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Now as I mentioned in my last post, Sunday saw me meet up with some lovely new friends all made through the fabulous outfit posting site Avenue57.  As I've previously mentioned in several past blogs I was a bit wary of posting on any outfit sharing site in case it was a bit clicky but I couldn't have been more wrong & through taking the plunge I've made some wonderful new friends who are not only inspirational in the style stakes but totally supportive too.

So after weeks of having the date & rendevous in the diary the day we had all been waiting for finally approached.  Now I always like to give some thought as to what I'm going to wear no matter what the occasion but factor in meeting twelve highly stylish women & faced with a weather forecast of strong winds & heavy rain well I seemed to suffer from brain freeze & a case of no clothes to wear.

After several outfit attempts & lots of clothing being pulled out of the wardrobe & ending up in a mass pile on the floor I eventually decided on what to wear, deciding (rightly or wrongly) to ignore the weather forecast & just brave it out.

So for those of you that are wondering here's a couple of piccies of what I wore, which included my new pink Zara jacket that I brought in Majorca (well I think they'd have all thought I'd have had a complete personality transfer if I'd not worn a bit of Zara ;-) ) teamed with grey (oh & of course a little bit of leopard print as you know Bet she always wants to get in on the action!!!).

Of course me being me, there had to be a contingency outfit planned just in case come Sunday I totally hated what I'd planned on wearing....tell me this happens to you too?!!! I'll try an outfit on, decide on accessories etc, spend the couple of days before the big occasion being pleased with my decision only to quickly throw it on before heading out the door to decide that it looks nothing like how it did a couple of days ago & wishing I had time to change!!!

So my back up outfit consisted of a black tuxedo blazer, some studded black capri trousers, black cami, leopard print court shoes & some statement jewellery, having gained my inspiration from Heidi Klum but instead of wearing my leather biker going for my tuxedo instead.

I'm totally loving the simplicity of this outfit....no accessories just some stunning clothing & so in honour of such a stylish outfit here's my selection of pieces from the high street you could use to re-create this look.

Starting of course with the biker jacket & this stunning leather one from Mango, I'm totally loving the quilting on the shoulders and sleeves.

Next up the black cami & I love this one from Topshop with the lace, which would just add that little bit of detailing to the outfit without distracting from its simplicity.

Turning next to the black capris, I've decided to ignore the baggy pants style as worn by Heidi & go for something more classic in shape that's not going to date.  I really like these ones from ASOS, not only do they look a great length & fit they also appear to sit quite high up on the waist, so should be super comfy (gosh I'm using that word a lot lately - note to self need to come up with another that sounds less middle aged!!!).

Turning to the boots & I can't recommend these Next platform ankle boots enough....I've got these & have to admit even I can walk unaided in these beauties.  Although when they first arrived I did fret as getting my foot in & out was a little difficult & set my claustrophobia into overdrive but as soon as I'd done it a couple of times (think Cinderella & the Ugly Sisters) the suede softened to make it a whole lot easier & I just know I'm going to live in these babies over the coming months.

Finally turning to the studded belt, I've chosen this one from New Look, which for some reason I can't find on the New Look website but is on the ASOS site!  Not quite studs but something that little bit different & certainly guaranteed to add that bit of detail to the outfit.

So there you have my Heidi Klum style steal, what do you think?  I think it's a look most of us will have at least a couple of the items already in our wardrobe, with all items being great key pieces to invest in & use time & time again.  Seeing as I didn't wear it Sunday I certainly intend on wearing at some stage both with the tuxedo & also with my biker jacket  too.

Moving onto my outfits from the last few days & of course starting with another picture of my outfit from Sunday.

Outfit One

Scarf - Massimo Dutti
Blazer - Zara
Top - ASOS
Bracelet - J Crew
Necklace - Zara
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Oasis

Outfit Two

Quilted Faux Leather Jacket - Zara
Necklace - Zara
Jumper - Primark (this season)
Leather Cuff - Massimo Dutti
Printed Trousers - Zara
Boots - Oasis

Outfit Three

Denim Jacket - 
Pearls - Zara
Sweatshirt - Next
Studded Belt - H&M
Skirt - Primark (this season)
Bracelet - Banana Republic
Boots - Oasis

Outfit Four

Necklace - Banana Republic
Shirt - H&M
Vest Top - Zara
Snake Print Belt - Massimo Dutti
Biker Jeans - H&M 
Boots - Oasis

So have I convinced you on this style steal or would you prefer to see it worn with a more tailored jacket?  I love reading your comments & seeing your thoughts so please don't feel shy!

And finishing where I started this blog with the 'big meet up'....you won't be surprised to hear that a lot of fun, laughter & bubbles were enjoyed by all.  A truly wonderful day with some very special ladies that I hope I now have the honour of calling my friends.  Had I known where this blog journey was going to take me I'd have started it long ago......& hey this is only the beginning!

Let's hope the rest of the week flies by, rumour has it that temperatures are set to improve in time for the  weekend & I'll be back in a few days with an addition to my wish list.

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  1. You looked fab on Sunday and it was such a pleasure to meet you! Loved your outfit and those Oasis boots are to die for! Lynne x

    1. Aww thanks Lynne, it was so lovely to finally meet you too. I think I've nearly worn those Oasis boots every day this week they're fab...just wish they did them in navy too! x

  2. Love you in the pink & grey Jane! I'm so glad all you girls had fun & I sincerely hope to be at the next big meet! I love your style steals & that Top Shop cami is just stunning! Ax

    1. Thanks Andrea...you HAVE to be there at the next meet up. I'm so into camis at the moment & think I may just have to 'research' that Topshop one a little bit more ;-) x

  3. Had a truly fabulous day on Sunday!! Can't wait to do it all over again! Your outfit was stunning!! The grey and pink combo was just perfect!!

    Can't wait to see your tuxedo version of Ms Klum's outfit....wouldn't mind betting that yours will beat hers hands down! x

    1. Oh the pressures on now Michelle, I'm not sure I could take Ms Klum on but definitely want to steal her style with this outfit....depending on the weather I might just try & rock in on Saturday! x

  4. Was great to meet you and I feel honoured to be only a handful who know how beautiful that head of yours is!!


    1. Wonderful to finally meet you too Fiona. Such a great day & you're far too kind :-) x


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