeans & of course it's the perfect top to get more wear out of my camisoles too so in my eyes a win, win!  And for those of you who are tempted it's also available in navy blue, camel and sand.

Now I'm sure I'm not the only one having withdrawal symptoms from not wearing jackets over the last few weeks & another thing I can't wait to wear again is scarves.  Of course I can't hand on heart say I don't have enough scarves already to wear but what I will say in my defence is that a new scarf can really add a whole new lease of life to your wardrobe not to mention help keep you warm & with that theory in mind I purchased the following ones.

Now the first two being leopard print I simply couldn't resist, added to the fact that I don't own leopard print scarves in either of these colours.......well let's just say Bet left Zara with a smile on her face!

This third scarf is a little different for me but I just love the pop of orange, which will just brighten up dull wintery days.

Of course a girl can also never have enough jeans & seeing as I've now discovered a love of boyfriend/looser styled ones then these jeans were only ever going to end up in my shopping bag!!

Turning to skirts I also loved this printed monochrome skirt, which is slightly 'A' line & made from a lovely heavy material (so nice & warm for winter) & will look great with both heels & biker boots.

Finally from my Zara haul I absolutely loved this green funnel dress, which just reminded me of something I could see Victoria Beckham designing (could just be me) but that's what entered my head when I saw it & will be great layered up in the winter again with heels or biker boots & a chunky knit cardi for a more dress down feel.

Hubby was relieved to know that seeing as I had, had great success (not quite the word he used ;-) ) in Zara that I was restrained in Massimo Dutti & in fact just got the one item.

Now as I have mentioned in a previous blog I love watches & had been hankering after a dress chronograph gold watch.  Of course when you say a chronograph gold watch the brand that instantly comes to mind is Michael Kors but seeing as I already have a 'best' watch I didn't want to spend too much plus I wanted something that was a little different & at more than half the price (especially with the additional saving) than a Michael Kors then it was a no brainer to go for this one.

Which if you like but perhaps not in the gold they also do in silver & gold and rose gold.

So apart from a few accessories from local boutiques, which to show you & then say you can't buy online would be far too cruel, that's my stash from this year's jaunt to sunnier climates.

Talking of sunnier climates I keep hearing rumours that we're due some better weather too, which is music to my ears as whilst I'm delighted with my new purchases I'm in no rush to start digging out the knitwear (let alone thermals).  Plus on a more important note my tan is fading by the day not to mention that despite slathering myself in aftersun & moisturiser I've started to peel.....so Mr Sunshine if you could please put in another appearance it would be greatly appreciated.

And as always here's a round up of what I've been wearing the last few days.

Outfit One

Necklace - Zara
Shirt - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew
Jeans - Zara
Gold Ballet Shoes - Zara

Outfit Two

Necklace - New Look
Snake Print Jumper - Zara
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Beige Jeans - Zara
Gold Sandals - Zara

Outfit Three

Necklace - Massimo Dutti
Draped Top - Zara
Bracelets - Banana Republic
Combats - Zara

Outfit Three

Denim Jacket - Zara
Bangle - Banana Republic
Dress - H&M
Belt - H&M
Sandals - Zara

So there you have my first (I would love to say last) haul from Zara for the new season.  So what do you think?  Have you seen anything that's tempted your fancy or perhaps you've already hit Zara to snag the items that have caught your eye before they disappear never to be seen again.  Or perhaps like me you stock up when on holiday & take advantage of the additional savings?  As always I love reading all your comments.

Right I'm off on an important date with my son, hubby has had to 'pop' over to America for work (he assures me that there will be absolutely NO time for shopping!!! To which I replied with two words (no not those two!!)......duty free :-)  So we're off to the cinema & out for lunch before crashing on the sofa for some treats & chick flicks.... well I did say I was training him for my future daughter-in-law & no doubt over the course of the coming week I'll be educated on the sci-fi/fantasty releases....wish me luck!

Have a great Sunday & fingers crossed for that sun! x


  1. Great post, Jane. Made me giggle so much! You have some great buys here - looking forward to seeing you style them. I've already gone a bit crazy with Boden for A/W but there's plenty more time yet and I'm sure ill be buying much more (Autumn is my favourite season and I love dressing for the cooler weather!). Lynne x

    1. Glad it's not just me Lynne that has been getting ready for A/W. I love seeing all the new clothing & like you prefer Autumn clothing (although love summer weather)...I'm soooo missing wearing my jackets....if we could just have a mild winter so I can mainly wear my jackets I'd be a happy lady! x

  2. Oh lord!! How I love that Zara funnel neck dress!! Sigh...another item to add to the wish list!! Some fabulous purchases here Jane!! Very envious of your holiday haul!! Absolutely agree it would be rude not to!! Michelle x

    1. Thanks Michelle & that funnel dress is gorgeous isn't it....there's a couple of others that may have caught my eye too....but I'm trying to be good lol! x

  3. Tell the truth ... did you bring an extra bag with you to transport your haul home?!!! Some gorgeous buys. Can't wait to see you model them!

    1. Thanks Helen & no, no extra bag for transporting goodies home...although having brought Kindles this year I have to say the space saved on taking lots of books away with us came in handy ;-) x

  4. TOTALLY love that Zara monochrome skirt - ooooh I think I might need that!

    1. It's fab isn't it Fiona & made in a really lovely thick fabric x

  5. What great buys, love them all but especially that Zara funnel dress. I've missed my yearly trip to Tenerife purely for the shopping in Zara. Looking forward to seeing you wear all these items xx

  6. Thanks Jo.....I've often said it would be worth doing a day trip each season purely because of the savings you can make! x


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