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Washing The Unwashable + Day 4 - Two Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

My Midlife Fashion, Miele, W1 washing machine, T1 tumble dryer

Morning ladies so today is day 4 of my 7 day challenge with Miele.  As you may recall, on Sunday I showcased the five pieces I picked to make up my capsule wardrobe (see here) & said I would update you during the course of the week on how I was finding my new washing machine & tumble dryer.  

Well seeing as we're just over half way through the challenge I thought today would be a good day to share my thoughts.

As you can see from the above picture I've been lucky enough to have received Miele's W1 washing machine & T1 tumble dryer to trial them out & see how & if they live up to Miele's claim of 'making the everyday unwashable washable'.

I don't know about you but if I see a garment that I love & notice it can't be machine washed & needs either specific hand washing or worse still dry cleaning I won't 'click that button' as the thought of having the hassle of hand washing not to mention the expense of dry cleaning is a total turn off for me.  I want to be able to wear & wash my clothes when I want to, not have to plan in advance & make sure my clothing is clean or if needing cleaning allow extra time for the item to line dry following a hand wash.  So you can imagine my delight when I was reliably informed by Miele that not only will the W1 wash delicates & has specific programs to wash such items as curtains, pillows (both feather &synthetic) as well as duvets & other down filled textiles it will also wash silks & cashmere & not only leave them as new but their tumble dryer can dry them to!

When I was approached by Miele the timing couldn't have been more perfect as our old tumble dryer (12 years+) had recently gone up in smoke!  Yup luckily I was at home that day working when the dog started to be a bit of a pain & was scratching the door to go out.  As I opened the door I happened to smell smoke & thought I'd check the tumble dryer & good job I did as the room was literally full of smoke.  So a frantical call was made to hubby, all doors & windows opened & the dog given an extra treat, as I really do think it was moments away from bursting into flames & I really think he was trying to alert me.

Anyway I digress but like I say perfect timing.

So what makes Miele's W1 & T1 one different to the normal machines on the market?  Well because of their precision technology you can now wash items of clothing that used to be hand wash/dry clean only!  Yup you've read that right so now there's less need for those nuisance trips to the dry cleaners (just think of the money you'll save ladies, which if you're anything like me I'm sure can be spent else where on clothes for example to test the machines out ;-) ).  Plus due to the advanced technology & range of programmes the W1 & T1 will help keep your clothes looking newer for longer too.

As you'd expect there's lots of fab features on the machines - hubby in particular got very excited about the touch screen controls (so much so I'm hoping it will 'encourage him' to expand his home laundry skills ;-) ) & the fact that the drums light up!  Me I love the fact that they're highly efficient & both score A+++ in their energy rating meaning I won't feel so guilty at tumble drying more of our weekly loads.  As well as loving their TwinDos system, which basically disperses the correct amount of 2 specially formulated washing liquids to each wash (although should you wish you can still add your own).  I can't be the only one who was forever forgetting if they'd added a capsule to the load so would throw in another one just to be sure?!

Another great feature is the machines will weigh the amount of clothing in the drums so again no more worrying that you've overfilled your machines (again this could just be me?!).  Plus you can even buy capsules for use as special treatments, including sportswear, down filled items such as bedding, outdoor clothing (that will treat to make jackets etc water repellent), wool care, silk care & a proofing agent.

Another huge benefit especially for anyone with little ones or for those of us who seem to find dirt/are contstantly spilling things is that W1 can even treat 23 different types of stains & up to 3 different types during the one wash.  Plus you can even set the programmes to your own specifications with one feature that's particularly useful for anyone who like our son suffers with eczema, the Allegro Wash function.

As for the tumble dryer for me the big plus is that with Miele's EcoDry technology they guarantee consistently low energy consumption & fast drying times, which has to be the biggest selling point for me.  

Add to this the 'perfectly dry' feature meaning the machine can detect when your load is dried thoroughly means there's no longer any risk of unloading your tumble drying to discover half way through folding the duvet is actually still soaking wet in the middle!  

Plus for the non-tumble dry users of the family a.k.a. hubby & son they love the 'FragranceDos' feature, which is best described as a pod like capsule that is inserted (if you wish) into the tumble dryer that will release fragrance to your desired strength onto your drying.  Comments such as 'it reminds me of holiday', 'it's like our clothes have been professionally laundered' have since been uttered by the males in my life!

As for the disadvantages well the only thing I can come up with is that they don't iron your clothing but even that's made easier with their softsteam honeycomb drum, which has not only been designed to prevent snagging of clothing, but if you selected either the pre-ironing or steam smoothing option when choosing your cycle, after the final spin the drum will heat up to smooth & loosen the washing, which in turn makes ironing easier & faster :-)

Back to today & I'm going for a bit of a pattern clash with my outfit & teaming stripes with stars & leopard print.  

My Midlife Fashion, J Crew Breton, J Crew rhodes blazer, j crew decked stripe shirt, zara skinny distressed jeans, boden leopard print flat ankle boots, stella mccartney silk and modal blend jacquard scarf

I'm using two of my capsule wardrobe pieces - the J Crew blazer & this stunning star print scarf that is just perfect for throwing on & injecting a much needed splash of colour & now thanks to my new washing machine means I can wash it!  I can't be the only one who in the past has generally never thought to wash & freshen up their scarves?!

I'm also wearing other pieces that would be on my 'must have' list, as I for one couldn't live without a breton top or two.  Not to mention some pearls & a splash of leopard print, with footwear definitely being the easiest way of incorporating it into your wardrobe.

My Midlife Fashion, J Crew Breton, J Crew rhodes blazer, j crew decked stripe shirt, zara skinny distressed jeans, boden leopard print flat ankle boots, stella mccartney silk and modal blend jacquard scarf, j crew pearl necklace

Blazer - J Crew
Necklace - J Crew
Breton - J Crew
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Boden

Stars & Stripes, My Midlife Fashion, Shop My Style, boden breton, j crew rhodes blazer, fat face slim dirty rip washed repair jeans, next suede pixie animal print ankle boots, j crew pearl cluster necklace

Blazer - J Crew, purse friendly option here
Necklace - J Crew
Scarf - Stella McCartney, purse friendly option here
Jeans - Fat Face
Boots - Next

So ladies what are your thoughts so far on my capsule wardrobe outfits & would you be tempted to give Miele's products a go when you're next on the market for a washing machine &/or tumble dryer?  Perhaps you're already loyal to the brand?  As always I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I've been completely blown away from their customer service & support from the start of the journey when delivery times were arranged, to the two extremely helpful & friendly delivery guys that not only plumbed the appliances in & took away all the packaging but who were also fully conversant with the products & able to give me a full demonstration on each & answer all my questions.  Not to mention the fact that in the welcome pack with all the guarantees there was an offer for 12 months free TwinDos washing liquid.  In fact I have so much faith on both the products & their ability I'm going to attempt to wash & tumble dry my beautiful new Stella McCartney scarf which contains 68% silk & is dry clean only......follow my Insta Stories here to see how I get on!

Have a fab Wednesday & I'll see you with day 5 of the challenge in the morning.  Don't forget it's the last day off to grab 25% off all Boden dresses, shoes & trousers.  Simply click here & use code 6T2C.

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  1. Pictures tells the whole story. My mom not allow me to wash any kind of machine because i will destroy it. haha


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