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Snow Accessories & Wrapping Up In Style

So my plan is working!!  Obviously since my past couple of posts (click here & here) are all about looking stylish in the snow there has been no further mention of the white stuff - rain yes but snow no & of course any of the coats, boots or items featured in today's post are also great for dodging the wet stuff that seems to constantly be pouring....I think someone needs to turn the tap off now!!

So for my final post on ways to not only stay warm & upright but dress stylish too come the arrival of the white stuff it was only fitting that I looked at accessories, as after all if we get another big freeze anywhere near to last years (highly unlikely now that I've dedicated three posts to it....you can thank me later!!) we're going to need to bring the big guns out & that means hats, scarves & gloves too!

Now I love hats especially trilbys but when temperatures are plummeting & being someone who suffers from sensitive ears (I mean seriously I must be the only one who can suffer from earache in the colder mornings when running even in the summer!!) there's only one hat that is fit for the job.  Yup that's right I'm talking hats of the knitted variety.  Now some people are able to look seriously stylish in said woolly hat, I however, am not one of those people.  No matter how many different styles & ways of wearing said hat I try I always look stupid.   Of course it could be due to the fact that my hair over recent years has been quite short so has only peaked underneath the brim.  So seeing as my hair has now decided to grow I'm hoping this winter there may be a slight improvement, although being realistic I can't say I'm getting my hopes up.  But regardless of how said hat looks when partaking in some serious snowball fighting/sledging & temperatures are in the minus territory there really is only one hat that can be worn.

So in the hope that 2014 may be the year that I'm finally able to rock some knitted or bobble headed gear, here's my pick of hats that have made it onto my shortlist.

Starting with this great one from Pull & Bear, which should fulfil the task of keeping even my ears warm & I'm seriously loving the pompoms.

I love how ASOS have styled this next simple boyfriend beanie with the leather biker & in my head this is how I'd love to look.....but in reality it's something far less cool & trendy...not to mention more wrinkled...although if they could make a hat that was the equivalent of a Croydon facelift....well need I say anymore!!

Perhaps this next hat with oversized faux fur pompom might be worth a try as the pompom would hopefully add that little bit extra to my look & more importantly help distract from how bad I look in said hat!

For a classic knitted hat then I don't think I could go wrong with this Pull & Bear knitted braid one.  A gorgeous elegant colour & perhaps if I wore my hair further forward on my face & finally got to grips with my curling wand & suck my cheeks in to get some cheekbones I might be able to pull this one off?!

Stepping back into my comfort zone & onto scarves, they're not only a great way of adding a splash of colour & individuality to your outfit.  But when you're wearing more layers than you ever thought humanly possible & resemble something far more close to the Michelin man than you are ever comfortable with, they're also a fantastic way to help keep you warm too!

Now this winter I've brought a couple of great new additions to add to my ever expanding scarf collection that are not only huge, but soft & warm too & will be great for teaming with my parka when braving the elements.  But of course I'm always on the lookout for a new beauty & there are as always some great scarves out there.  

Starting with this gorgeous plain one from ASOS.  Needless to say I love the colour (which not only has been huge for winter but is set to be big for spring & summer too).  As you can see from the below picture it's an absolutely stunning colour to team with denim not to mention grey.

Of a similar vein is this Codello scarf.  I simply love big scarves & think there's nothing better than being able to wrap a large scarf round your neck to snuggle under and I'm a sucker for anything camel.  Of course the fact that valentines day is fast approaching then considering the name a lovely little pressie to be given, even if buying for yourself ;-)

One colour I absolutely love teamed with khaki is grey & this next scarf from Esprit looks perfect for teaming with not only my biker jacket but also my new parka.

I'm also totally loving the look of this faux fur snood from ASOS too, especially if it's super soft & cuddly.

As I mentioned earlier I'm absolutely thrilled with my Zara tartan scarf that I brought a few months ago & although they're no longer selling anything like it this checked one from ASOS looks great for keeping you warm & would definitely have made it onto my shortlist, plus of course it's a great classic to have in any wardrobe.

I'm also loving this next scarf from Oasis.....not prizes for guessing why!!! & think it would totally rock with a parka.

Not to mention this knitted snood, which is fab for literally slinging on without any hassle.

Finally you can't got wrong with a simple cream classic knitted scarf & I love both of these next two ones.

As for gloves well we all own at least one pair although I must admit that as soon as it's snow weather then my ski gloves make an appearance as they really do keep my fingers toasty, although secretly I yearn to be 3 again with some gloves/mittens hanging from cord from the sleeves of my coat no worries of dropping a glove or mislaying one with this cunning device, although that's one look I'm DEFNITELY to old to now rock lol!!!

Finally a quick round up of my outfits from the last few days.

Outfit One

Quilted Jacket - Zara
Shirt - Zara
Leather Cuff - Massimo Dutti
Jeans - Zara
Leopard Print Court Shoes - Zara

Outfit Two

Wool Coat - Zara
Tartan Shirt - Zara
Boyfriend Jumper - Gap
Leather Cuff - Banana Republic
Jeans - Zara
Leopard Print Boots - Boden

Outfit Three

Polo Neck Jumper - Primark
Bracelet - J Crew
Skirt - Zara
Shoe Boots - Next

So are you all sorted for snow/ski season, or are you on the look out for a few warmer accessories to finish your look?  Perhaps like me you've decided this is the year that since we seem to be getting some real heavy falls over recent years to up your game & have a coordinated outfit ready to brave the elements in?

I'd love to hear what you think of my choices let alone what you intend to wear in the snow....if it ever arrives!!!  Perhaps you've got a secret tip on how to keep warm....if so I'd love to know!

Hope the rest of the week flies by, at least we're over the hump!  See you at the weekend.

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  1. LOVE the pom pom hat - I need it for my London trip don't I??

    1. Joanna you would so rock the pom pom hat & it would go perfect with your new parka ;-) Jane xx

  2. Love the ASOS leopard print snood. I can't do hats at all, especially not knitted ones. I have the wrong hair (curly frizz) and a small head! It just doesn't work! Lynne x

    1. Lynne I'm so with you on not being able to do knitted hats but I'm the opposite to you & have a massive head...although it won't stop me searching for the perfect one lol! Jane xx

  3. I like both leopard print scarfs and also the check scarf - the double pompom hat is quiet cool too! :0)
    Love your zara quilted jacket

    1. Paul you can join me in my Bet club lol, I don't think there's many things in leopard print that I don't like!!! The double pompom hat reminds me of Mickey Mouse so would definitely raise a smile or two! Jane xx

  4. I have lived in my beanie this Winter....love the Pull & Bear beige cable one! It just so happens that they have recently opened a store in Bristol so I may have to go a take a peek and see if I can get my hands on that one! Love the ASOS fur snood too.....looks so cosy! xx

    1. You always look absolutely fab in your beanie Michelle, oh how I long to look half as glamorous!! You'll have to report back on the Pull & Bear hat if you venture in Jane xx

  5. I don't really suit hats - I think it's in part due to my "bulochkys" (bread rolls) which my Ukranian ex's mother used to call my cheeks!!! But I keep persevering though and I keep buying hats. I reckon what you need is one of those Russian faux fur ones - then you can work it from the luxe side and you will be snug as a bug in the proverbial rug.

    1. Ooh I've not tried one of those Sue as for some reason have always thought they wouldn't suit me even though they always look fab on others...I'm adding one to my list to try now! Jane xx

  6. Love bobble hats - and the first hat is perfect! I wish i could wear an infinity sarf as easily as this Codello one:)

    1. I know what you mean about the scarf Rosanna. I find the harder I try to arrange a scarf the more it just won't play ball & has a mind of it's own!! Jane xx

  7. I love the Espirit scarf! Its the perfect colour & style for my needs! You look fab in that Zara skirt! Ax

    1. Thanks Andrea, you can't beat a soft grey scarf - it just goes with everything! Jane xx


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