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Avea *

Morning ladies so today I want to talk to you about Avea, a brand I first became aware of last summer (see here).  Whose ethos is to provide "evidence-backed & high quality supplements to support your longevity goals.  That provides effective healthy ageing rejuvenation solutions to help you feel invigorated, vibrant & youthful for as long as possible".  

After all my body has been through these past few months this is something that really resonates with me & part of my goals for this year to is to take better care of both my mental & physical health & wellbeing.  
So when Avea recently got back in touch to see if I would like to trial their complete range of products I didn't hesitate saying yes, as I know the benefits I felt from just taking their NMN & Booster supplements.

So let's get started by introducing you to their full set of supplements.

Collagen Activator * get 10% off with code JANEGRAINGER

Starting with their Collagen Activator, which has been shown to activate your natural collagen production.  

This works along with 3 other active ingredients working in synergy to further support the collagen levels in your body & is proven to be 4 x more effective than regular collagen products, as well as being suitable for use by vegans.  

It's super easy to take - simply one sachet a day emptied into a 200-250ml glass of warm or cold water & taken preferably after a meal.  In terms of the taste, the drink has a raspberry mint flavour & is quite pleasant to sip.

In terms of the benefits these kick in around 6-8 weeks where you can expect to see more hydrated skin together with stronger hair & nails.  

Then after 3 to 6 months there should be an improvement in your joint wellbeing as well as reduced fine lines & wrinkles.  Followed by improved mobility & enhanced youthfulness from 9 months on.  You can find more details here.

my midlife fashion, avea stabiliser

Stabiliser * get 10% off with code JANEGRAINGER

The second product I've been sent to trial is their Stabiliser, that is a revolutionary blood sugar stabilising formula, which combines 3 natural ingredients - Reducose®, Chromium & Berberine.  

These work in synergy to block the absorption of carbs by an average of 40% while you eat, together with balancing your blood sugar levels & helping to avoid sugar crashes.  

Taking them couldn't be simpler, Avea recommends 1 capsule twice a day just before each of your two largest meals of the day.

Not only will this product stabilise your blood sugar levels, it can lead to increased energy (something which I am dearly lacking at the moment).  Together with improvements in your focus, mood & sleep quality.  It can even help some experience better weight management & overtime from enhanced long term health.

my midlife fashion, avea nmn

NMN * get 10% off with code JANEGRAINGER

The last two products are ones I used for a few months last summer & started seeing the results after a few weeks use.  

Firstly their NMN supplement, which is a precursor of NAD+ and naturally occurring vitamin B3 that targets the natural decline of NAD+ in our bodies.  

By restoring the body's NAD+ levels it helps you to regain & maintain vibrant health & energy together with slowing down ageing.  After 1-3 months of taking the supplement (1 capsule daily preferably at the same time of day) you can expect to experience more energy, a sharper focus & improved sleep quality.  From 6 months you might have better weight management & improved physical performance & from a year of taking the supplement your biological age might decline & you may feel & look younger!

my midlife fashion, Avea Booster

Booster * get 10% off with code JANEGRAINGER

In conjunction with their NMN capsule Avea recommends that you take their Booster supplement, which reduces oxidative stress, sharpens your focus & mental clarity, supports skin health, enhances cellular rejuvenation & supports heart health.  After 4 weeks of taking 1 capsule daily, it is said to improve insulin sensitivity as well as your body's metabolism.  

After 3 months it can reduce circulatory inflammation markers, offer improved metabolic function & skin improvements.  

Then after 6 months enhanced cognitive & structural functionality & after 12 months you may see your biological age decline, looking & feeling younger & healthier.

I've been taking all 4 products for 2½ weeks now & I swear I can already see the benefits.  I'll be reporting back on a monthly basis about the changes & benefits I'm experiencing but if in the meantime you want to find out more about Avea, their products & the science behind, just click here & don't forget code JANEGRAINGER will get you 10% off your order.
Back to today & it's all about that simple Sunday style for a quiet Easter Sunday.

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Enjoy your day & I hope you get to enjoy a little chocolate egg or two.  As always I'll see you tomorrow.

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