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It's Officially Time to Start Shopping for Autumn!

So with the drop in temperature I decree that it's officially time to hit the shops & start splashing the cash on those 'vital' autumn essentials ;-) & with the official launch of Mint Velvet's Autumn/Winter collection this week where better to start looking.

Originally I'd intended to take a quick peak at their knitwear having seen this stunning cardigan but it wasn't long before I was lost in the world of relaxed glamour that is Mint Velvet & in the situation of my ever increasing wish list growing by the second.

So first up the cardigan I'm holding solely responsible for the damage I am about to do!  I absolutely love this double layered cardigan, which has so much more style than your ordinary cardi & would be so 'useful' (a great word I find myself using on a number of occasions to justify the odd purchase ;-) ) now the weather seems to be heading to autumn.  Fab with skinny jeans & some chunky boots but likewise stunning with a floral lacy camisole styled dress too.  Plus if grey's not your colour it's also available in navy & oatmeal.....my only problem is deciding on which colour to go for!

The lovely velvet & fur gilet was the next thing to catch my eye.  Is it just me or are you totally excited about the arrival of the new autumn/winter collections coming into stock?  So with the thought of crisp sunny days & autumnal dry leaves crunching underfoot (well we can hope for a dry autumn can't we!!!) then this gilet would be perfect for teaming with some biker boots & jeans & for cooler days could even be layered over a denim jacket.  Totally stunning & stylish & in my opinion a real head turner, not to mention a fab piece to keep you warm & cosier in the coming weeks.

Now apart from looking forward to wearing jackets again I'm also looking forward to pulling my skinny jeans out the wardrobe.  I seem to have a real weakness for jeans.......can a girl ever have enough?!!! And to be honest live in them the majority of the time & these double zip jeans are simply stunning & may well have to be added to my collection.  I love the detailing these jeans have with the double zips & seaming on the leg.  They're just that little bit more stylish & 'rocky' to ordinary skinnies & when teamed with a fab classic shirt & some statement jewellery would look elegantly styled.

In fact as you'll see from the picture below I've already tried these jeans on when I popped into store & they're totally gorgeous & soooo comfortable to wear, I totally love them.  My problem is which colour to choose?!!!!

In fact I've also fallen head over heels in love with the top I'm wearing too.  It's so stylish & would be one of those pieces that would stay in my wardrobe permanently.  Fab dressed down with jeans but equally stunning with a leather pencil skirt or some tailored trousers.  With the detailing in the sleeve it looks just stunning on it's own but throw on an amazing pearl necklace & you really would have a very elegant stylish little outfit.

Moving on to sweatshirts & although I've confessed on numerous occasions to my love of all things leopard print, I'm also rapidly developing a love of snake print too not to mention the fact that I'm loving the sweatshirt trend that's currently around.  So what's not to love about this snake print sweatshirt.  Simply stunning teamed with some boyfriend jeans & court shoes.

As you can see I wasn't kidding when I said my wish list was growing by the second & another stunning piece I'm also hankering after is this amazing print dress.  It's taking all my willpower to resist this little number as teamed with my sales bargain leather biker jacket this dress would look amazing with biker boots.  What I love most about this dress is that it would look just as amazing dressed up as down meaning I could get a whole heap of wear out of it.  Plus I love the fact that it has sheer sleeves with a silk front & jersey back, just subtle styling that makes the dress stand out & the fact it has side pockets too well what's not to love!!!

I'm also seriously loving this stunning animal print coat.  I mean I'd have to be seriously ill not to love something this stylish & in leopard print.  The zip detailing & the cocoon shape of the coat is simply stunning & perfect for being able to wear once the need for layers arises ;-)  My only problem is that I love both colours & the fact it's limited edition means that haste is of the essence......now just to explain this to hubby!!!!

Finally I really fancy some biker style boots for the coming season, in a colour that can be worn with everything, that aren't too loose on the calf & of course the perfect length too & these babies seem to fit the bill perfectly plus with a 4cm heel to help lengthen the leg, what more could a girl want....the only problem is that again they're limited edition so looks like I've got some serious sucking up to the hubby to do before these babies sell out!!!

Now whilst I could go on & on sharing even more gems from Mint Velvet's amazing new collection I can see the colour from hubby's face draining faster than I can click the button so I'll go lightly on him for now, well he is still recovering from jet lag!!!  But seriously if you haven't already done so check out their new collection....simply stunning & I defy you not to have a basket full of shopping in the blink of an eye.

Finishing with what I've been wearing since my last blog.

Outfit One

Jacket - Next
Top - Zara
Bracelets - Banana Republic
Belt - New Look
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Marks & Spencer

Outfit Two

Jacket - Massimo Dutti
Top - Zara
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Belt - Zara
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Zara

Outfit Three

Jacket - Zara
Necklace - New Look
Top - Zara
Studded Belt - Zara
Tulle Skirt - Next 
Shoe Boots - Next

So are you a Mint Velvet lover & already been seduced by their new season collection?  Or perhaps you're a Mint Velvet virgin?  Perhaps you've brought some of the pieces I've picked out or like me are trying (& failing) to resist the urge, not an easy task considering their attention to detail & the ease in which their pieces can be worn.

Right I'm off to work on hubby & if all else fails spike his coffee with a little alcohol.....this mixed with jet lag should definitely work in my favour ;-)

Enjoy the rest of the week & see you soon with an item I think should be in everyone's wardrobes!


  1. Ooohhh I love the camel and black coat! I've ordered a few things but the fit has never been quite right on me from there. Love my Mint Velvet pendant though :-) Lynne x

    1. Lynne the pendant looks fab on you & yes isn't the coat absolutely gorgeous x

  2. I love Mint Velvet; one of my favourite high street stores. You've chosen some lovely pics there ... I particularly love the white top and the jeans. Divine!

    1. Thanks Helen, the white top is simply stunning just so elegant & looks equally good dressed up or down.....my finger is poised on the button! x

  3. I want it all.......I just need to win the lottery!! Hope you have purchased the gorgeous ivory bell sleeve top.....it has your name written all over it!! Fantastic selection Jane xx

    1. Michelle when you know what the winning numbers are PLEEEEASE let me know....I'd just love to keep clicking on the 'buy me' button! x

  4. I've only just had a browse through the lookbook earlier today and declared my love for their parka! The collection is worthy of a blog post for sure so I shall be taking a closer look when I have more time but I think that white top may well feature, I totally love it! x

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it Sharron, I can't wait to see what you pick...I could easily buy it all! x

  5. The double layered cardigan is amazing isn't it?! I'm also loving the snake print sweatshirt & the jeans! You look amazing in the white top too & I can't believe you didn't buy it! Has Hubby caved in yet?! ;) Ax


    1. Andrea I could have simply gone wild in the aisles....the trouble is there's just sooo many lovely things how's a girl to choose?! x

  6. Love your blog and your style wow! I just had to have the star scarf, thanks for putting in the links for the clothes I find it brilliant. By the way I meant to ask where abouts do you go in Majorca I know you said you go back to the same place every year and we are always looking for recommendations, we've two young kids x

    1. Thanks Kerry, it's so lovely to hear that you're enjoying the blog & like my style, I must admit I'm having a lot of fun writing it....not so good for the old finances though!!

      I'm totally in love with the star scarf & the fact it goes so well with my Next jacket is a HUGE bonus, I was only looking online the other day & couldn't see it so I guess it's already sold out....just glad I got mine when I did as I'm also loving the plum/berry colour for autumn.

      Port d'andratx is where we go to in Majorca, we absolutely love it there....if you want a couple of names of hotels/apartments then send me an email & I'd be happy to recommend them. x


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