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Morning ladies so following on from my post a few months ago regarding Avea (see here), I wanted to give you an update on how I'm finding the supplements & which ones are working for me.

Firstly I love them & would highly recommend the brand, not only because what makes them stand out from normal supplements is that their mission is to help everyone thrive & live healthier & longer lives through the use of science based solutions but their cutting-edge supplements are designed to address the underlying causes of ageing & age-related diseases.  

So often we hear that a certain vitamin is good for you, so you purchase it but then read another article saying that you don't need to take vitamins if you eat a well balanced & healthy diet.  How many of us can honestly say they see/feel any great benefits?  However, I've been taking my Avea supplements for a few months now & since using their products I can honestly say I'm seeing a big difference & that is only due to improve the longer you take them.

my midlife fashion, avea life stabiliser

Stabiliser * - get 15% off with code JANEGRAINGER

I'm guess I'm not the only one who as we reach our middle years has tried various supplements that promise to help with the unwanted side affects of perimenopause & the menopause, I know I've tried a few, each promising to help with sleep, anxiety, bloating etc but none of them have worked for me.  That was until I starting taking Avea's Stabiliser (which is brilliant for blocking the absorption of carbs by up to 40% while you eat, together with balancing sugar levels & avoiding sugar crashes throughout the day.   It can even help with weight management & with longterm use can enhance long term health.  You can read more details here but it's certainly one of my favourite products & one I would highly recommend as I've noticed my weight whilst it might fluctuate slightly, especially if I eat a heavy meal, it is much more stable & consistent.

my midlife fashion, avea life nmn, avea life booster

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Booster * - get 15% off with code JANEGRAINGER

The other two products that again I've noticed great benefits from are their NMN & Booster, which can be purchased at a reduced price as a joint package here.  You can read all about the benefits of these products here, but to summarise the NMN helps you regain & maintain vibrant health & energy, as well as help slow the ageing process & the Booster reduces oxidative stress, sharpens focus & mental clarity, as well as  supporting healthy skin & enhanced cellular rejuvenation. I definitely think my skin is looking healthier & more radiant as a result & my sleep pattern has improved no end.  Plus the glass jars make great storage pots after you've finished your monthly supply!

my midlife fashion, avea life essentials

Essentials * - get 15% off with code JANEGRAINGER

This month I'm also starting to take a new product & that's their Essentials package.  Before I explain the supplements & benefits, I think the idea behind this is genius.  If, as most of us do, take several supplements each day, how many of us get fed up of taking out all the bottles from the cupboard & than having to unscrew & reseal the bottles when getting out our daily dose.  However with Avea's Essentials all your tablets are contained in one sachet - perfect for saving time & even better if you need to just grab & go, or for holidays.  In the past when travelling I've literally collated my daily supplements & then wrapped them in cling film per day, which is so tedious & time consuming.

So what does their Essentials daily sachet contain?  Well  there are 4 capsules - 2 capsules of Omega-3, a capsule of Vitamin D3, K2 & Zinc & then a Magnesium capsule, which is the larger of the two white capsules & can be taken at the same time as the other 3 but if you're looking for a better sleep pattern & relaxation then it's recommended to take this one at night.  When taken daily the 4 capsules are designed to build your base to optimise your overall health & boost your immune system.  As well promoting healthy muscles & strong bones, together with being important for healthy brain function & vision, as well as helping to reduce tiredness & fatigue.  Like I say I've only just starting taking this product so will report back in due course.

In the meantime if you're wanting to find out any more information on the products I'm taking, or see their full range of supplements then click here & remember code JANEGRAINGER will get you 15% off any order.  Like I say I'm really impressed with the benefits I've seen & would highly recommend.

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