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Being Sensible - Boots To Keep You Upright!

Ok not two words that might immediately come to mind when you think of my blog, after all if I was being sensible I wouldn't need to keep investing in new clothes....but then where's the fun in that?!!!

No I'm talking sensible footwear & no before you even think it not the velcro type unisex sandals that you see husbands & wives wearing when they reach a certain age (for the record over my dead body!!!) but as a follow on from my last blog & in connection with the formation of my snow attire, which despite a few flurries on Thursday has yet to appear in full force!!!       

Now of course as you may recall from an earlier blog (see here) for walking in the deep white stuff I have been lucky enough to have been sent a very stylish pair of boots from Sports Direct but it got me thinking about boots that can be worn when there's snow & ice & I'm venturing further afield than across the fields with the dog, more for when venturing into civilisation & I don't necessarily want to go for the trekking across the Antarctic kind of look!!!  Yup I'm talking stylish boots that have the all important grips too.  After all I'm not getting any younger & certainly don't fancy 'falling with style' no matter how gracefully (or should I say disgracefully) for the fun of it!

So here's a round up of some stunning boots with the all important thick, chunky tread that is hopefully going to be the equivalent of scattering salt in my path when walking amongst the ice & slush!

So starting with ASOS & I'm loving the look of these leather knee high boots, chunky sole - tick, grips that reassemble ridges - tick & stylish - tick plus these beauties would look great teamed with skinny jeans, dresses or skirts.

I'm also loving these leather biker boots too, although I seem to have problems finding my perfect biker boot as ideally I'd like something a little longer up the calf but quite fitted on the leg....if you find any PLEASE let me know!  Although seeing as these babies are currently half price further investigation may be needed!!

Saying that, these biker boots from Zara look quite hopeful.  A much better length & they appear to be more fitted on the calf.....I may have to investigate these further!!!

Of course if I'm going to mainly wear said boots when bracing the elements part of me feels that I'd be best purchasing a cheaper boot that fits my criteria but doesn't see me worrying about wearing said boots in the snow & ice because I might damage them.  Anyone else like this?!!!  So with this in mind I've had a look at Tesco & they have some great stylish boots with grips for very reasonable prices.

Starting with these quilted back biker styled boots, which might not be quite as high on the leg as I'd like but they'd certainly fit the purpose & let's face it anything is better & more stylish than wearing welly boots or walking boots when venturing out.

I'm also loving the look of these knee high biker boots, which are also from Tesco & of course the longer the length in boot the extra warmth to the leg when temperatures are plummeting.

Talking of keep your legs warm these faux sheepskin fold over ones look pretty fab & should certainly ward off any potential frost bite ;-)

I'm also loving this longer distressed effect biker boot too.  

Finally from Tesco what about these mixed textured ones?  Tesco certainly seem to have a great selection that's for sure & I may have to add a 'household' essential to my trolley on the next supermarket dash ;-)

Moving away from Tesco & onto Dotty P's & I love the look of these biker boots in a gorgeous tan with faux fur lining.

Upping the stakes a bit in this next pair, which have a bit more of a heel & might be pushing my luck too far when walking on the sloppy stuff but these buckled bikers from Bertie look fab & are the perfect shade of tan.

Finally how about this pair from Clarks.  I'm loving the strap & buckle detail, which would look great teamed with skinnies as much as they would with boyfriends.

So what to you think?  Have you got a trusty pair of boots that come the bad weather are going to keep you upright as opposed to polishing the floor with your behind?!!!  If so any recommendations?

Right a quick round up of what I've been wearing starting with my lovely pearl necklace that was part of my 40th pressies & I just know is going to be worn EVER so much!!!

Outfit One

Pearls - Brought in Majorca
Shirt - Massimo Dutti
Jumper - Zara
Bracelet - J Crew
Cigarette Trousers - Zara
Ballet Pumps - Mint Velvet

Outfit Two

Denim Overshirt - Zara
Necklace - Zara
Bracelets - Banana Republic & Banana Republic
Faux Leather Skirt - Zara
Leopard Print Court Shoes - Zara

Outfit Three

Scarf - Zara
Boyfriend Styled Overcoat - Zara
Slouchy Jumper - Primark
Biker Jeans - H&M
Leather Cuff - Banana Repubic
Ankle Boots - Zara

Outfit Four

Biker Jacket - Zara
Polo Neck Jumper - Zara
Boyfriend Jeans - Zara
Boots - Zara

So what do you think?  Do you have a favourite one from my selection that's tempting you, or are you going to dig out an old faithful pair?  If so any tips for keeping said boots looking good when braving the slush & ice not to mention salt?  Perhaps you've found a brand you swear by for keeping you upright, if so please share!

Right I'm off enjoy a few hours of peace & quiet....bliss.  See you in a few days.

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  1. Oh Jane I love those Zara boots - I need to stop frequenting your blog as you always remind me about the things I've tried to move on from lol:)

    1. Joanna you'll have to let me know if you try them & what they're like...they do look a lot more fitted which is definitely something I'm looking for in a biker boot...oh dear I can feel another purchase coming on ;-0 Jane xx

  2. I'm still holding out for Hermes riding boots (see Tabitha's Bourbon and Pearls post for the reason why)! For two years I have been schlepping around in Matalan £2.99 moon boots, I reckon by next Autumn I can justify a splurge. i love ALL of your outfits (every one would work very well with aforementioned H boots!!

    1. Oh the Hermes riding boots would be gorgeous Alexandra & I you could definitely justify them on a cost per wear basis ;-) Jane xx

  3. Some fab boots here and I am amazed those Tesco ones look so good. I found a bargainous pair of bikers yesterday online, I keep toying with them but haven't taken the plunge as yet xx

    1. Did you click the button Sharron?!!! I have to admit for the money the Tesco boots look fab...I feel the need for a grocery shop!!! Jane xx

  4. I have a trusty old pair of Nine West bikers boots which I do tend to pull on if it rains.....no grip on the soles though!! Love the Tesco choices....they have some really fab styles that would be easy on the pocket should I feel the need for a new pair ;0) xx

    1. Michelle how on earth do you stay upright with no grips?!!! I'm useless at the best of times, I could do with a handrail that I could cling onto like when you go ice skating.....yup I'm the person clinging onto the side for dear life lol!! Jane xx

  5. I love boots - all boots - tall, short, black, brown - ALL OF THEM!
    Some gorgeous ones picked out here


    1. Thanks Fiona & I'm with you, you can't beat a pair of boots or should that be pairs?!!! So many different styles & colours it would be rude not to have several...yes?!! Jane xx

  6. I bought a Dune pair a few years ago, they seem to have stood the test of time although I haven't worn in the snow just wet weather. I like the Zara ones the best, then the Clarks. Who knew Tesco would have such a selection?!?!x

    1. Zara ones look fab don't they Natalie....I'm currently trying to resist investigation further...hoping it's going to be more sandal than boot weather very, very soon!!! Jane xx

    2. But they never go out of fashion, fail safe purchase, buy buy buy!!!x

    3. Natalie you're a bad influence!!! Jane xx

  7. Oh I want those MV Ballet Flats so badly! Looking fab in your photos as always Jane - great selection of boots too...I'm in denial about the weather - haha! x

    1. I'm can't tell you how much I love the Mint Velvet ballet pumps Avril & knowing I got them for a steal in the sales just makes me smile that bit more! I don't know about you but if this rain keeps up I'm thinking of blogging about wells & waterproofs lol! Jane xx

  8. I scored my perfect pair of bikers from NL last year & I'm so pleased with them! I don't want to polish the floor with my behind again! (had a wee tumble the other day in my Aldo boots! Oh the shame!) So this Mama will be a biker chick at the school gate from now on! I can't believe Tescos have so many amazing pairs! Ax

    1. The Tesco ones are great aren't they Andrea. Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell....you sound as bad as me lol!!! The worst bit is wondering if anyone saw you & looking as if you didn't hurt yourself when really you did! Jane xx

  9. Hi Im a male long boot wearer....I love horse riding style boots, very comfortable and warm. Love the feeling and the comments I receive when I wear them


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