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Talking Straw Baskets & WIWT

If you're anything like me you'll have a small basket collection growing from baskets either bought before or during your holidays.  I don't know what it is about summer time & holidays but I just can't resist adding to the collection despite hubby reminding me of the 3 or 4 currently sat at home that hardly ever get used!

Of course we all know the benefits don't we.....perfect for using as hand luggage when travelling on your hols & ideal for lugging everything down to the pool/beach & now 'shopping' bags have become a fashion accessory even useful once back home & filling with groceries too or for carrying the essentials needed on a family day out/picnic.

So in case you've got a straw sized hole in your wardrobe, I thought today I'd take a look at what's currently out there on the high street - apologies if any of the sales ones featured have sold out but it's impossible to know how many are left in stock.

Starting firstly with this navy one from John Lewis.  I love the simplicity of this design & if you wanted to pimp it up you could so easily add a pom pom key ring, like the one I've made here or even edge with pom pom trim.  Or & this is what I'd be tempted to do, you may have seen on various social media feeds flat baskets like this with various words stitched on in large letters such as 'love' & 'smile' well I reckon if you brought some bright coloured raffia thread you could embroider or even stitch with a simple running stitch your own motive.

John Lewis Straw Shopper

John Lewis Straw Shopper

John Lewis Straw Shopper

Or if you fancy something less traditional John Lewis also do this great monochrome patterned basket, which again could be made a little bit more individual with the odd pom pom or tassel.

John Lewis Straw Grab Bag

More traditional with this next straw shopper & these colours just say summer holidays to me.

Nali Large Straw Shopper

Nali Large Straw Shopper

Or for a great neutral New Look have two fab metallic straw bags.

New Look Metallic Straw Bag

New Look Gold Metallic Straw Beach Bag

Now these next few baskets I hope are still in stock for anyone looking to click the button as they're lovely & a great price now they've been reduced.  I think the first one is my favourite colourway but to be honest I wouldn't turn any of them down, I just can't believe these are from J Crew & haven't been snapped up!

J Crew Striped Straw Market Tote

J Crew Colourblock Straw Market Tote

J Crew Straw Market Tassel Tote

Or if you prefer something a little bit more traditional then I've found a couple of fab monochrome striped ones.

Mango Striped Straw Bag

Gap Stripe Straw Tote

And finally if you want all out colour then Accessorize has this great straw basket that even comes with a handy pouch attached to the handle - perfect for all the essentials & no more rummaging to the bottom trying to find your wallet or room key!

Accessorize Straw Basket Bag

Accessorize Straw Basket Bag

So there you have my picks of the best currently on the high street.

Back to today & here's what I'm wearing.

My Midlife Fashion, Boucle, Jacket, Distressed Denim, Gray and Osbourn, Zara, Havaiana

Jacket - Gray & Osbourn
Necklace - Bought in Majorca
Top - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Flip Flops - La Redoute

All Blue, Girlfriend Loony Mango Jeans, beaded jacket, mango, My Midlife Fashion, La Redoute, Havaiana Flip Flops

Jacket - Mango £59.99
Jeans - Mango £34.99
Flip Flops - La Redoute £25

So anyone seen anything to tempt them, or have you got an old faithful that comes out each year?  Or perhaps you refuse to be tempted before going on holiday so you can see what beauties you can find once you're there.  As always I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

Right I'm off to start thinking about our holiday & all the things I need to do before we go away, which seeing as it is now tipping it down with rain will be the perfect distraction for this miserable weather.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. 

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  1. I do love a good straw basket Jane, so multi purpose, especially with a holiday looming! And what a great idea to stitch a slogan on, may even have a go myself!!

    Helen xx

  2. I seem to have a thing about straw baskets Helen, I just can't resist them. You'll have to let me know if you have a go at adding a slogan. If I had more time & less to do before we went away I'd definitely be giving it a try.
    Jane xx

  3. Oh I love a basket bag. I can't resist them either. I bought one last year that I've not used at all so I need to get that one out! Lynne xx

  4. I am soooo feeling the straw bag lurve Jane!! Luckily I have scratched the itch as the hubbie treated me to The Jackson's London one I'd been coveting for the past few weeks for our anniversary xx

    1. I think a straw bag is a wardrobe necessity come the summer months Michelle. Can't wait to see which one you've got!
      Jane xx


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