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My First 'Must Have' for Autumn

As promised today's post is all about my 'must have' (or one of them ;-) )for the coming chillier months & surprise, surprise it's a jacket!!!!  Okay now before you start shouting at the screen saying I've got enough jackets to last me a lifetime this is something a little bit different.  Yes it has sleeves & is an outer garment but.....& here's the difference whilst it's tailored it's not of the blazer variety.....yup that's right it's more casual styleeee & of the quilted variety too.  Yup I'm talking quilted faux (better on the pocket) jackets ;-)

Now for the shocker.....I'm not looking to invest in a quilted jacket (cue hubby's huge sign of relief) not because I don't love them but because one just 'happened' to magic itself into my wardrobe earlier in the year (of course this doesn't include the leather biker jacket that I brought in the sales but as we're between friends I'll skip over that detail quickly!). 

So I hear you cry why should you invest in said jacket.....well let me tell you before my purchase I would have probably said a. that being faux leather it would look cheap (wrong on that score) & b. I was too old for said jacket but having been tempted by you've guest it Zara (was my mouth out.....I truly promise I'm not paid any commission I'm just a Zara Addict) to order one in one of my many deliveries as soon as I tried it on I knew it had to be mine.  

Okay so skip back six months & here's my justification to hubby......firstly I have NOTHING similar to this style in my wardrobe (he couldn't argue with that!), secondly being quilted it's surprisingly warm & a great alternative to wearing a huge heavy winter coat & thirdly (& more importantly) it's faux which means its kind on the old purse strings & if I'd gone for leather would have been soooooo much more expensive (of course what I was really thinking was that the money saved could be used to by other essentials....you get my drift?!).

But if I'm honest forget all the pretty pleasing to hubby what really sold it to him was the versatility.  Yes it looks great worn with jeans (skinny, boyfriend you name it) & some chunky boots not to mention a fabulous scarf but it also looks quite sexy (his words not mine) when teamed with a girly skirt/dress....I'm especially loving the lacy/nightdress kind of vibe that's going on this year teamed with some chunky boots (of which I have no lacy/nightdressy kind of dresses so more on that to follow later).

So without further ado here's my round up of the best there is this season, starting with of course Zara where I brought my baby from.

This first one is really similar in style to mine although this has more of a 'biker' feel with the detailing of stitching on the shoulders & which if I'm being honest I prefer to mine :-( but even I can't justify another faux quilted jacket on almost identical style (I might be good but I'm not that good!).

Zara also do one which is more in keeping with the traditional biker style with a collar & lapels.  I have to admit when I first tried the round neck version I thought it might not be for me due to the lack of collar etc but it's great for teaming with a scarf.  If however you feel you'd be lost without a collar then this jacket has your name written all over it!

And for those of you who don't fancy black or perhaps already have a black one & want to expand the range then it also comes in cream too!

Stepping away from Zara (see it can be done....deep breathing & paper bag at hand) then Oasis also do a great faux jacket, again more of the 'biker' feel & less quilted if you fancy something a little plainer.

Or how about this gorgeous one from Next which is again very similar to my Zara one.  I absolutely love how they've styled it & have in fact already brought this skirt but the black version to wear with my jacket & perhaps a 'rock' themed t-shirt.

Moving onto Dorothy Perkins and this little beauty is another one I'd be trying if I hadn't already got my jacket waiting to come back out to play in my wardrobe.

And finally how about this one from H&M, quite plain in style but I'm loving the detailing on the cuff.

So what do you think?  Have you already like me got a quilted faux number in your wardrobe that you can't wait to slip into on those cooler mornings? Or perhaps you've been thinking about taking the plunge but not sure if it's really you....seriously give it a try I swear you'll be converted.  

Moving onto what I've been wearing these past few days starting with my outfit from Thursday when temperatures rose ever so slightly & the sun put in a guest appearance.

Outfit One

Jacket - Mango
Top - Zara
Braclets - Banana Republic & Massimo Dutti
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Gold Ballet Pumps - Massimo Dutti

Outfit Two

Neclace - Zara
Cardigan - Zara
Camisole - Zara
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Pumps - Boden

Outfit Three

Jacket - Next
Jumper - H&M
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Next

Right I'm off to start outfit planning as tomorrow I'm meeting up with some seriously stylish new friends & at the moment I can honestly say I've got nothing to wear....it's going to get messy & that's just with the outfit planning!!!!!

As always I love reading your comments & can't wait to see if you're a quilted faux leather jacket lover like me & how you style yours, please let me know.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. I'm with you on this 'must have' jacket too Jane! I have the same style as you and it's been so useful for the inbetween weather in Spring and Autumn. Mine will definitely be making an appearance over the next few weeks until there is a definite need for a coat!! It is a brilliant addition to anyone's wardrobe as it looks just as good over a dress on a night out as it does with jeans and boots for a day look!! You have found some great alternative styles on offer!! Love the Oasis one with the slightly higher collar! x

    1. Thanks Michelle, in fact I've worn mine for the first time today as there was a definite 'nip' in the air this morning!!! Totally love mine, it's just so versatile x

  2. I must admit I am going to take a closer look at the Next one, really like it x

    1. Sharron that Next one looks fab....which colour though black or grey?!!! x

  3. Love them - the black collarless Zara one would be my favourite. Can't wait to see yours on. Loving that burgundy combo from this week - just adore the colour. Hope you're having a great day today on the meet up..wish I was there! Ax

    1. Thanks Avril & we missed you at the meet up....maybe next time?!!! x

  4. I ordered the first two jackets and kept the latter. I felt the need for one with a collar even though I liked the first it didn't quite shout "buy me." Didn't we have a good turnout and a fabulous time yesterday. I am so chuffed that everyone just seemed to gel. I can't wait to get together again ( next time I will be in sensible shoes. I was determined to get some wear out of my heels )

    Love H xx

    1. Helen yesterday was totally fab & thank you soooo much for organising. Your heels looked amazing...if only high heels were comfortable to walk in!!! x

  5. I tried one on the other day and decided to walk round the shop for a little while browsing and my view is that they are very hot and sweaty. It looked good on but I decided I will go for the real thing.

    1. Oh that's interesting, can't say I've found that with mine but that's a good tip for seeing how hot they make you...which shop were you in?


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